Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough – Chapter 2

As soon as you arrive in San Ford, Halbarad will want you to tell him the news . Spend some time talking to him and you will complete your previous main quest: Fornost. You will also receive a new main quest for him, called The Barrow-downs.

Halbarad wants you to look for two rangers who disappeared. The Barrow-downs and Rivendell are on the same route; therefore this is the path you must follow.

When you receive this quest you will unlock two challenge missions: Lorien and Osgiliath.

Make sure you don’t leave San Ford without talking to Silanna. You can find her in a large tent near, Halbarad. Silanna wants you to find some Athelas, which may cure Elaran, a Ranger who’s dying of a mysterious ailment known as the Black Breath.

The herbs can be found in the Barrow-downs and you need them to complete the quest called Athelas.

In San Ford, also talk to Maradan, because he has some great items for sale, and don’t forget to repair your items. Hador, the smith will help you, and both of them can be found near Silanna’s tent, to the left, when you exit.

When you are ready, exit this area through the glowing portal and choose The Barrow-downs as your next destination.

Zone: The Barrow-downs

Main Quest: The Barrow-downs

The Barrow-downs is a dark place. When you enter this zone, move forward and follow the path.

Keep your eyes on the ground because you will see some glowing footprints, which will take you to a secret area on the right side of the main path. Investigate it and you will find 2 chests and a burrowed treasure, near a stone wall, to the right. The location is marked by a glowing rune.

Pick up the items and then return to the main road.

Side Quest: Athelas

Move forward and keep your eyes on the left side of the road, because you will see a glowing herb. It’s the Athelas required by Silanna. Pick it up and return to San Ford to complete the quest, or continue forward and you can return there later.*

Main Quest: Search for the missing Rangers

Continue to follow the path until you reach a large area covered by a green fog.

On the other side you will see an entrance in a mountain.

Explore the area and destroy the tombstones for additional gold, and then enter the cave. Here you will be attacked by undead.

Kill them fast and look around for additional chests and then use the other entrance to reach the next zone.

In this area you must kill several trolls and undead. You will notice that this time the trolls will throw stones at you. Avoid them and quickly put some arrows in their heads. When all enemies are killed explore the right side of the place, to find a secret area, and then move through the glowing portal.

Follow the path through the mountain and you will reach another plain covered by a green fog. Here you will be attacked by more zombies and several skeleton warriors. Take them out and then explore the place.

To the right you will see a tunnel. Enter and you will receive a new quest, called The Last Sons of Cardolan.

Side Quest: The Last Sons of Cardolan

To complete this quest you must clear three tombs and you must destroy the undead within the barrows.

In the first hall, go right and kill the undead, then go left.

Kill the undead and follow the left tunnels until you reach a large hall and you see a green fog on the ground. Kill all enemies here and you will complete the first part of this quest.

Now, you can exit the cave, and go right, to the next area in Barrow-downs.

Main Quest:  Search for the missing Rangers

Here you must defeat a Barrow-Wight boss.

You will see that the Barrow-Wight attacks you from distance and you can’t inflict any damage with a melee weapon. Use your bow and fire as fast as you can, but keep in mind that the Wight can summon undead warriord, therefore, make sure you clear the area around you.

The Wight will teleport from one place to another. When her health drops she will teleport on the ground, and you will be able to attack her with your melee weapon. Kill her and enter the cave that opens.

When you reach the first hall, make sure you explore the small room on the right, because here you will find two chests. When you exit this room, you will be attacked.

Clear the hall and follow the next tunnel, to exit.

When you reach the next zone, kill the undead soldiers and look to the right. You will see a hidden path. Follow it and when you reach the end you will find a chest filled with valuable items. Pick them up and return to the main path.

Advance through the glowing portal and you will see a teleporter on the right. Use it if you wish to sell, buy or travel to San Ford.

If you don’t want to go back to San Ford, follow the path and you will reach another plain. Be careful because you will be attacked by a Barrow-Wight and an army of undead. Use the same strategy you have used before and kill all your enemies.

Explore the area and follow the road up in the mountain. You will automatically complete the Search for the missing Rangers quest and you will unlock the TrackerAchievement/Trophy.

Proceed through the portal and you will enter a new area: The Barrow of Amon Gorthad.

Zone: The Barrow of Amon Gorthad

When you enter this area, follow the ramp down and in the first hall, go left to find a chest. Now, turn around and you will see a pillar and a sign on it. Pick up the secret treasure there then return to the main hall and advance.

Follow the only tunnel you see, until you reach a hall where you will be attacked by the undead. Dispatch them quickly and look around.

In front of you is a large gate but it’s locked. To the right is a small room and inside you will find several chests. Pick up all items, and then follow the tunnel on the left, because you received a new quest.

Main Quest: Find a key for the locked gate

Kill all the undead and go left and then right. You will notice a dark area to the left, and there you will see a chest.

The key you need is inside.

Pick it up and return to the gate. Open it and proceed to receive a new quest.

Main Quest: Continue the search for Luin and Kilaran

At this point, there is only one tunnel that can be followed, but make sure you stay alert and pay attention to the environment because there are many hidden chests.

Pick up all items, and equip your companions as well.

Advance slowly and you will reach a small chamber where you have to defeat a Wight. Stay behind the pillars to avoid the rocks she throws and use your bow. Kill her and continue through the tunnel until you reach a gate made of stones.

Open it and move forward until you see an altar on the ground.

On this altar is Luin. Talk to him and he will join you. Your main quest will change again?

Main Quest: Find Kilaran

From this moment, all you have to do is to follow Luin, but be careful because you will encounter a large number of undead soldiers.

Eventually Luin will show you the way to another portal that allows you to exit this area.

Enter the next area only when you are ready for a boss fight. You will find Kilaran but he is well protected by the Barrow-Wight Lord.

Main Quest: Defeat the Barrow-Wight Lord

When the fight starts you will see that Kilaran is possessed by the Barrow Wight Lord.

Even if this boss looks scary, you will defeat him quickly as long as you know these tricks:

When Kilaran is near the Barrow Wight Lord, you can’t inflict any damage. You have to clear the room first.

When all undead soldiers are defeated, the Barrow Wight Lord will send Kilaran to fight against you. You should strike Kilaran and use as many combos as you can.

After some time, the Barrow Wight will possess Kilaran and cast several magic waves against you. To avoid them, get behind the stone pillars you see around you.

When the Barrow Wight Lord summons his minions, kill them and repeat all the previous steps to finish this stage and kill the boss.

If you manage to beat the Barrow Wight Lord you will unlock a new achievement/trophy called Begone, lord of carrion!.

Explore the room and open all chests, and then approach Kilaran’s body and talk to Luin.

When the dialogue ends, exit through the portal in front of you, to end this area and enter Rivendell.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Walkthrough
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