Lost Planet 3 Collectibles Locations

Lost Planet 3 Bestiary Locations

The Lost Planet 3 Bestiary collectibles become available later in the game, after Peyton completes a series of quests for Dr. Roman.

This specific category of Lost Planet 3 collectibles is detailed by the following guide, which explains how to tag all creatures in Lost Planet 3, what creatures you have to find, and where to find them.

At some point in the game, while playing the main missions of the story, you will receive an item from Dr. Roman. It is a pistol that allows you to tag the creatures included in the planet’s fauna.

As soon as you get the tagger, you will have to focus on tagging all enemies you encounter, before killing them. If you open the menu you will also notice that the collectibles’ section includes a new tab called Bestiary.

The Bestiary tab features 10 entries that must be filled in order to unlock the Geneticist achievement/trophy and in order to complete the side-job you get from Dr. Roman.

An important fact that you have to consider is that not all entries can be filled by tagging Akrids. Some of these entries, which require the DNA from specific Akrids, can be filled only by finding specific spots in the game.

In other words, some DNA is kept inside objects such as consoles, and you have to retrieve them as well if you wish to fill Peyton’s bestiary.

To tag an Akrid and extract the creature’s DNA you have to equip the tagger from Dr. Roman, and fire once aiming for the creature you want to tag.

Next you have to aim the same creature until the marker above its head fills up, allowing you to stock the data required. Some creatures in Lost Planet 3 are easy to tag, but others can be challenging since you are not allowed to kill them. Instead, you have to continuously dodge their attacks and wait for the tagger to fill.

Furthermore, some Akrids that must be tagged spawn only in specific areas of the planet, therefore, the Lost Planet 3 Bestiary Locations guide below, reveals the areas you have to find and the Akrids you need to tag.

Lost Planet 3 Bestiary Locations Guide

Area: Shackleton’s Peak

Bestiary Collectible 1 -– Akrid Egg DNA

The first Bestiary collectible is the Akrid Egg DNA which you have to collect after you find Doctor Roman.

The location is clearly marked on your map and you will have to visit is since it is part of a quest. Once you tag the Akrid Eggs, you the collectible will be added to your inventory.

Area: Bishop’s Wake

Bestiary Collectible 2 -– Dongo DNA

Another Bestiary Collectible you can add to your inventory is the Dongo DNA. A large number of Dongo Akrids reside in the area known as Bishop’s Wake.

Make sure that you stun one of them using a grenade, and then collect its DNA.

Area: Diaz Cavern

Bestiary Collectible 3 -– Bolsepia DNA

Bolsepias can be found everywhere, and you can tag them very fast. These creatures appear early in the game and they shoot fireballs at you.

After you get the tagger from Doctor Roman, tag one of them to add it to your collection.

Area: Marshall’s Gorge (Power Plant)

Bestiary Collectible 4 -– Tarkaa DND

Tarkaa are the quick Akrids that attack you when you enter the Unknown Structure. When you first fight a Tarkaa, you will have to complete a quick event and take it out with your knife. A Tarkaa is similar to a fish and attacks quickly.

You will find them in the main room of the Unknown Structure you unlock in Marshall’s Gorge.

Bestiary Collectible 5 -– Wardeye DNA (Female)

A Wardeye is a creature similar to a worm. It has one eye used to shoot three projectiles at the same time. These creatures are found while exploring the second unknown structure.

They are easy to tag as long as you remain in cover.

Area: Shackleton’s Peak

Bestiary Collectible 6 -– Enbee DNA

The Enbees are similar to mosquitos and can also be found in most areas; however, to collect their DNA make sure you equip the tagger while completing Dr. Roman’s quest in Shackleton’s Peak.

At some point, Dr. Roman will ask you to attach your Rig’s winch to the tower on top of the mountain, and you will be attacked by Enbees. Activate your tagger and get the DNA to fill another slot in your Bestiary.

Bestiary Collectible 7 -– Vorgg DNA

The Vorgg Akrid in Lost Planet 3 is similar to a giant crab. The first Vorgg you will encounter is located on top of Shackleton’s Peak, when you try to align the Com-Dish.

Later in the game, you will encounter more Vorggs in various locations on the planet. One of them must be tagged in order to fill another entry in your Bestiary.

