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Mass Effect 3 Citadel: Heating Unit Stabilizers Mission Walkthrough

Another Mass Effect 3 Citadel side-mission you can finish after Priority: Sur’kesk is the Heating Unit Stabilizers.

You pick up this mission while visiting the C-Sec Outpost in the Presidium Commons of the Citadel.

When to start

After Priority: Sur’kesk


“A Salarian on the Citadel needs new heating unit stabilizers.

Find them and bring them to him in the Presidium Commons.”


Salarian Third Fleet War Asset


To finish the Heating Unit Stabilizers Citadel mission you have two options.

You can search for the items required during the N7: Cerberus Fighter Base mission or you can use purchase them.

We suggest you to use the second method and get the stabilizers from the Spectre Requisitions Terminal for 1,000 Credits.

Keep in mind that they will be available for sale only if you miss them during the N7 mission.

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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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