Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 8 Collectibles Locations

Up to nine different Max Payne 3 collectibles can be found in Chapter 8, a chapter which takes you back in time, when Max met Passos.

Called Ain’t No Reprievement Gonna Be Found, Chapter VIII allows you to unlock two new golden guns, by finding all their parts.

The first golden gun in this chapter is the Golden Auto 9MM, and the second is the Golden 608 Bull.

Chapter 8 also features 3 clues, and all of them are tombstones located in the cemetery.

To find all Max Payne 3 collectables in Chapter 8, you can use the following game guide, which offers hints regarding their locations.

Golden Gun Auto 9MM Part 1

After you catch up with Passos, in the second area of the cemetery, you should see some stairs.

Check the right side, to find two crypts. In front on one of them is the Golden Auto 9MM Part 1.

Valerie’s Tombstone Clue

After you follow the stairs up, you will encounter more goons. Your goal is to clear the area, then go through an iron gate. On the right side of the gate is a special gravestone, taller than the rest. Look for an urn on top of it and examine it, then follow Passos through the gate, where you will find the next golden part.

Golden Gun 608 Bull Part 1

If you manage to kill the goons by the cars, check the right side of the high mausoleum for the Golden 608 Bull Part 1. Now, continue through the stone gate.

Golden Gun Auto 9MM Part 2

After you kill the goons ahead of you, you should see many urns to your right and left.

Take the corridor to the right and when you reach the end, you will find the Golden Auto 9MM Part 2. The golden part replaces an urn.

Golden Gun 608 Bull Part 2

After you save Passos and clear the round area featuring a tomb in the middle, don’t walk away without exploring the place.

Near the said sarcophagus, is the Golden 608 Bull Part 2.

Nicole Mausoleum Clue

After you pick up the part above, look around for a mausoleum.

On it you should see an engraving, mentioning  Horne.

Vinnie’s Tombstone Clue

The next clue can be located after you kill the sniper in the tower and after the cutscene showing Max digging his grave. Make sure you kill everyone in that part of the cemetery, then look for a mausoleum built recently.

It is newer than the rest and it belongs to Vincent Cognitti. Examine it to find the last clue: Vinnie’s Tombstone.

Now exit the area through the gate and turn left.

Golden Gun Auto 9MM Part 3

As you continue to fight your way out,  and protect Passos, after you escape the area where your grave should be, turn left and you will find a building. Inside, to the right, is a small chamber with a sink in it.

On the floor, is the Golden Auto 9MM Part 3. Pick it up then continue through the morgue.

Golden Gun 608 Bull Part 3

When you enter the church, after the cutscene, right next to you is the final golden part in this chapter, located on the floor, under the priest’s desk. Once you complete all objectives you will be able to start Chapter 9.

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide
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