Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Yusnaan Canvas of Prayers Quests Guide

From Yunnan’s Canvas of Prayers board, you can activate a total of 14 side-quests, if you wish to boost Lightning’s abilities and skills.

Similar to the Canvas of Prayers quests in Luxerion, those available in Yusnaan also require multiple ingredients and materials that can be obtained by defeating the beasts that spawn within the area; however, not all side-quests can be completed the moment you enter the city.

Some of the quests that appear on the board in Yusnaan Train Station have specific requirements, all of them being explained below.

Additionally, the complete Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII guide also provides hints on where to find the materials required for every Canvas of Prayers quest, along with the rewards you will receive after a task is completed.

Quest 1: Soulful Horn


“Welcome to Yusnaan. Ours is a city of revelry and music. I make Instruments of all kinds, but, alas, these days I find myself short of key components. As a craftsmen and music-lover, it grieves me to see someone tooting futilely on a broken bugle. Especially when I know that with poisonous stings from an Anubys, I could repair that bugle and have it play notes so pure they can drive the Chaos away!”

Client: Artisan Saila

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Poisonous Sting X 10

Available: Starting Day 2

Reward:  400 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 2, Bubbly Party Hat, Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Guide:  The Poisonous Stings are dropped by Anubys, and for the Soulful Horn quest you need 10. Anubys is a common creature, and a large number can be encountered while playing the Death Game side-quest.

Quest 2: A Dangerous Cocktail


“Have you ever heard of clear ooze? You know the stuff that’s harvested from Flanitors? I’ve been told a dollop of that in a glass of Cactuar tequila makes a cocktail that’ll blow your socks off. Now, if that’s true, I reckon that the first bar in Yusnaan to serve it will make some serious Gil. Could be a golden opportunity, but first things first – I’ve gotta give the drink a try and see if the stories are true. So, anyone wanna give me some clear ooze?”

Client: Black Market Nej

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Clear Ooze X 4

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  200 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Caution Beacon

Guide:  The Flanitors that drop Clear Ooze help the guards around Yusnaan. Each time you will be attacked by a guard, one or two Flanitors will enter the battle, healing the guard.

Since the guards are everywhere, you will get enough Ooze while working on other side-quests. Turn in the quest starting Day 3.

Quest 3: Source of Inspiration


“Aye, maybe most folk don’t be needin’ pen and paper no more, but my writer clients know how inspiring a fine quill, a full in pot, and a clean sheet of vellum can be. Now, I make the finest ink, ground from ash, or shattered bones. Skata’ne shattered bones, mind. Expensive material in this day and age, but I refuse to compromise. Maybe someone can help a poor ink seller out?”

Client: Ink Seller Norto

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Shattered Bone X 3

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  180 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Water Spirit Wings

Guide:  The Source of Inspiration quest requires three Shattered Bones, and appears on the Canvas of Prayers starting day 3.

The Skata’ne demons drop these bones, and one of them can be acquired while playing the Fireworks For A Steal side-quest. These creatures are usually found in the sandy area north from Warehouse District or in the eastern wing of Hero’s Garden within the Patron’s Palace.

Quest 4: True Colors


“I have been commissioned to paint a mural within one of the great halls of the palace, but I cannot find the color I need. I seek true crimson, the red of flames and lava and fire dragons. Such color is not easy to fabricate – impossible, in fact, without a firewyrm scale from the back of the Zaltys.”

Client: Artist Daia

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Firewyrm Scale X 1

Available: Starting Day 5

Reward:  600 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 2, Lebreau’s Black Tattoo, Lebreau’s Green Tattoo

Guide:  The Firewyrm Scale required by Daia is very easy to obtain, and if you followed the main quests you already have more than one.

You will fight a Zaltys during main quest 0-1: A Different Snow, and several more in the Patron’s Palace (A Solitary Patron main-quest).

Quest 5: Secret Machine


“I’m a practitioner of the chemical arts, and I am in need of a certain component, I trust that you can help me. Bring me ether coils, as many as you can, of the type found in the Desdemona machine. I do not require them for evil purpose. Of that, you have my word…Hehehe.”

