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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Wildlands Canvas of Prayers Quests Guide

Similar to the Canvas of Prayers Quests in Yusnaan, the Wildlands Canvas of Prayers Quests play an important role in improving Lightning’s stats for the upcoming battles, which means that you should try to complete as many as you can.

Unlike Luxerion; however, the Wildlands area includes 25 Canvas of Prayers Quests, all of them being listed below, along with all information required to finish them.

Most Canvas of Prayers Quests in Wildlands, are focused on providing the necessary materials, or ingredients for various clients; therefore, the following guide should help you locating all enemies that drop the said materials.

Furthermore, the guide also includes useful tips on how to unlock new quests in the Wildlands, and what rewards you should expect to receive once you finish them.

Along with the 25 Canvas of Prayers Quests in Wildlands, there is also a number of Global Canvas of Prayers Quests you can complete within the same area.

Quest 1: Moon Flower


“I look after my sister, Ellerith, who can’t get around on account of injured leg. I want to give her flowers to cheer her up, but I’m too busy nursing her. Can some kind person bring me a moonsoul bloom or two? They grow out on the Grasslands and on the Eremite Plains.”

Client: Shepherd Morrel

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Moonsoul Bloom X 5

Available: Instantly

Reward:  400 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Blue Flower Adornment, Frost Tree Adornment

Guide: Moon Flower Canvas of Prayer side-quest is very accessible because you will find Moonsoul Bloom everywhere.

They are white flowers that grow in all areas, but only during the night. Make sure you collect 5 Moonsoul Bloom flowers between 6 PM and 6 AM.

Quest 2: Forget Me Not


“I fell head over heels for him and landed right on my face! Ah, gods what I wouldn’t give for it to have never happened! Hmmm. You know, that reminds me of a potion that Lumina told me about. One that can make you forget unpleasant things. All you need is some vibrant ooze, she said…”

Client: Claris

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Vibrant Ooze X 8

Available: Instantly

Reward:  120 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Sunny Butterfly Adornment, Twilight Butterfly Adornment

Guide: To get the necessary ooze for the quest named Forget Me Not you have to kill Miniflans. Miniflans are similar to the Flanitors from Yusnaan, but they are smaller and they are blue. They spawn in the Grasslands area, around Canopus Farms, usually during the day.

Quest 3: A Word of Thanks


“I have come to the Wildlands in search of my voice. I was once a singer of some repute, but a throat infection means I can no longer perform onstage. Ah, I only I had some wonder gel from an Ectopudding! Then I could cure this accursed infection and once again take my place on stage.”

Client: Singer Rosvalle

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Wonder Gel X 3

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  240 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 2, Aqua Ribbon Adornment, Pink Ribbon Adornment

Guide: To find the Wonder Gel required by your client, you must hunt Ectopuddings.  An Ectopudding is larger than a Miniflan and it is red.

These creatures can be found in Eremite Plains, during the night. When fighting an Ectopudding you have to make sure you don’t cast fire-based attacks because you will heal it.

Quest 4: For the Future


“It’s been a while since I last heard anyone mention the Antimatter Manipulation Principle. Nowadays, all anyone cares is alchemy, and we are forgetting the old technologies. However, I am determined to preserve as much as I can for the future generations, and an AMP chip from the Aster Protoflorian would be an excellent place to begin.”

Client: Researcher Grove

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: AMP Chip X 1

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  700 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 1, Strength + 1, PSICOM Officer Epaulets Adornment, Mobile Guard’s Badge Adornment

Guide: The AMP Chip you need to complete this quest is quite easy to find, being dropped by the Aster Protoflorian. The large flower spawns in the passage that leads to Rocky Crag, west from Canopus Farms; however, your Chocobo must know how to glide.

Every time you enter the said passage an Aster Protoflorian spawns. If you completed The Hunter’s Challenge side-quest, you already defeated one.

Quest 5: Hunter’s Challenge


“Although I make my living from hunting, I am not part of the local hunting band. I am a bounty hunter, and I have come to test myself against the monsters of the Wildlands. My greatest achievement has been to slay a single Chocobo Eater by myself – it was not easy but I prevailed. So, how about it? Are there any other warriors out there who think they can do better?”

