Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Collectibles Locations

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-01 Collectibles Locations

Nine Metal Gear Rising Revengeance collectibles can also be found in the second mission of the video game, known as File R-01 or Coup d’Etat.

Our Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-01 collectibles locations guide explains where to find all Data Storage Devices, the computers required to unlock the VR Missions, and one of the Men in Boxes hidden in Chapter R-01.

Players who want to get all MGRR collectibles in a single playthrough should follow the same order as the one presented in our guide, using the hints below in association with the screenshots at the end of the guide.

After Raiden is defeated by Jetstream Sam (File R-00), he is deployed on Dolzaev’s island, but this time the cyborg’s equipment was drastically improved.

File R-01 Collectibles

Total Number of Collectibles: 9

Data Storage Devices: 4

Men in Boxes: 1

VR Missions Computers: 4

Data Storage 03 (Collectible 060)

The third Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Data Storage Device and the first Data Storage in Chapter R-01 can be found inside the first house you enter, following Boris’s orders.

In the lobby, if you look up you should see a chandelier. On the chandelier, is the Data Storage, but to get it, you have to reach the second floor, jumping on several boxes.

You can also opt out to cut the chandelier, and pick up the device once it falls to the ground.

Data Storage 04 (Collectible 061)

The second Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-01 Data Storage can be found after you enter the city. Once you cross the first building you will enter the streets and learn how to use the augmented mode.

On the streets you must take out several enemies, then advance until you encounter a powerful mech. Clear the area, then to the left, while facing the waypoint, you should see a mosque/church.

Two additional mechs can also be observed nearby (one of them patrolling on the bridge). After you identify the said mosque head upstairs and search the left side of the entrance for a box with a blue led, in a dead end.

Now, take out the enemies on the street and head to the building marked on your HUD.

VR Mission 001

The first Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-01 VR Mission Computer is very easy to locate and it unlocks VR Mission 001.

To get it, you have to check the box on the ground floor of the building you enter, after you pick up the previous collectible.

Eventually, you will be contacted by Boris to do so. Next, head towards the waypoint, where you will have to defeat the IF prototype.

Data Storage 05 (Collectible 062)

After you defeat the IF prototype similar to a wolf, make sure that you check the area where the battle took place.

One of the buildings (on the right side, while facing the next waypoint) features a gate that leads to a small chamber. Inside the room you should see a brown box to the left, and a shelf to the right.

On the shelf is the second Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-01 Data Storage.

VR Mission 002

To unlock Metal Gear Rising Revengeance VR Mission 002 you have to reach the Old City. When you do, take out the choppers and head towards the objective.

When you reach the next street you should see that it is heavily guarded and at the end of it, is a large gate. Make sure that while facing the gate, you observe the first building to your left (behind the bunker).

On its roof you, if you go around the small room, you will find the terminal that unlocks the second VR Mission.

VR Mission 003

The terminal that unlocks Metal Gear Rising Revengeance VR Mission 003 is located in the building you have to cross in order to reach the roof (the next area).

After you clear the yard, you enter the said building and go right to find a backroom. On the ground is the device that unlocks the third VR Mission in MGRR.

Data Storage 06 (Collectible 063)

As you enter the facility, you will have to cross several chambers featuring multiple cameras. At some point you will find a larger deposit where you have to follow some stairs to reach the second floor.

Instead of following the waypoint, on the second floor, move away from it, towards the opposite side of the hangar and look for a fuse box.

On it is the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance File R-01 Data Storage 06.

Men in Boxes 01 (Collectible 053)

Immediately after you get the previous collectable, approach the door that leads outside the hangar (towards the refinery), but don’t open it. Instead, while facing the said door, turn right and you should see a yellow fence.

Jump over it, and you will find yourself one several large crates. Below, is a secret area that can be reached by jumping down and following the corridor created by the crates.

At the end of the tunnel, is a cardbox and inside it, the first Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Hidden Cardbox Soldier (Men in Boxes 01).

VR Mission 004

After you find the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Hidden Cardbox Soldier, you exit the hangar and see the large tower you have to climb.

Make sure that when you exit the hangar, you follow the stairs down, to find the terminal that unlocks VR Mission 004, then retrace your steps and go up, where Mistral awaits.

After you defeat her, you will unlock a new weapon, a pole-arm named “L’Etranger”, and the second mission in line, File R-02: Research Facility.

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