Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Collectibles Locations

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-02 Collectibles Locations

Only six Metal Gear Rising Revengeance collectibles are hidden in File R-02 or Chapter R-02 of the video game also known as MGRR.

In Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-02: Research Facility, you can find and retrieve three storage devices, three computers that unlock more VR Missions, and a Man in Box, which is the second hidden cardboard soldier in the videogame.

Throughout the following Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-02 collectibles locations guide, are revealed all locations where fans of the video game who have reached the third mission, can find the hidden collectables required to get a 100% completion rate at the end of the video game.

At the end of the previous mission (File R-01), Raiden, defeats Mistral, but his new task is to locate the entrance to the secret laboratory.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Chapter R-02, begins in the sewers, where Raiden and Wolf enter after a short cutscene.

File R-02 Collectibles

Total Number of Collectibles: 7

Data Storage Devices: 3

Men in Boxes: 1

VR Missions Computers: 3

VR Mission 005

After you defeat the first UG in the sewers, you move forward until your Wolf tells you that you can use the catwalk to silently take out the enemies below.

Make sure that in this area, you investigate the tunnel to the right, behind the gate that can be sliced using Raiden’s sword.

The terminal which unlocks Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-02 VR Mission 005 is in the left corner of the first room in the said tunel.

VR Mission 006

After you save the boy trapped inside the sewers, and find additional information regarding the lab you have to locate, continue to proceed by destroying two more gates.

Follow the stairs and you will end up in a room with several generators.

When you enter the room, turn left to see the terminal that allows you to unlock the sixth Metal Gear Rising Revengeance VR Mission.

Data Storage 07 (Collectible 064)

As soon as you find the cardbox in the sewers, you will enter another area where three Mastiffs patrol, one of them being on a catwalk.

First take them out, then climb the catwalk and remain above the ground. Look around and you should see a large pipe you can cross to reach the catwalk on the opposite side of the tunnel.

At this point Boris should call to tell you that he received a signal that requires your presence in the previous area of the sewer.

While standing on the said pipe, you should see a box to the left which contains the seventh Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-02 Data Storage Device.

Men in Boxes 02 (Collectible 054)

The next Metal Gear Rising Revengeance collectible you have to find is one of the soldiers hidden in cardboard boxes.

The box is located in the small room of the area where you find the entrance to the secret lab.

After you clear the zone, cut the gate and look for a brown box, on the right side of the room.

Data Storage 08 (Collectible 065)

The Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-02 Data Storage 08 is easy to miss, if you advance too much in the game, because Raiden can’t pick it up.

The moment you gain control over the little Gekko drone that must be used to open the door for Raiden, enter the hangar and stop at the entrance.

Next, move slowly and pay attention to the left wall, to see a tunnel that leads to the other side of the room. Inside the tunnel is the seventh Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Data Storage Device.

Once you get it, return to the entrance but don’t access the server, to let Raiden get inside the hangar, because you will also miss the ninth Data Storage Device.

Data Storage 09 (Collectible 066)

After you get the previous Metal Gear Rising Revengeance collectible, assuming that you are at the entrance, controlling the little Gekko, remain on the ground floor and cross the hangar.

On the other side, you should see a door (same door you will use later to exit the current room, as Raiden). On the right side of the door is a large crate, and on it the Data Storage Device.

If you access the server and the door opens for Raiden to advance, the Data Storage Device can’t be retrieved.

VR Mission 007

In the area where you find the cryopreserver (after you defeat the GRAD), next to the door you used to enter, turn right to find the terminal for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-02 VR Mission 007.

Behind the next door, you will find George and you will complete the second chapter, unlocking the Mariachi Uniform and Chapter-R03: Mile High.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Collectibles Locations
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