Client: Alchemist Monique

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Ether Coil X 3

Available: Starting Day 1

Reward:  150 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Silver Padlock

Guide:  A large number of Desdemona robots spawn in the east wing of Hero’s Garden sub-area of the Patron’s Palace and in the Industrial Area.

You can enter Hero’s Garden once you finish main quest 2-2: The Legend Of The Savior.

Quest 6: Beast Summoner


“A young man showed me powerful magic that can summon fiery dragons and grim demons from the depths of the Chaos. It is sorcery that I, too, can weave, but only if I have the right ingredients for my cauldron. Shattered bones from Skata’nes and poisonous stings from the tails of Anubys, to be precise. But where is an old alchemist to find such things?”

Client: Alchemist Naggle

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Shattered Bone X 5, Poisonous Sting X 10

Available: After you complete Soulful Horn and Source of Inspiration

Reward:  600 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 2, Single Horn, Antler

Guide:  While working on acquiring the ingredients for the previous quest (Secret Machine) in Hero’s Garden, you will also find Skata’nes and Anubys dropping Shattered Bones and Poisonous Stings.

Quest 7: Unfired Firework


“Argh! One of our unfired fireworks has gone missing from the stores. God knows what might happen if it gets into the wrong hands or goes off accidentally in a crowded place! Will someone please find that firework and return it to us so we can put it back under lock and key?”

Client: Pyrotechnician Zod

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Unfired Rocket Fireworks X 1

Available: After you complete main-quest 2-2: The Legend Of The Savior

Reward:  900 Gil, Maximum HP+20, Magic +2, Twilight Shades, Stormy Motors Logo

Guide: To find the Unfired Rocket Fireworks in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, go to the Coliseum Square near the Slaughterhouse.

Find the fireworks stand near the entrance to the Road to War alley and launch 2 fireworks until the launcher gets stuck. Once you examine the launcher the third time you will receive the Unfired Rocket Fireworks.

Quest 8: A Man For A Chocobo Girl


“So I’ve fallen hard for one of the Chocobo girls. When I told her she said I was just a kid and blew me off. I don’t mind, though, ‘cause I’ve got a way to prove I’m serious. See there’s a Chocobo girl poster out there with a secret phone number on the back of it. Anyone who calls can ask for a date with the Chocobo girl!”

Client: Love-struck Darg

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Chocobo Girl’s Phone No. X 1

Available: After you activate main-quest 2-2: The Legend Of The Savior

Reward:  400 Gil, Maximum HP+10, Magic +1, Afro & Red Chick, Afro & Blue Chick

Guide: To find the Chocobo Girl’s Phone Number for A Man For A Chocobo Girl Canvas Of Prayers quest in Yusnaan, open your map and south from the Fountain Square (north-east from the Augur’s Quarter), you should see an alley.

Make sure you explore it and look for a poster on the wall. Examine it to get the number.

Quest 9: Rebuilding


“God’s divine statue has been toppled by an evildoer and the crime must be punished! But in the meantime, we need to rebuild the statue and dedicate it to the glory of God. This town is drowning in corruption but if there are any good, decent people left, they will return all the statue fragment they find, rather than selling them to unscrupulous merchants.”

Client: Architect Charkra

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Statue Fragment X 5

Available: After you complete main-quest 2-3: A Solitary Patron

Reward:  500 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Bushy Mustache

Guide: To find the missing statue fragments go to the Augur’s Quarter. The first one is located near the large demolished statue, on a wheel.  The second one is on the other side of the same statue, under the demolished structure, on the ground.

The next statue fragment is close to the second one. Turn around and you will see it close to a white sofa and another section of the same statue.

Now move south and when you enter Hero’s Garden, go west (right) to see the fourth one shining on the ground. Next, turn around and near the destroyed wall you will find the final fragment.

Quest 10: Time Doesn’t Heal


“Ah, my sweet Lesia! What madness prompted us to part ways? You were the love of my life, my soul mate, yet, I lost you over some foolish tiff I cannot even remember…We went our separate ways and now, and we have our own families. But perhaps it’s not too late to turn back the clock. If I were to find our old treasures, the jade hair comb and the brown pocket watch, could we rekindle our love?”

