Lords of Football Cheats and Trainers

Lords of Football Cheats and Trainers

Only few working Lords of Football trainers have been created after the official release of the simulation game developed by Geniaware srl; and one of them, which can be used to activate nine Lords of Football cheats, can be found on Dlh.net.

The Lords of Football trainer revealed by the following videogame guide is a free program available to all fans of the title, who wish to gain several advantages during the game.

Players must run the trainer in the background while playing the video game, and press a series of keys which activate the Lords of Football cheat codes they desire. An important fact that should be mentioned is that there is no guarantee that the Lords of Football trainer works on all versions of the videogame, since most trainers require specific updates.

In addition, since the megatrainer contains encrypted files, some antivirus programs may block it. In this case, players must deactivate their antivirus software and use the trainer at their own risk if they wish to gain access to the Lords of Football cheats listed below.

Even if Lords of Football is a football management simulation video game, the title released on April 5, 2013, is different than other games of the same genre.

What separates the Lords of Football from the rest, is the ability to control the players included in a team on and off the pitch. In other words, Lords of Football allows players to create a soccer team and improve its performance through various methods.

But to improve the overall score of a soccer team, its players must be in good shape, which means that they must avoid addictions, they must behave, and they must train.

In Lords of Football, the player has full access to the personal life of his team members, being able to send them to rehab if they develop new addictions, or to discipline them if they don’t behave.

What fans of the game have to remember is that all soccer players in Lords of Football have unique personalities, which means that some of the actions the player decides to take, will affect their mood, hence their effectiveness in a match.

In Lords of Football the player interacts with his team through a drag and drop God Mode perspective. Featuring full 3D real-time environments, Lords of Football also provides a large number of customizable but unlicensed teams.

The player can pick any team from English Premier Division, English Championship, Italian Premier Division, as well as Italian Second Division, and customize its playing kits, logo and name.

How to cheat in Lords of Football on PC

All Lords of Football cheats included in the following list can be triggered using the free trainer from Dlh.net.

Players, who decide to try it, must follow several steps in order to activate them:

Download the free Lords of Football trainer and unpack all files included in Lords.of.Football.v1.0.Plus.9.Trainer-FLiNG.rar

Move or copy the files in the directory where the game was installed

Run the trainer, followed by the game

After the game loads, activate the desired Lords of Football cheat codes by pressing the correspondent keys

List of Lords of Football Cheats for PC

Numpad 1-Add home team score

Numpad 2-Add away team score

Numpad 3-Freeze the day timer

Numpad 4-End the day

Numpad 5-Freeze the match timer

Numpad 6-End the first half of a match

Numpad 7-End the second half of a match

Numpad 8-Set infinite energy for a player

Numpad 9-Set infinite command

Numpad +-Increase the day timer

Numpad – – Decrease the day timer

Home-Disable all active Lords of Football cheats

Lords of Football Cheats and Trainers
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