Maplestory 2 Fire Dragon Dungeon Guide

Running dungeons is the preferred method of leveling up past 50. It’s also a great way to get Maplestory 2 mesos, as the potential rewards can be sold to others. This article will focus on the Fire Dragon Dungeon, where players can encounter Pyrros.

The battle with the boss has two phases, with each having its own sub-phases. The dungeon itself is rather small, with only two rooms that make which phase of the fight you are currently in quite obvious. You enter the dungeon through a bridge as well. Be warned that it will disappear 30 seconds after the first player that crosses it, so make sure your party members are ready before proceeding.

Here’s a look at the phases.

From Max Health to about 20 Million Points Remaining

The first phase happens in the smaller room. Holes riddle the floor of this square room, and there are ledges you can jump down to on the bottom and left side. On the ledges, there are fairies that will cure any burning stacks you may have acquired from the boss’s attacks. The holes can also protect you from a good majority of his attacks.

The first sub-phase has Pyrros using a dashing/dodging attack alternating with a lunging bite. Stay away from his path or front, or use the ledges or holes to avoid him. His dash can inflict serious burns which need to be cured by the fairies on the ledges. The bite is quite easy to dodge, so don’t worry too much. Keep the DPS up at every opportunity, and you’ll get to the next sub-phase before long.

Lower his health enough, and he’ll start using his tail to attack. The overgrown lizard will start by running toward the upper corners (opposite of where the ledges are) and flick his tail. He’ll then slam it down thrice, dealing a great amount of damage. His tail won’t strike the same area twice, and the strike with the indicator can’t be avoided by hiding in a hole. Other than the holes, you can dodge his tail flicks by hanging on to him as he’s about to flick, and tail strikes by jumping down the ledge. He is completely immobile at this stage, so any skill with slow projectiles can be used with confidence.

After some time, he will start using dashes and bites again. However, he’ll mix a fire breath attack and an area of effect stun to his rotation of abilities used. The stun attack isn’t much of a problem, as he doesn’t attack until the stun wears off. You can avoid it to keep up the DPS but getting hit by it won’t set you back by much. The fire breath isn’t unavoidable too, just keep away from his head and where he’s facing. Sometimes he’ll use it twice, so don’t get too comfortable.

The last sub-phase is him starting to charge up a laser. A clear indicator of it is that Pyrros will wind up his head with a ‘Grrrr…’ text box above. He’ll then shoot the laser, and swipe it across the room. The holes and ledges are good hiding places for avoiding this attack. His laser deals enough damage to outright KO any player with a defense rating below 900. For those that do have ratings above 900, it still takes out a significant chunk of health. This is also his last trick for the whole phase, and lowering his health to about 20 million will let you move on.

20,000,000 HP and Below

The next phase starts with Pyrros running across a bridge of lava. Warning: Do not try to follow him. Wait for the blue fairies to help you through. Wait for your party to finish crossing the bridge before engaging the dragon again. Gather the party to one side of the dragon, as that is a good formation for your knight and priest to heal/tank his next attack. He will spin once then release a room-wide unavoidable fire breath that will really hurt. Then he’ll fire his laser, the same one from the last phase, which you can avoid by jumping into a hole or climbing past halfway up the wall. He’ll then use attacks from the previous phase, as well as more fire-breathing and a fireball attack. The latter essentially plants mines that will explode after some time, so avoid the circles where they landed and you’ll be fine.

Now that you know how to work around his attacks, you can keep up the DPS and defeat him. The dungeon rewards purple equipment, guaranteed.


You may trade within the party if there are things you want or don’t want. Just remember that the equipment can only be traded once, so clear communication is important. There’s no going back if the equipment didn’t match the class. Any remaining unwanted equipment can be sold later for more mesos.

The whole dungeon needs teamwork and knowledge of the attacks and behaviors of the boss. That means communication is paramount, especially when crossing bridges and the beginning of the second phase. Uncooperative party members can ruin runs by being generally unproductive. Choose them wisely.

Go and level up or gather those mesos by finishing the Fire Dragon Dungeon!

Summary: The article describes how to defeat the Fire Dragon, Pyrros. The boss battle has two phases both of which have their own sub-phases. Strategies and tactics are also listed here. Defeat the boss and get purple equipment, guaranteed. You can trade or sell them for Maplestory 2 mesos!


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