Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations

While playing the fourth Max Payne 3 chapter (Anybody Can Buy Me a Drink) you can find up to 12 collectables, from which 3 of them are clues, and 9 are golden gun parts.

Throughout the following Max Payne 3 collectibles guide, we reveal the locations of all clues and golden parts featured in this specific chapter.

If you manage to find every weapon part in Chapter 4, you will unlock the Golden 1911 revolver, the Golden SAF 40 CAL SMG, and the Golden M500 shotgun.

Anybody Can Buy Me a Drink creates a connection between the first Max Payne video games and the third installment in the series, explaining how Max Payne met Passos and why they decided to leave NYC for Brazil.

Golden 1911 Part 1

The first golden gun part is located at the beginning of the chapter, in the bar.

Clear the area first, and look behind the last couch to find the Golden 1911 Part 1.

Golden 1911 Part 2

In the same bar, after you clear the room where the pool table is located, head upstairs and check the corridor to the left to get the Golden 1911 Part 2.

Golden 1911 Part 3

After you exit the bar with Passos, clear the backyard, then return to the starting point.

Under the stairs that took you outside the bar, is the Golden 1911 Part 3.

Max’s NYPD Badge Clue

In Max’s apartment, by the window, is a small table.

On it you will find Max’s NYPD badge, which is the first clue in Chapter 4.

Golden M500 Part 1

Near the table mentioned above, you will also find the Golden M500 Part 1, on the floor.

Brewer’s Journal Clue

After you escape the snipers, one of Max’s neighbors will sacrifice himself to save you.

Make sure you investigate his apartment, to find two more clues. The first one is on the working table and it is Brewer’s Journal.

Newspaper Clippings Clue

The third and final clue in chapter four is also in the apartment you investigated to find the clue above.

Check the Newspaper Clippings near the entrance to the bathroom.

Golden SAF 40 CAL Part 1

As you try to escape the building, you will reach an area destroyed by Brewer’s explosion.

To your right is an apartment, near the stairs. Make sure you investigate it to find the Golden SAF 40 CAL Part 1, on the floor, near the refrigerator.

Golden M500 Part 2

As soon as you reach the roof, clear it, and while standing near the entrance, turn right, and right again, to reach a dead end.

On the floor you will find the Golden M500 Part 2.

Golden SAF 40 CAL Part 2

After you complete the water tower QTE (quick-time event) Passos will appear and shows you where to go. Don’t follow him.

Turn left instead and explore the far side of the roof, to find the Golden SAF 40 CAL Part 2.

It should be to your right, when you reach the dead-end.

Golden M500 Part 3

On the second floor of the damaged building, is a hidden corridor, to the left, as you reach the top of the stairs.

Clear the floor, and then look for the corridor, behind the wall, to find the Golden M500 Part 3 on the floor.

Golden SAF 40 CAL Part 3

After you clear the garage, check the room to the right, and on a desk you will find the third Golden SAF 40 CAL part. It is on a desk. Chapter 5 also includes several collectibles.

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