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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Act 2 – Priority: Perseus Veil

Priority:  Perseus Veil is the second main-mission of the second Mass Effect 3 act.

The following walkthrough refers strictly to this Mass Effect 3 mission and explains how to complete it, so players can cumulate as much experience as possible.

Additionally, our Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Act 2 Priority: Perseus Veil outlines where to look for weapon mods and other useful items that will increase the amount of credits as well as experience points.

Priority: Perseus Veil becomes available after the first main mission of the same act, known as Priority: The Citadel, or Priority: The Citadel 2.

To begin Priority: Perseus Veil travel to Far Rim, and intercept the Quarian Envoy Ship.

The mission starts with a dialogue between Shepard and the Quarian Admirals. Based on your answers you can recruit Tali to your crew and increase your amount of Paragon/ Renegade points.

NOTE: At this point, Priority:  Perseus Veil will be renamed as Priority: Geth Dreadnought.

Now you must travel back to the Milky Way and enter the Perseus Veil Cluster. Locate the Geth Dreadnought and dock on it.

Select your crew (make sure you bring Tali) and customize your weapons. Don’t forget to spend Tali’s points and improve her powers.

Watch the small cutscene that starts while approaching the Geth Dreadnought.

Your first objective is to reach the airlock. Advance towards the marked objective, and in order to avoid the obstacles in front of you, walk up the walls. The tunnel will rotate.

Once you are inside the Geth Dreadnought move forward and climb the rubble to reach the next marked objective.

Near a ramp made of rubble, on the left side of the chamber you will find the Shotgun Smart Choke Mod.

Get it, and then look for a ladder on the other side room. Jump over the gap and open the next doors which lead you to a long tunnel. On the left side, is a dead end, but on a desk to the right you will find some Geth Data you can salvage.

Climb the next ladder and use the Docking Controls Panel to the right, to trigger a cutscene, showing Tali. When you gain control over Shepard, make sure you pick up the Arc Pistol in front of you. Follow your team and you will be asked the reach the Operation Center.

In the next area, near the first panel to the left, you will find the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope. Get it then go around the central structure to activate the bridge which allows you to advance. As soon as you hit the panel the Geth will appear.

While the Geth Troopers are easy enemies, against the Geth Rocket Troopers you should use Overload or Disruptor Ammo. You can also sabotage them if you wish.

After you clear the area, advance, and head down the ladder. Kill more Geth and watch your steps because there are Trip Mines on the ground. Pay close attention to the console on the left side of the platform, because you will find some Geth Data you can salvage for 2,500 Credits.

Open the next door and you will enter another room. To the right is a Signal Console you must examine, and close to it, the Archon Visor. On the left side is another console you can examine.

Behind the next door, you will find a Network Console (in front of you) and the Geth Pulse Rifle on the right side, next to the green panel door. Open it and you will enter the room where the Operation Center Controls are located.

First clear the area, and then look for a Data Console on the right corner of the central structure. Now, approach the console and salvage the Geth Data near it (right side), and pick up the SMG Scope (left side). Activate the console and take out the Geth Hunters and Troopers attacking your position.

Use the door on the left side of the room to advance towards the Main Gun Battery.

Bypass the door and use the ladders to reach the lower levels. On the third level (from highest to lowest) on the left side you will find more Geth Data (1.250 Credits).

On the last level, near the door that allows you to exit the area, is a Med Kit.

In the Core Room, make sure you avoid the shockwave by moving from one cover point to another. Expect a vast number of Geth units including hunters. Stay focused, and consider using the lower platforms on the left side to take cover. One of them (the last one), next to the console, holds a Geth Data, you can salvage.

Activate the Maintenance Override panel, to exit the area, then sprint forward and jump over the gaps to escape the shockwave. Go left and you will enter a new chamber similar to the previous one.

Climb the ladder to the left to have the high-ground advantage while fighting the Geth, and move from cover to cover. Your goal is to reach the other side of the room, where you must bypass a door. Avoid the shockwave at all costs, and take out the Geth Hunters first.

Open the next two doors and you will find an elevator. On the right side of the round room, salvage the Geth Data for 1875 Credits, and then activate the elevator.

During your ride, kill the Geth attacking you, and sprint towards Tali.

On the next level, look for a ladder, which allows you to go up, and near it grab the Med Kit (right side). When you open the last door, a short cutscene starts, and a series of dialogues with Geth VI.

Climb one of the ladders to reach the top platform and activate the console to free Geth VI. Stay alert because after the cutscene you will have to reach the central area, but you will be attacked by two Geth Prime units, Geth Hunters and Get Troopers.

If you wish, you can use some fire-based powers on a Geth Prime, or you can sabotage a Rocket Trooper who will attack him.

Your task is to kill all Geth units and reach Geth VI, to trigger a new cutscene. Next, all you have to do is to sprint to the Hangar, following the marked objective on your screen. Watch the final cutscene to complete Priority: Perseus Veil. Party Crasher achievement/trophy unlocked.

Talk to Admiral Hackett, Admiral Gerell, and Admiral Raan when you reach Normandy. Rannoch: Admiral Koris and Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons side-missions are now available, as well as Priority: Rannoch. New N7 Mission Unlocked: Fuel Reactors.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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