Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 12 Collectibles Guide

The Great American Savior of the Poor is the 12th chapter in Max Payne 3, and through the following collectibles guide, we reveal all clues and golden gun parts that can be found while playing it.

Chapter 12 in Max Payne 3 includes 12 collectables.

Six of them are golden parts and six are clues that reveal additional information regarding the game’s plot.

If you manage to find every golden part in Chapter XII, you will be able to unlock two additional gold weapons: the Golden RPG, and the Golden FMP G3S rifle.

The action in Chapter 12, takes place inside a demolished building where Max continues to investigate the case that he started along with Passos, but this time he is alone.

As in all previous guides, if you have reached Chapter 12, and wish to find all clues and parts in a single playthrough, make sure you follow the exact order as the one below.

Gurney Clue

The first collectable in Chapter 12 is a clue which can be examined after the cutscene showing two paramilitaries throwing some bodies in an incinerator. Approach the beds in the room and examine them.

Continue through the door and when you reach the next room, stop.

Ammo Crate Clue

After you collect the clue above, you will enter a deposit. Make sure you search the first room to the left, and on the ground you should see a large brown box, next to the wall.

On the crate you can read: Unidade De Forcas Especiais.

Golden RPG Part 1

When you reach the second floor of the demolished building, after you kill all paramilitaries, check the bathroom, to the left.

On the ground is the first Golden RPG part.

Golden FMP G3S Part 1

As you fight your way on the second floor, you will come across a long hallway (left) and room (right).

In the hallway is a black crate (on the left side). Behind this specific crate you will find the first Golden FMP G3S part.

Pick it up, and then continue to advance. Eventually, you will have to jump down and climb up on the other side of the floor.

Wall Photos Clue

When you reach the first ledge, go right and you will enter a small room.

On the right wall you should see some pictures. Examine them, but don’t leave the room. Turn around, to locate the next clue.

Passos’ ID Card Clue

On the floor of the same room, near the couch and under a small chair is a photocopy, which must be examined.

After you get this collectible, move up to the third floor (you have to destroy the door at the end of the next hallway, by shooting the yellow canisters)

Golden RPG Part 2

After you get to the second floor, advance on the hallway and check the first room to the right.

Near the demolished wall is the second Golden RPG part.

Golden FMP G3S Part 2

The next collectible can be found on the third floor, after the cutscene showing Serrano and the hostages.

In the starting area, after you kill all paramilitaries nearby, check the desk on the right side of the room. Behind it is the second Golden FMP G3S part. Grab it then continue to advance.

Newspaper Article Clue

When you reach the restaurant, check the bar on the left side, for a newspaper.  Read the article to unlock the fifth clue.

Golden FMP G3S Part 3

As you advance up to the next floor, after the cutscene showing Serrano and the doctor, you will enter a new area.

Begin your search on the right side, and locate a brown couch. Behind it is the last Golden FMP G3S part.

Donation Receipt Clue

After you get the C4, return to the room where you found it (during the cutscene) and locate the receipt on the shelf, behind the boxes.

Golden RPG Part 3

After you escape the snipers in the building across the street, go through the next gate and clear the area. While standing near the entrance, turn right and on the other side you should see a demolished balcony.

Near the wall is the third Golden RPG Part and the last collectible in Chapter 12. Chapter 13 can now be accessed.

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