A Look at Betsoft’s Max Quest Wrath of Ra

Betsoft is one of several online casino game companies offering new slot machines as often as possible. In November 2018, Betsoft launched their latest game called Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. It is an interactive slot machine with video game components to keep players interested.

Max Quest is set in ancient Egypt in the underground tombs that continue to hold mysteries even today. One of the most interesting parts about the new video slot game is its multiplayer options. It combines real money slot fun with console gaming. It still uses the random number generator slot aspects to make people money, but there is also an adventure element that keeps players interacting with others.

How It Works

Max Quest is unlike most slots because it is a multiplayer video game combined with slot machine aspects. Players will feel they are immersed in a role-playing scenario with cinematic quality graphics.

The machine has ten paylines and can have up to six players enjoying the underground tombs, firing guns, and battling enemies. The bullets are designed to represent wagers, while the enemies are substitutes for the slot machine symbols of a traditional game.

Players can be up against others from around the world or people they know. The idea is to solve missions, and hopefully, the reels will land on a big win.

Players get to create an avatar for the game. Once the character is ready, they will enter a game room where bullets and weapons are bought. The special weapons have different pros and cons for the game, where one might have only one shot or up to ten. During each game round, the enemy will move around, and players must start shooting. The enemies also have different paying levels. Scarabs are low-level with low earnings, while the Pharaoh mummies earn more.

After an enemy is destroyed, a prize will be revealed, which helps increase a players rating. There are seven tiers to the prizes which will help players win against their enemies.

Gameplay has special features aside from the main enemies. There is a Fire Enemies and God Events section that randomly occurs when higher level targets are in play. Fire Enemies occur randomly after the defeat of a normal enemy. The more shots taken, the higher the reward can be.

The God Even is when a Pharaoh God appears and must be defeated. Once killed, a treasure chest with winnings including cash prizes will appear on the screen. All players will try to defeat the enemy, and the winnings are based on how many shots were fired that lead up to the God Event.

Special weapons can also be gained through treasure chests or purchases. Special weapons do not use regular bullets and are considered free wagers.

The game has a Quests area where players are assigned to play certain quests to collect treasures, defeat enemies, and gain experience points.

The Leaderboard

Max Quest has a leaderboard that will rank players and offer even more prizes to players. There is a major prize pool that is created from 2% of all stakes wagered. Players can attempt to win the pool during play.

Betsoft’s new game is definitely catching the eyes of many players. They do caution that the game is not based on strategy or skill. It is still using a random number generator that determines the random payouts. The cool part about the game is having more than one player and more of a video game feel, while also earning real money.

Betsoft has made a game that will transcend the industry and most likely push the casino industry into a new type of slot machine from more companies. Max Quest is the first of its kind and worth a look. Plenty of features exist that make the game worth playing to see how it differs from the regular slots and to enjoy more interaction with players.



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