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Mass Effect 3 Rannoch: Admiral Koris Side Mission Walkthrough

Rannoch: Admiral Koris is a Mass Effect 3 side-mission, which becomes available in during the second act of the game.

Rannoch: Admiral Koris can be completed after Priority: Perseus Veil.

When to start

Before Priority: Rannoch


“The Quarian ship carrying Admiral Koris crash-landed on Rannoch, leaving the Civilian Fleet without a leader.

Land on Rannoch and rescue Admiral Koris.”




To begin Rannoch: Admiral Koris, use the Galaxy Map on Normandy and travel to Perseus Veil Cluster, then to Rannoch. For this side-mission your land-point should be the Quarian Escape Pod.

Customize your team, and weapons, then watch the first cutscene.

Talk to Admiral Xen for 2 Paragon/Renegade Points.

After you land, proceed towards the first Geth Tower following the path in the mountain, to the right. Advance and you will encounter a Geth Trooper and a Geth Pyro. After you kill them examine the Quarian Corpse on the left side of the camp.

When you exit, to the left, is a corpse, and near it, the Javelin Sniper Rifle. Use it to take out the Geths on the other side of the mountain, and then explore their small camp for additional ammo.

Continue to advance toward your objective.

Clear the next Geth Camp and you will see the first AA Gun control panel.Use the second ramp to go up. In front of you, on a crate you can salvage some Geth Technology for 3750 credits.  Examine the AA Gun control panel and send one of your members to shut it down.

Next, you will have to defend your crew-member. On the left side you will see the Geth Spitfire. Grab it and kill all Geth troops attacking your position.

Now, exit the camp and push forward up on the mountain. Your objective is to destroy the Geth Tower. Watch your steps, because there are several Trip Mines on the ground.

When you reach the first large area, on the left side, up on a rock you will find the Shotgun Shredder Mod, and near the first corpse, some Geth Parts (3750 Points).

In this area, you will be informed by one of your team members that someone survived the attack: Dorn’Hazt.

Talk to Dorn’Hazt for more Paragon/Renegade point, and then climb the ledge near him. In front of you, on the ground, is the SMG Magazine Upgrade. Pick it up and enter the camp, where there are 2 AA Guns.

Focus on the right AA Gun first, and after you kill the Geth protecting the area, near the Control Panel, to the left you will find the Armax Arsenal Chestplate, on a crate. While you party-member disables the gun, use the mounted turret to take out all enemies that attack you. Next, follow the door opened by the Geth to reach the third AA Gun.

When you enter the area, if you go left, on a wall you should see an orange control panel. Examine it to get the Jamming Tower Data, required to complete the Target Jamming Technology Citadel quest.

Next, activate the AA Gun Control panel and defend your squad using the mounted turret. After you signal the shuttle, talk to Admiral Koris and decide his fate, for more Paragon/Renegade points.

Using the turret in the shuttle, protect the civilians and kill all Geth attacking them and your ship.

Make sure you reload between waves and keep an eye on the blue bar displaying the shuttle’s integrity. When all Geth die, you will complete the mission.

Next side-mission is Hades Nexus: Prothean Sphere.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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