Client: Marmo

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Jade Hair Comb X 1, Bronze Pocket Watch X 1

Available: After you complete main-quest 2-1: The Great Break-In

Reward:  800 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Sentimental Parasol, Mark of Lindzei

Guide: The first item you should find for Time Doesn’t Heal is the Bronze Pocket Watch. Return to the Industrial Area and climb the central tower, then move towards the Cargo Station and look for a dead end.

The item is easy to spot on the ground. To find the Jade Hair Comb, cross the Cargo Station and move south following the Supply Lane. Eventually you will reach a door and just in front of it, on the ground, you will see the Jade Hair Comb.

Quest 11: Youth Potion


“In this world of ours, no one grows old. But at the same time, no one gets any younger, either. Children stay as children, youth remain youths – and the old and infirm stay that way, for century after century. I have devoted my life to discovering a potion of youth, and I think I may be close. The new recipe I have developed requires the eye of a Cyclops – unfortunately, it’s not easy to find.”

Client: Alchemist Mahto

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Single Eye X 1

Available: Starting Day 7

Reward:  700 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Lucky Flower Adornment

Guide: The single eye is an ingredient dropped by Cyclops, which can be found in Yusnaan. Cross the Augur’s Quarter, to enter Patron’s Palace courtyards, and then head right.

The Cyclops usually spawns in this area. Once you defeat one, loot the Single Eye to complete the quest.

Quest 12: What Seekers Seek


“The synthesis of life! It is one of the dreams of alchemy and for many years now I have pursued it. To the four corners of earth I have been, and with these hands of mine I have collected rare ores, monster bones and deadly fungi. Now, I need only two more ingredients – scales from Zaltys and Cyclops eyes. Once I have them, my research shall at last bear fruit!”

Client: Alchemist Ludero

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Single Eye X 5, Firewyrm Scale X 5

Available: After you complete Quest 4: True Colors and Quest 11: Youth Potion

Reward:  1200 Gil, Maximum HP + 30, Magic + 2, Strength + 4, Prophetic Headdress Adornment, Saint’s Beard Adornment

Guide:  If you don’t have enough Single Eyes and Firewyrm Scales, try going back to Patron’s Palace, and inside you will have to fight a large number of Zaltys and Cyclops. Stagger a Cyclop by guarding physical attacks, while on the Zaltys use lightning-based attacks.

Quest 13: Spell for Spell


“Ensorcelled machines rampage through our city and in the battle arena. Built with arcane alchemic methods, they were meant to protect us from monsters, but now they themselves pose the gravest threat. Alchemy cannot control them. Our only hope is to build an even more powerful machine. But for that, we must have large quantities of radial bearing, of the kind used in Hoplites.”

Client: Alchemist Zalton

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Radial Bearing X 30

Available: Starting Day 7

Reward:  1300 Gil, Maximum HP + 30, Magic + 2, Strength + 4, Light Bulb Adornment, Blue Guitar Adornment

Guide:  A large number of Hoplites can be found in Industrial Area after 6 PM. Starting Day 9, you will be able to fight groups of up to 6 Hoplites, making the Spell for Spell quest very accessible.

Quest 14: Ultimate Craving


“The creation of ultimate life has long been the dream of alchemists everywhere. To build a gigantic ensorcelled machine, fashioned in forges built by men and men alone. A new life that surpasses even those wonders of divine handwork, the fal’Cie – that is the goal. Some of us within the Alchemic Society believe we are on the verge of turning the dream in reality. We only lack a few of key ingredients…”

Client: Alchemist Sildonius

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Radial Bearing X 10, Ether Coil X 15, Clear Ooze X 30

Available: After you complete Quest 1: Soulful Horn, Quest 2: A Dangerous Cocktail and Quest 13: Spell For Spell

Reward:  1600 Gil, Maximum HP + 40, Magic + 5, Strength + 2, Wind-Up Halo Adornment, Red Propeller Adornment, Ether

Guide:  After you complete all quests listed above, continue to kill Flanitors on the streets of Yusnaan to get the Clear Ooze. For the Hoplites that drop Radial Bearing and Desdemonas (Ether Coil), visit the Industrial Area after 6 PM.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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