Area: Diaz Cavern

Bestiary Collectible 8 -– Sepia DNA

The Sepia Akrid is the first enemy you will fight at the beginning of the game. A Sepia Akrid looks like a tulip and they spawn from specific points that can be destroyed.

Usually you will find them in Diaz Cavern.

Bestiary Collectible 9 –- Genessa DNA

In Diaz Cavenr you will also find multiple spawning points also known as Genessa. These points or nests are used by various Akrid to spawn.

They won’t attack you but you must destroy them if you wish to stop the waves of enemies. One of them must be tagged and added to your bestiary.

Area: Pickett’s Folly

Bestiary Collectible 10 -– Swankaa DNA

Similar to a dog, the Swankaa is a vicious and fast creature that is located in most areas of the planet. The stalkers can be found outside and in caves; therefore, they are easy to tag.

When you extract the energy for Dr. Roman in Pickett’s Folly, they appear during one of the waves.

Bestiary Collectible 11 -– Goonroe DNA

The Goonroe Akrid can be confused with the Swankaa, but they are more powerful than their counterparts and they inflict more damage. Unlike the Swankaa, the Goonroe is a grey cat-like Akrid.

They also appear in Pickett’s Folly along with the Swankaa, but they will spawn in other areas as well, especially the caves in Shackleton’s Peak.

Area: Marshall’s Gorge

Bestiary Collectible 12 -– Hiveen DNA

The Hiveen DNA is hard to find and to get it you have to enter the security installation from Marshall’s Gorge. Once you get inside, head to the central chamber which features multiple floors.

Climb to the third floor, and if you have found the memento of Lagan Cherupara, head to the same chamber, and activate the console where you have found the chess piece.

If you didn’t find the said memento, once you reach the third floor, look for a chamber which can be accessed through the ventilation system above (the magnetic hook is required).

When you find the ventilation system, drop inside and activate the console to get the bestiary collectible.

Area: Shackleton’s Peak (Shackleton’s Summit)

Bestiary Collectible 13 -– Tangaant DNA

Probably one of the most ferocious Akrids in Lost Planet 3, the Tangaant Akrid is a creature similar to a scorpion. Poisonous and very fast, the Tangaant Akrid resided on top of Shackleton’s Peak.

Later in the game, each time you enter Shackleton’s Summit, you will have to fight one Tangaant. The creature must also be tagged for the bestiary.

Area: White Canyon Junction

Bestiary Collectible 14 -– Sieragz DNA

When you reach the northern camp you will have to defeat an enormous Akrid called Sieragz. The large armored head can spawn flies and it is a dangerous rival if you don’t use your Rig.

This specific creature can also be found in The White Canyon Junction, in the area where you free Laroche, however it will spawn there only later in the game.

One Sieragz has to be tagged in order to fill another entry in your Bestiary.

Bestiary Collectible 15 -– Emmlid DNA

The Emmlid DNA can also be added your Lost Planet 3 Bestiary if you wish to complete it. An Emmlid is a flying creature you will encounter while fighting the Sieragz Akrid.

They dive and explode on impact, therefore you have to be quick and tag one before they fly towards you.

The Emmlid Akrid is spawned by the Sieragz, and since one Sieragz can always be found in the White Canyon Junction, in the same area you will also locate one or more Emmlid.

Area: Pickett’s Folly (Armory)

Bestiary Collectible 16 -– Wardeye DNA (Male)

The Wardeye Male DNA should also be collected if you want to complete the Lost Planet 3 Bestiary. A Male Wardeye is similar to its female counterpart, but unlike the female, the male focuses on melee attacks.

You will find them in Picket’s Folly if you visit the Armory, also known as Security Installation.

The Male Wardeyes will ambush you as soon as you enter the said structure; therefore, tag one of them at the entrance.

Area: N/A

Bestiary Collectible 17 -– Gorevorgg

The final entry in our complete Lost Planet 3 Bestiary Guide belongs to a creature that must be tagged while playing one of the game main quests.

It is the King Crab Akrid, or the Gorevorgg which you will have to kill inside a specific cave. The Gorevorgg is much stronger than a Vorgg, and its weak points are on its stomach.

An important fact that must be mentioned is that the Gorevorgg doesn’t spawn often; therefore, you have to tag it as soon as you are able to fight the one that resides in the cave where you will be sent to plant a post.

Lost Planet 3 Collectibles Locations
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