Client: Bounty hunter Gahl

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Green Monster Moss X 2

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  800 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 1, Strength + 2, Black Chocobo Figurine Adornment, Purple Chocobo Figurine Adornment

Guide: To get the Green Monster Moss, you must head to the Eremite Plains and hunt Chocobo Eaters. One of these monsters appears while playing The Angel of Valhalla and you must defeat it in order to save Lightning’s Chocobo.

They are large green creatures and you should look for them during the night.

Quest 6: Hunting the Hunter


“Chocobos are big animals, but their mortal enemy, the Chocobo Eater is even bigger. As Hunters, our entire way of life depends on our Chocobo steeds, and when a Chocobo Eater is on the prowl, our bellies go empty. These days, with Chocobo Eaters appearing all over the Wildlands, we are going very hungry indeed. Is there no one strong enough to drive them off the menace?”

Client: A Hungry Hunter

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Green Monster Moss X 8

Available: After Hunter’s Challenge

Reward:  1300 Gil, Maximum HP + 30, Magic + 2, Strength + 4, Red Chocobo Chick Adornment, Purple Blue Chocobo Chick Adornment

Guide: Once you beat the previous quest, you can unlock A Hungry Hunter.

The quest is similar to Hunter’s Challenge, meaning that you will have to return to Eremite Plains and kill 8 additional Chocobo Eaters to get the required materials.

Quest 7: Moghan’s Plea


“Oh no! Those monsters are back, kupo! And what’s worse, there are more of them than ever before, kupo! They have yet to find our village, but when they do we’ll be in ever so much trouble. Please, savior. One more time. Won’t you save us from the menace of the Dryads?”

Client: Moghan

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Arboreal Spore X 10

Available: After you complete Peace and Quiet, Kupo

Reward:  300 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Strength + 1, Green NORA Symbol Adornment, Sky Blue NORA Symbol Adornment

Guide: Moghan’s Plea becomes available only if you finish the side-quest Peace and Quiet, Kupo, available in Moogle Village. Once activated, in order to finish Moghan’s Plea you have to return to Jagd Woods and kill Dryads that spawn during the night.

Try to kill them before they cast summon, or you will be overwhelmed. Gather 10 Arboreal Spores from Dryads to finish the quest.

Quest 8: Gatekeeper’s Curiosity


“I serve as gatekeeper for the Jagd hunting band. Here in the woods, we’re plagued by Rafflessia monsters. They produce little pellets of sweet-smelling nectar called slug sweets. Now, you’d think that butterflies and bees would be all over that nectar, but they don’t seem interested. Don’t you find that curious? I do. So, do me a favor would you? If you happen to come across any slug sweets, share a portion with me.”

Client: Darius

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Slug Sweet X 12

Available: Starting Day 5

Reward:  120 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Medic Guard’s Badge Adornment

Guide: Rafflessia is a small-scale feral creature that spawns in Jagd Woods. It is weak against fire-based attacks and it is an accessible opponent. Hunt 12 to get the Slug Sweet Darius needs.

Quest 9: Echoes of a Drum


“I’ve come from Yusnaan to purchase leather to repair our great drum, but none of the shops have any to sell. In the past, I’d have turned to the hunters for help, but they have their hands full these days. Is anyone else brave enough to fight the Goblins and gather enough swatches of green leather?”

Client: Tradesman Nebro

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Green Leather X 6

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  180 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Gadot’s Red Emblem Adornment, Seadog’s Beard Adornment

Guide:  To find the goblins that drop green leather faster, check the Eremite Plains during the night.

Usually, these creatures fight alongside Ectopuddings; however, they also spawn in Jagd Woods, or in the Rocky Crag sub-area. They are easy to defeat if you use lightning-based attacks.

Quest 10: A Voice from Below


“Someone, help me. I fell off a cliff and now I’m trapped. I spent days wandering this narrow valley looking for an exit, and I think I’ve finally found a place where I might climb out. The problem is, I haven’t eaten a morsel in ages and I’m far too weak now. If only I could find some meat – specifically, the kind often found on Vali and Hanuman beasts – then I would recover enough strength to escape this death pit.”

Client: Explorer Marif

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Monster Mince X 10

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  200 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 2, Thrilling Party Hat Adornment, Love-struck Party Hat

Guide:  As the description mentions, to complete the quest, you have to hunt Vali or Hanuman. These beasts also spawn in Jagd Forest or in the pass that connects the Grasslands and the Rocky Crag.

