Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough – Chapter 5

Nordinbad is another safe zone included in Lord of the Rings: War in the North and it is similar to Rivendell.

After you talk to Gorin you will complete the Nordinbad quest and you should explore this location.

Your main quest will also change and you have to travel to Mirkwood.

Talk to Galar the smith, to receive a reward from Gorin and to complete the quest called Gorin’s Gratitude.

Also talk to Buri if you need repairs and when you are ready go outside and travel to Mirkwood.

Be prepared because as soon as you get there you must beat a boss: Wulfrun.

Zone: Mirkwood

Main Quest: Defeat Wulfrun

The Sorcerer Wulfrun is an easy boss, but he possesses powerful spells.

Avoid them otherwise you will take massive damage.

When the fight starts you will see him behind a wall made of fire. Don’t get near the fire. Use your bow instead and when Wulfrun teleports near you, strike him.

Dodge all the time and use your special attacks.

A good strategy is to hit him from behind, like all other bosses you encountered until now.

If you defeat him, you will unlock a new trophy/achievement called Wulfrun’s Bane. Make sure you pick up the items he drops because he also carries one of Agandaur’s scrolls of sorcery.

Watch the cutscene and then approach Beleram and talk to him.

Zone: The Shadowed Paths

Main Quest: Travel through Mirkwood to the home of Radagast

Follow the only path in the forest but stay alert because you will be attacked by orcs.

Keep your eyes on the ground, because on the left side is a hidden area. It is marked by glowing footsteps.

Move forward and you will reach a small camp. Here you will have to defeat a large number of orcs if you wish to continue.

When the camp is cleared, explore the area and pick up all items you find, and then follow the road on the other side until you reach a cave.

Enter the cave and continue through the tunnel.

In the next area defeat the troll and continue in order to complete this zone.

Zone: Web-Shrouded Wood

Main Quest: Continue on to the home of Radagast

The next zone is similar to the previous one, but the difference is that here, you have to kill some spiders.

They are weak enemies and you won’t have any problems with these creatures.

All you have to do is to follow the path in the forest and kill everything that moves.

When you exit this area, a new cutscene starts and you will see Radagast’s home.

Unfortunately you are not alone, and a horde of spiders will attack you.

The spiders will attack you in waves. When the final wave is destroyed you will be asked to find Radagast’s staff, because the wizard is missing.

The staff is on the ground, in front of the glowing portal that allows you to exit this area. Pick it up and proceed forward to end this zone.

Zone: Woodland Marshes

Main Quest: Search for the missing wizard Radagast

The Woodland Marshes area is the same as the Web-Shrouded Wood, but it is filled with Uruk-Hai orcs. Stick to the road and kill them, then you will reach a swamp.

Cross the swamp and on the other side is a camp. Clear it and free the Glorihirin, the elf captured by orcs.

Talk to him and he will tell you more about Radagast. If you free him you will unlock the Friend of the Woodland Realm achievement/trophy.

Exit the camp and cross the swamp again, but make sure you stay on the right side of the road. More Uruk-Hai will attack you and you will eventually enter the next zone.

Here you will find only spiders; therefore you will advance faster. There is a secret area on the right side of the large plateau and you will find a chest there.

Pick up the items and go through the portal to complete the area and enter the Heart of the Web.

Zone: Heart of the Web

Main Quest: Search for the missing wizard Radagast

When you enter the Heart of the Web, advance and use the portal on the left if you wish to travel to Nordinbad. If not, continue through the tunnel.

Proceed to the next area only when you are ready to fight a boss. It is a huge spider named Saenathra and she captured Radagast.

Main Quest: Defeat Saenathra

Saenathra is an easy boss, as long as you avoid her jumps and her sting.

When she jumps in the air, you should dodge, or se will land on you.

Make sure that you keep your eyes on your companions, and if she grabs them, hurry up and save them.

Saenathra has no special requirements, and all you have to do is to hit her, however from time she spawns small spiders.

Clear the room quickly and then attack the boss again.

If you slay her you will unlock the Spider-slayer achievement/trophy and you will be asked to free Radagast who is trapped on a pillar.

Talk to Radagast and give him his staff to complete the quest.

Watch the cutscene and you will see Agandaur and Urgost, the Dragon.

When the cutscene ends, you will complete the main quest, but you will receive another one: The Grey Mountains.

Make sure you talk to Glorhirin, the elf you have helped in the swamps, in order to complete The Captive quest.

When you are ready to leave, approach the portal and choose Urgost Lair as your next destination.

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