Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

Mass Effect 3 N7 Communication Hub Mission Walkthrough

N7: Communication Hub is the final N7 mission in Mass Effect 3.

To unlock this mission you must complete Priority: Thessia and then you must talk to Specialist Traynor in the CIC room, on Normandy.

N7: Communication Hub is similar to the previous N7 missions you have completed so far, meaning that you will be sent to a hot-zone, controlled by Cerberus.

To start N7: Communication Hub, open the Galaxy Map and locate Kepler Verge Cluster (eastern side of the Milky Way).

Travel to planet Ontarom and land to begin N7: Communication Hub.

When to start

After Priority: Thessia


“Cerberus has attacked a comm facility on Ontarom. Land on Ontarom and prevent Cerberus from gaining control of crucial access points.”


10.000 Credits, Reputation


The mission starts with an introductory cutscene showing a dialogue between Admiral Hackett, Grace Sato and Shepard.

As soon as you land, the Cerberus will attack you. The initial contact is between you and several Troopers accompanied by Engineers. First, you should clear the landing area, focusing on the Engineers.

After you accomplish this task, use one of the ramps to reach the ground level and advance towards your objective. You must reach the first Cerberus Hacking Device. In the courtyard, while facing the objective, you should see a round pylon.

Near it is a Med Kit. Grab it, then, go left and enter the lowered round zone.

Check the crates for some Cerberus Technology you can salvage (4000 credits), then look behind the supporting pillar for the Ariake Technologies Greaves.

Now go back and follow the ramp that takes you to the first Cerberus Hacking Device.

Deactivate it, but stay sharp because the Cerberus sent more Troopers and several Nemesis units to stop you. To reach the second Cerberus Hacking Device, go back to the courtyard.

Eventually you will have to go up on a ramp. In front of you, on the ground is a Med Kit.  To the left, on a wall is a very important item: The Cerberus Codes. This item allows you to finish the Cerberus Ciphers Citadel mission.

Near the structure where the Hacking Device is located, you should see two red barrels. Salvage the Cerberus Technology on top of the barrels then locate the Device.

Next to it is another Med Kit, on the ground. Pick it up, and then deactivate the device.

The third Hacking Device is up in the round tower, near your location (the second Hacking Device). Use the ramps on the left side of the platform and take out all Cerberus that attack you. Most of them are inside the tower. After you deactivate it the mission will end.

NOTE: If you can’t find the Cerberus Codes, remember that you can purchase them from the Spectre Requisitions Terminal, but only after you finish the mission. Look for Cerberus Encryption Codes and purchase them for 1000 Credits.

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