Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

Mass Effect 3 Aria: Blue Suns Side Mission Walkthrough

Just like the previous side-mission in the game, Aria: Blue Suns can be completed before Priority: Sur’kesk.

Your first goal is to reach the Docks: Holding Area and then Cargo Hold: A (point 5).

Here you must talk to Darner Vosque.

When to start

After Priority: Palaven


“Aria T’Loak has requested assistance uniting mercenary bands under her control. Speak to Darner Vosque in the Citadel refugee camp and gain the allegiance of the Blue Suns.”


Terminus Fleet War Asset


When you enter the Docks: Holding Area, make sure you talk to the Support Officer on the right side, so you can update a War Asset.

Next, reach Darner Vosque and talk to him.

If you wish to increase your Paragon amount of points, you have to refuse to kill Oraka.

If you want more Renegade points you have to take him out.

Killing Oraka is the fastest way to beat this mission, because all you have to do is to issue a simple order.

But if you want to avoid the killing part, Darner Vosque will leave and you must locate Oraka in the Presidium Commons Courtyard (point 4).

When you get there, you will have to help Oraka to recover some weapons.

Return to Normandy and use the Galaxy Map to reach Kite’s Nest (SE area of Milky Way).

In the Vular system, locate planet Vana and scan it, then send a probe to retrieve the weapons and complete the quest.

Next Mass Effect 3 side-mission is Aria: Eclipse.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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