Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough – Chapter 3

When you arrive in Rivendell, you will have to talk to Aragorn, Elrond and Gandalf. They will provide useful information and when the dialogue ends, you will also unlock a new achievement/trophy called Trusted with the Secret.

Rivendell is a safe zone therefore you should start exploring it.

Talk to Elrond if you started The Seer’s Words quest, and then you will receive a new main quest called The Ettenmoors. Elrond will also give you more info regarding the Cult of Lidless Eyes quest.

If you picked up the Work of Westernesse quest, talk to Angmir the smith and he will craft a unique item for you.

Another person you should talk to is Frodo. Make sure you encourage him and you will unlock a trophy / achievement called Friend of the Ring-bearer.

When you meet Bilbo he will ask you to complete a poem for him. You need to guess the last verse. If you answer Bilbo’s riddle with …the scion of Westernesse Kings, you will pick up a new quest named The Poet and you have to find Arwen. Arwen is located on the large bridge in Rivendell.

Talk to her and complete the quest you received from Bilbo. In exchange you will receive a new quest named Miruvor.

This quest must be completed while exploring the Ettenmoors. To finish it you have to find several ingredients such as Miriloth Blooms, Gilivor Crystals and Mountain Honey.

When you are ready to travel to the Ettenmoors cross the bridge and enter the portal.

Zone: Coldfells

Main Quest: Search the Moors

When you start playing in this area, all you have to do is to follow the path down; however pay attention to both sides of the road because there are many secret areas.

The first one is on the right side, but you will have to jump over a ravine to reach a hidden chest containing multiple items.

You will be attacked by Orcs, and they are more powerful than the goblins and the undead.

If you run out of health potions, stay near Andriel and she will heal you.

Advance slowly and eventually you will see a large cave entrance on the left side of the road. Make sure you investigate it, because here you will find 2 Miriloth Blooms for Arwen’s Miruvor.

Kill the orcs inside the cave, pick up everything you find there, and then exit and go left.

Jump off the ledge and attack the orcs you see in front of you, but make sure you are ready for a long fight, because more enemies will spawn, including Trolls.

When the fight ends, an old friend will appear: Beleram the Eagle.

Talk to Beleram and your main quest will change.

Main Quest: Find Bargrisar the Stone-Giant

In this area, on the right side of the fire, you will find another Miriloth Bloom, near some crates. Pick it up then continue through the gate destroyed by the last Troll.

Follow the path in the mountains and then the small river. Eventually you will be attacked by several Uruk-Hai coming down from a hill.

After you kill them, look around and you will see several trees. Near them you will find a Miriloth Bloom. Get the herbs and move forward until you see a cave on the left. Inside it is a Troll.

Kill the Troll then investigate the cave. Pick up the items there, then exit and advance until you reach a dead end.

Jump off the ledges and follow the river on the right, because you will find a secret area and a chest containing a scroll required to complete the Cult of the Lidless Eye Quest.

Now turn back and explore the cave.

After you pick up all items, exit and go right. Kill the orcs that attack you and go right again. Pay close attention to the right side of the road, because near the mountain you will find a Gilivor Crystal and on the left side a Miriloth Bloom. By now, you should have five Miriloth Blooms.

If you move forward you will see some orcs that block your way. Near them, to the left is a hive. Pick up the Mountain Honey and continue, following the river up on the mountain.

To the right, where the river ends is a cave and inside it is a secret treasure. Near the entrance you will find another Miriloth Bloom, in case you missed one.

Now, exit the cave and advance. To the right you will see a camp and several orcs; however you have to jump off a ledge to reach it. While facing the camp, look to the left and you will see a Gilivor Crystal on the ground. Pick it up and then clear the camp.

When all enemies are dead, explore the camp and pick up all items, then exit the area through the gate. You will enter the High Moors.

Zone: The High Moors

The High Moors is an area similar to Coldfells. There is only one path to follow when you start, and you will be attacked by orcs.

Move forward and take out the archers on the left, then the soldiers that attack you.

Your main objective is the same.

Main Quest: Find Bargrisar the Stone-Giant

Advance and take out the first group of orcs, then explore the cave on the right.

Return to the main road and continue until you see a stone bridge. On the right side of the road you will see some barrels and a chest. Make sure you destroy them because inside is another scroll you need if you wish to complete the Cult of the Lidless Eye Quest.

Cross the bridge and go right to find a secret cave.

Return to the main road and go up on the mountain until you reach another orc camp.

Clear the camp then enter the cave through the portal. Another portal is inside the cave and it will take you to Rivendell.

Return if you want and don’t forget to talk to Arwen and complete the Miruvor quest. Additionally, Arwen will ask you to find some Mithril so she can complete a banner for Aragorn. The quest is called Truesilver.

Repair, sell and buy new weapons if you want, then return to the cave and advance.

You can’t get lost here because there is only one tunnel, but you have to defeat a large number of orcs and some Trolls.

Eventually, you will reach a large cave and the path is blocked by a door. The only way to exit is to clear the cave. Kill the orcs and the Trolls and don’t forget to look around for chests and other items.

Exit the cave, follow the tunnel and when you reach the exit get ready to fight against many Uruk-Hai orcs.

Advance and enter the next cave.

Follow the tunnel and inspect the cave. When you reach the exit you will complete the area and you will enter the Stone Chasm.

Zone: Stone Chasm

Your main objective in this area remains unchanged. You have to find Bargrisar the Stone-Giant.

When you enter this area, use the portal on the left if you want to travel to Rivendell.

If not, gather your party near the glowing sign and you will see a large area. Proceed only when you are ready to fight a boss.

He is Bargrisar the Stone-Giant and you must beat him to advance in the game.

Main Quest: Slay Bargrisar

Bargrisar is a very powerful boss, because he is a giant and he is made of stone.

If you try to use your bow, you will notice that he won’t take too much damage.

To beat him you must aim for his legs.

Stay behind him all the time, and use your heavy attack to damage his legs.

When he falls to his knees,move around and aim for his arms. Don’t stop and when you see the yellow arrow hit Y for a finishing move.

Your goal is to bring Bargrisar to the ground so you can hit the giant’s head. Bargrisar’s head is his vulnerable spot but as long as he is on his feet you can’t hit him.

This fight has repetitive phases, but the strategy is the same. His legs, arms, and then his head.

Try to avoid his attacks by dodging all the time. Use potions and elixirs to increase your damage and boost your character, and don’t waste your arrows.

When Bargrisar is defeated you will unlock the Giant-slayer Achievement/Trophy.

Proceed and watch the cutscene. You will see Beleram and his master Gwaihir.

Talk to the Eagles who will join you, then travel back to Rivendell where Elrond wants to hear the news.

Talk to him and you will complete the main quest: The Ettenmoors. You will also receive a new main quest, called: Mount Gundabad.

Repair your weapons and when you are ready to move forward, go to the bridge and travel to your new destination: Mount Gundabad.

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