Mafia 3 Repent Magazine Locations Guide

Mafia 3 Repent Magazines Locations Guide

Mafia 3 Repent Magazines are introduced to players only later in the video game developed by Hangar 13 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You will first see a Repent Magazine when you enter Downtown in order to start the “Compromised Corruption” main mission.

At the end of the introductory cutscene, you can notice that Donovan is holding one of these collectibles.

While playing the game; however, you can look for them earlier if you wish, especially if you decide to explore all districts first, and approach the main missions later.

To see the locations of all Mafia III Repent Magazines earlier you can use the maps above, or you can watch the video below.

Keep in mind though that unlike other Mafia 3 collectibles (Hot Rod Magazines, Album Covers, Vargas Paintings, Playboy Magazines, or Communist Posters), the Repent Magazines can be collected only from specific neighborhoods.

Furthermore, there are only 5 Repent Magazines in the video game, and obviously, you will be able to make them appear on your map by wiretapping the Junction Boxes.

Once collected, a Repent Magazine will be automatically added to your in-game collection but you won’t receive anything for finding all 5 of them.

Downtown Repent Magazine Location

If you explore the city’s areas following the game’s story, the first Mafia III Repent Magazine you will find is in Downtown, as you can see on the first map above.

Repent Magazine 1

When you play “Compromised Corruption”, at some point you will have to meet Donovan and sit on a bench in Downtown.

Watch the cutscene, and after Donovan departs he will give you the magazine. Simply look on the bench to spot the collectible and grab it.

It is the same Repent Magazine you can see in the first image above. If you miss it, don’t worry because you can return and get it later.

Frisco Fields Repent Magazine Location

The next Mafia III Repent Magazine is waiting for you in Frisco Fields, and its location was also mapped above.

Repent Magazine 1

The Repent Magazine is very easy to locate while trying to interrupt the rally during Moreau’s Southern Union Racket mission.

You will find the collectible inside Bellaire’s Grocery Store, on the second floor inside an office.

Look for it on a wooden desk close to the door leading to the main office.

French Ward Repent Magazines Locations

Unlike the previous two districts, French Ward includes two Mafia 3 Repent Magazines, their locations being revealed on the map above.

Repent Magazine 1

The first Mafia III Repent Magazine we have mapped above is from July 12, 1967 and you will find it inside a building related to one of the story missions.

Later in the game, this building will be controlled by your character. The collectible is in a motel room, on the second floor. Look for it in the corner of a cabinet with a mirror on top.

Repent Magazine 2

The second Repent Magazine is from March 10, 1968 and it is very easy to find. If you visit the location we have marked above, you will find a cemetery.

In the center of the cemetery is a mausoleum and the collectible is located on the small wall that surrounds the mausoleum.

This location is related to an objective you have to complete for Vito Scaletta’s I Need a Favor side-mission.

Southdowns Repent Magazine Location

The final Mafia III Repent Magazine is hidden in Southdowns District but you can see its location on the map above.

Repent Magazine 1

The Repent Magazine in Southdowns is from November 9, 1967 and as all previous magazines it is found in one of the locations you will control in the game.

In this case, it is Willcocks Sports and Cocktails bar.

When you enter this building, look for the magazine in the right corner of the central counter. It is on the ground floor.

The video guide below will also show you where to find the 5 Repent Magazines in Mafia III, following the same order as the one in our text guide.

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