Mark of the Ninja Cheats and Trainers

Mark of the Ninja Cheats and Trainers

More than ten different Mark of the Ninja cheats are available to those who play the video game on PC, and want to try the Mark of the Ninja trainer available on; however, the cheat codes listed below, as well as the free trainer that activates them have been tested on Mark of the Ninja v1.0 after the fourth update was installed.

Mark of the Ninja is a video game developed by Klei Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360 on September 7, 2012,and on October 16, 2012 for PC.

It is a downloadable stealth side-scrolling platformer available on Steam and XBLA. The title presents the story of an unnamed ninja who wakes up after an attack, with a strange tattoo on his arm.

Players learn from the character’s master, Azai, that the tattoo was made using a special ink extracted from a flower, which grows in the dessert; and that the ink increases the character’s skills, but in time it will cause permanent insanity.

After the hero agrees to commit seppuku as soon as he becomes mentally unstable, his master sends him to find those who attacked the ninja base, and the person who ordered the attack.

Later in the game, players unveil Azai’s plans and they are able to decide the hero’s fate. As a stealth video game, players are advised to avoid any direct fights with the enemies in a level, and remain hidden as much as possible, thus being capable to perform takedowns.

The video game is divided in levels, and after each level players have the chance to upgrade their character’s techniques, distraction items, and attack items; however, in order to buy these upgrades, players need seals. To earn more seals in Mark of the Ninja, players must avoid enemies and take them down silently, without starting any alarms.

Finding secret scrolls, completing secondary objectives, solving puzzles and challenges, will eventually increase the number of seals earned in a level.

For completing the game, players have the chance to unlock a Game Plus mode, as well as the associated achievements and trophies.

Mark of the Ninja received positive reviews and scores from most critics. On IGN, the video game holds 9 points out of 10, on G4TV 5 out of 5, and on Giant Bomb, Brad Shoemaker awarded 5 stars out of 5.

On GameTrailers, Mark of the Ninja was compared with a mix between the gameplay of “the original NES Ninja Gaiden” and the vast arsenal of weapons featured in Arkham City.

Mark of the Ninja PC Trainer

To cheat in Mark of the Ninja on PC, players can opt to download the free mega-trainer uploaded on

The trainer triggers 11 Mark of the Ninja cheat codes, including a cheat for health, and one for unlimited skill points.

Since the trainer was developed for a specific game version, it may not work on other version, and players should use it at their own risk, because some antivirus programs will report the program as harmful.

Those who wish to test it will have to:

Download the program from and extract all files included in Mark_of_the_Ninja_1.0-Update_4_Plus_11_trainer.rar.

Copy the files in the game’s directory, and then run the trainer.

Start the game, and press the following keys to turn on the corresponding Mark of the Ninja cheats.

Mark of the Ninja PC Cheats

NUMPAD 1 – Set infinite health (God Mode) ON

NUMPAD 2 – Set infinite score ON

NUMPAD 3 – Set unlimited items ON

NUMPAD 4 – Get unlimited skill points

NUMPAD 5 – Turn off the alarms

NUMPAD 6 – Infinite breath

NUMPAD 7 – Become undetectable

NUMPAD 8 – Increase the character’s speed

NUMPAD 9 – Activate super jump

NUMPAD . – Save current location

NUMPAD + – Teleport to a new location

NUMPAD – – Undo the last teleportation

F1/F2/F3/F4 – Multiply the current score by 2/4/8/16

HOME – Disable all active cheats

Mark of the Ninja Cheats and Trainers
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