Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 11 Collectibles Locations

In Chapter XI of Max Payne 3, you can find eight clues and six golden gun parts, most of them on Marcello’s boat.

Five clues are on the ship, but several golden parts are located on the docks, where you arrive along with Passos, searching for Daphne.

If you successfully find all golden parts, two new weapons will be added to your inventory:  the Golden Super Sport and the Golden AK-47.

Chapter 11 (Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed), takes you back in time, when you met Passos, who introduced you to Marcello.

In the first part of the chapter you will play on Marcello’s yacht, but the action continues on the docks of the Panama Canal.

The following collectibles guide reveals the location of every clue and golden part that can be found in Max Payne 3, Chapter 11.

Notes on Max Clue

When the chapter starts, the first thing you have to do is to clear the rooms and the restaurant. Kill all paramilitaries there, then retrace your steps and go back to your room. Now, cross the hallway and check the room on the other side, next to yours.

On the cabinet near the shower, is a note, which is the first clue. Now, exit to the hallway and search the second room to the right, as you face the restaurant. It is Passo’s’ room.

Passos’ Bed Clue

When you enter Passos’ room, examine the bed for the second clue.

Head back to the restaurant.

Golden Gun Super Sport Part 1

Cross the restaurant, and the kitchen, and then find the backroom.

Inside, on the ground is the first Golden Super Sport Part.

Blood Trail Clue

After you escape the engines’ room, you will open a hatch at the end of the boat.

Make sure you look for a bloodstain on the floor, when you go outside.

Golden Gun Super Sport Part 2

When you reach the upper deck, clear it, and then search the right side, for a dead end.

On the floor is the second Golden Super Sport part.

Discarded Newspaper Clue

Then next room you have to explore for a clue is the one where you see three pirates trying to find something, by breaking a wall.

After you kill them, examine the newspaper on the round table. Now, examine the wall.

Pried Wall Clue

In the room where you have found the previous clue, check the wall destroyed by the pirates.

Get the clue and continue to advance until you reach a new hallway, where you should stop.

Daphne’s Passport Clue

When you reach the said hallway, in the first room to the right, is a small office. On the desk you will find a passport.

Get this clue, then return to the hallway and search the last room to the right, for a new one.

Daphne’s Jewelry Box Clue

In the bedroom mentioned above, after you take out the attackers, search for a jewelry box, on a shelf next to the window.

Golden Gun AK-47 Part 1

Moments later, after you reach the upper bridge (where the blue piano is located), and you cross the bar upstairs, you will have to pay close attention to Max.

You will hear him say, that he already checked every inch on the boat, when two doors open. These doors will take you to the bridge, but don’t go upstairs yet. On the left side, is a painting that is masking a hidden location (safe). It should be on your left side, but you won’t be able to see it, unless the painting is destroyed.

When you take the picture down, off the wall, the safe will open and you will find the first Golden AK-47 part. Now, exit the yacht and push forward, until you reach the docks with Passos.

Golden Gun AK-47 Part 2

When you enter the docking area, make sure you turn left around the first building.

Be careful because you will be attacked from the tower on the other side. If you manage to get to the dead end, you will find the second Golden AK-47 Part.

Golden Gun Super Sport Part 3

After you cross the canal you and clear the landing area, turn right and in a corner, near the entrance you should see the third Golden Super Sport Part.

Now, enter the building.

Golden Gun AK-47 Part 3

If you manage to open the security door, follow the stairs up to the second floor and stop at the entrance.

To your right if you take a peek down you should see a small balcony and another golden gun part.

Visitor Center Display Clue

As you continue to follow the stairs up in the building, you will eventually reach the exploration room.

The final clue in Chapter 11, are two statues showing some explorers. Examine the display to unlock the clue. Chapter 12 also includes a series of collectables.

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide
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