Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 5 Collectables Locations

Alive If Not Exactly Well is the fifth chapter in Max Payne 3 and just like the previous chapter it includes 12 collectibles, but only 6 of them are golden parts that allow you to unlock golden guns, while the rest are clues.

Chapter 5 continues your search for Fabiana, kidnaped by a group of terrorists. Along with Passos you follow their trail to the docks.

The following guide reveals the locations of all collectibles featured in Chapter 5 of Max Payne 3.

If you follow the exact order as the one below, you can find all golden gun parts and all clues in a single playthrough, without having to replay the chapter or to restart from certain checkpoints.

In this specific chapter you can unlock to new Max Payne 3 weapons: the Golden LMG .30 rifle, and the Golden Micro 9MM SMG.

Parked Helicopter Clue

When you begin the chapter, head forward following the dirt path and examine the helicopter in the courtyard.

You can do this while standing behind the fence.

Ransom Note Clue

In the room where you check the recording showing Fabiana, right next to the TV is a ransom note.

Examine it as it’s the second clue.

Golden Micro 9MM Part 1

When you exit the second hangar, turn right following the dirt path and in front of you, there are several crates.

On top on one of them (the middle one) you should see a sparkling part.

Climb the crate to find the Golden Micro 9MM Part 1.

Video Camera Clue

When you reach the hangar where Fabiana was tortured, make sure you examine the video camera.

Golden Micro 9MM Part 2

After you exit the hangar mentioned above, head straight forward, then turn around.

Near the fence, you tour left around the corner of a building, you should see the Golden Micro 9MM Part 2.

Golden Micro 9MM Part 3

In the garage where you see Fabiana being dragged out, after you clear the area, make sure you check the upper platform first.

At the end of the platform you will find the Golden Micro 9MM Part 3.

Branco Family Photo Clue

The next clue is located in the room under the platform mentioned above.

In the same room, you must push a button on the wall which allows you to exit the hangar. The clue is a picture on the table, to the left.

Boathouse Newspaper Clue

After you exit the garage, you will cross a courtyard and enter another building.

Inside, you should see a poker table and next to it a cage. Inside the cage, on the floor is a newspaper.

Examine it to unlock the fifth clue, then turn around and enter the room located in the same building.

Nightclub Floor Plans Clue

In the hangar, where you have found the newspaper, is a room.

If you open the door, right in front of you is a table, and on it, the final clue: a blueprint.

Golden LMG .30 Part 1

If you check the backroom of the building where you have found the clues above, you should see several containers.

In one of them (the one in the middle) is the Golden LMG .30 Part 1.

Golden LMG .30 Part 2

When you cross the docks, after you clear the first area, go through the gate and in front of you is a shack.

If you go inside, behind some barrels, is the Golden LMG .30 Part 2.

Golden LMG .30 Part 3

After you activate the walkway, push forward on the docks, and to the left, you will see a small office.

Go around it, following the platforms, and you will reach another dead end, where you will find the Golden LMG .30 Part 3. The next set of collectibles can be found in Chapter 6.

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