Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 6 Collectables Locations

In Max Payne 3, Chapter 6 includes only 8 collectables that can be found while exploring Bronco’s office.

Three of them are golden gun parts, which allow you to unlock the Golden MD-97L rifle, and five of them are clues.

Most clues can be found in the starting area, but the golden parts are scattered through the building.

The sixth chapter in the game is called A Dame, A Dork and A Drunk, and continues the events of the previous chapter, after Max and Passos failed to rescue Fabiana.

Max’s bosses are upset because their bodyguard also lost a big amount of money.

The events that follow have an unexpected outcome, which changes Max’s way of thinking as well as his appearance.

The following game guide reveals the location of each clue and golden part that can be collected in Max Payne 3 Chapter VI.

Golden MD-97L Part 1

As soon as you gain control over Max, clear the central zone, then check the smaller office on the left side of the area.

Behind the desk is the Golden MD-97L Part 1. Now, exit and check the office to the right for two clues.

File on Fabiana Clue

In the starting area, on a desk in the small office to the right, is a folder, containing information on Fabiana.

The same office contains the next clue.

Rodrigo’s Email Clue

After you get the file on Fabiana, look around and you should see a small laptop, near the desk, to the left.

Check the email for a new clue.

Architectural Models Clue

In the conference room, examine the first model to the left, for another Max Payne 3 clue.

Golden MD-97L Part 2

After you restore the security system, as you head towards Bronco’s office, you will go through a small garden inside the building.

After you talk to Bronco, turn around, and you will see the Golden MD-97L Part 2, on the ground, near the waterfall.

School Pictures Clue

In the hallway, on the right wall there are three school pictures you have to examine to find the fourth clue.

Golden MD-97L Part 3

After you clear the lobby where the secretary was killed, check the model stand on the right side, near the wall.

Break the glass to get the final Golden MD-97L part.

Dead IT Guy Clue

After you escape the explosion, and you disarm the terrorist, check the body behind him.

It belongs to the employee that helped you at the beginning of the chapter. Get it and complete the remaining objectives to start Chapter 7.

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