Metro Last Light Cheats and Trainers

Released on May 14, 2013, and formerly known as Metro 2034, Metro Last Light was one of the most expected video games of 2013, and a game that can be cheated by all those who encounter difficulties in completing it.

Revealed below, is a free Metro Last Light PC trainer, uploaded on, nine days after the official release of the title.

As long as it runs in background, during the game, the trainer gives access to six Metro Last Light PC cheats, or cheat codes; however, players must be aware that the trainer was developed exclusively for the PC version of the video game, and it won’t work on Metro Last Light for PlayStation 3 and Metro Last Light for Xbox 360.

Additionally, players won’t be able to use it, to cheat in Metro 2033, the prequel of Metro Last Light, since the video game released in 2010 requires a different trainer.

Metro Last Light is a first-person shooter developed by 4A Games for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It was released on May 14, 2013 in North America and May 17, 2013 in Europe, being published by Deep Silver.

The story in Metro Last Light takes place one year after the events of the previous title, after Artyom, the main character, destroys the Dark Ones. As a member of The Rangers, Artyom helps them occupy the facility known as D6, but he is contacted by Khan who tells him that a Dark One escaped.

While Khan believes that the Dark One can help the humanity survive, Colonel Miller (Artyom’s superior)  insists on killing the creature. Artyom, helped by Miller’s daughter, Anna, is sent outside the tunnels to locate and kill the last Dark One.

During the events that occur later, Artyom is captured by the Nazi Reich, but eventually he escapes, being helped by a strange character named Pavel Morozov. Unlike Metro 2033, Metro Last Light is a video game focused more on stealth and on moral choices.

It features two alternative endings determined by the player’s choices, and a trading system, which was also available in the previous video game of the franchise.

Metro Last Light is divided in 30 chapters, each chapter featuring a series of collectibles known as Artyom’s Hidden Diary Pages.

Players can also unlock 50 achievements and trophies, without counting those introduced by the Ranger Mode DLC.

Metro Last Light was well received by critics and reviewers, most of them praising the game’s storyline and graphics.

On Game Informer the tile received 8.75 points out of 10, on GameSpot 9 out of 10, while Nathan Meunier gave a score of 9.1/10 in his review for GameTrailers.

Metro Last Light Trainer for PC

Before using the Metro Last Light mega-trainer that activates all cheats listed below, players should know that most trainers work only on specific versions of the game.

In other words, according to the trainer’s developer, the following program was tested on a cracked version of the video game; however, provides additional trainers that can be downloaded, as well  as a series of savegame files that can unlock all features.

Furthermore, since all trainers contain encrypted files, some antivirus programs may report them as harmful and block them.

Players, who wish to try the trainer and the following Metro Last Light cheats, must complete several steps:

Get the Metro Last Light trainer from and extract the three files included in metrollupd3+6tr.rar.

Move all files to the game’s directory.

Run the trainer, and then game.

Make sure that the trainer runs in background, and if the program is compatible with your version of the game, press the keys below to activate all cheats for Metro Last Light.

Metro Last Light PC Cheats

Numpad 0 – Infinite health cheat (God Mode)

Numpad 1 – Unlimited ammo cheat

Numpad 2 – No reload

Numpad 3 – Money cheat (Increase the amount of cash by 1.000)

Numpad 4 – Unlimited flashlight energy

Numpad 5 – Unlimited filter time

Metro Last Light Cheats and Trainers
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