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Mass Effect 3 Mesana: Distress Signal Side Mission Walkthrough

In Mass Effect 3, before Priority: Perseus Veil, you can complete a side-mission named Mesana: Distress Signal.

In fact this side-mission will be renamed to Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery, after you start it.

When to start

Before Priority: Perseus Veil


“Asari High Command has requested help dealing with a distress signal on an Asari colony.

Go to the colony and investigate the situation.”


To begin the mission, go to the Nimbus Cluster, and to Mesana System. Land on Planet Lessus to investigate the colony.

As soon as you start the mission explore the landing area, and look for the Assault Rifle Stability Damper Mod, on a crate, near the first door (to the left).

Go through the door, and follow the ladders that will take you inside the monastery. In the first area, if you go right you should see some corpses on the ground. Approach them and a cutscene starts.

Talk to your team, then turn right again and enter the small chamber in front of you. Inside, you will find a Wall Safe you can salvage for 7.500 Credits, and the Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo.

Now, exit and check the other side of the main room, but stay near the right wall. On a table you will find a PDA.

When you get to the other side, you will see another adjacent chamber where you will find Gallae’s Electronic Signature, and on the ground the Pistol Melee Stunner Mod.

Next, head back to the area where you saw the corpses and advance. Jump over the green area to the left and proceed towards the Great Hall.  Bypass the next door and when you enter the balcony turn right.

On the ground you will see a corpse and a PDA. Examine the PDA because it is the journal required to complete the Asari Widow Citadel mission.

Now exit to the courtyard and kill the Reapers that attack you. Be careful because you will encounter a Banshee. Take it out, then clear the area and enter the next chamber, where you will find an Asari named Falere.

After you speak to Falere, check the right side of the balcony for a Computer, then go through the door on the same side. Clear the next area and search the first room to the right for the Disciple, the Serrice Council Shoulder Guard and a Medical Station.

Additionally, you should check the room located on the other side of the floor, for two computers, and a Wall Safe.

Clear the ground floor, and bypass the large door, to enter the next chamber. In the central area you will find an Asari corpse. If you check the left side of the room, make sure you look on the ground for the Assault Rifle Precision Scope.

When you get it, use the elevator behind the next door, to advance. Eventually, in the next hall you will see a bomb. Both sides of this chamber hold a Medical Station.

At the bottom of the central stairs is a corpse, and near it a Med Kit. Approach the bomb but be very careful because you will have to defend it, by killing two Banshees and some Husks. After you kill them, watch the final cutscene.

Next side-mission is Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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