To get inside the pass you have to glide using the Chocobo. Vali and Hanuman beasts are weak against physical attacks.

Quest 11: Chocobo Chow


“Curses! The whole village is short of gysahl greens, and without the nourishing feed, our Chocobos are going hungry – and if they go hungry, eventually we will, too. Canopus Farms was supposed to send a big delivery, but we’ve seen neither bushel nor leaf. Where are the greens I ask you. Where are the greens?”

Client: Hunter Stable Hand

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Gysahl Greens Meal X 5

Available: Immediately

Reward:  500 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 2, Gold Chocobo Figurine Adornment, Silver Chocobo Figurine Adornment

Guide: Even if you get Gysahl Greens early in the game, it is a good idea to grow your own greens using the patches in Canopus Farms. After you complete A Father’s Request, get four fertilizers from Jagd Woods and several vegetable seeds from the Adventure Essentials merchant at Canopus Farms.

Plant the seeds, and wait 6 hours, then harvest them and use the Gysahl Greens to finish the quest.

Quest 12: Wildlands in Danger!


“Yikes – the Storehouse is nearly empty of vegetable seeds! We are the only farm in the Wildlands that produces seeds, so if we run out, vegetable cultivation would come to a screeching halt. Can anyone bring us seeds? The can be from wild plants or traveling merchants – it doesn’t matter to us!”

Client: Kinka, Seed Supplier

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Vegetable Seed X 10

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward:  300 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Flower Pattern Adornment, Frying Pan Adornment

Guide: The fastest way to complete Wildlands in Danger! is to buy the vegetable seeds you need. They are sold by Adventure Essentials merchants within the Wildlands area.

You can find one at Canopus Farms and another one in the Research Camp, located in Eremite Plains.

Quest 13: Dumpling Cook-off


“Chocobo Eaters continue to menace the Wildlands, but I have a plan to get rid of them once and for all. I will cook a batch of dumplings, lure the Chocobo Eaters intro a trap, and then finish them off. I just need lots of monster mince from Valis and Hanumans and green leather from Goblins to make the bait.”

Client: Hunter Potts

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Monster Mince X 15, Green Leather X 15

Available: Complete Gatekeeper’s Curiosity and Echoes of a drum

Reward:  600 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 1, Strength + 2, Silvered Insignia Adornment, Bronzed Medal Adornment

Guide:  After you complete Gatekeeper’s Curiosity and Echoes of a drum Canvas of Prayers quests, continue to harvest green leather from the goblins in Eremite Plains and Monster Mince from the Valis in Jagd Woods or from the Hanumans in Rocky Crag.

When you have all materials turn in the quest.

Quest 14: Brain Over Brawn


“I’ve invented a revolutionary new trap to boost our monster hunting effectiveness. The design is complete, but I need better and stronger materials. Specifically, a sinister fang from the jaw of a Reaver. It has to be in good condition, and fangs like that are hard to find.”

Client: Melnor the Inventor

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Sinister Fang X 1

Available: Starting Day 7

Reward:  650 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 3, Shogun’s Mustache Adornment, Politician’s Beard Adornment

Guide: The Reavers spawn at night in the Grasslands area and in the pass that connects the Grasslands and Eremite Plains. They are large creatures wielding swords.

You can stagger them by timing your guards and by casting lightning spells. Each Reaver drops a sinister fang.

Quest 15: A Prayer to a Goddess


“We servants of the goddess wish only to live in harmony with the world and then die as nature intended. Unless, that is, nature intended us to be eaten alive by monsters – that is a fate we’d rather avoid! Monsters from the Chaos are roaming the land and menacing our way of life. We pray that a servant of the goddess will rid us of the crimson Reavers and mechanical Aster Protoflorians.”

Client: Poltae Headman

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Sinister Fang X 5, Amp Chip X 5

Available: Complete For the Future and Brain Over Brawn

Reward:  1600 Gil, Maximum HP + 30, Magic + 2, Strength + 4, Cie’th Wings Adornment, Behemoth Crest Adornment

Guide: Once you finish both For the Future and Brain Over Brawn you will have to harvest more sinister fangs from the Reavers in Grasslands and 5 additional Amp Chips from the Aster Protoflorians in Rocky Craig, if you wish to finish A Prayer to a Goddess.

Quest 16: Sun Flower


“Oh, how my feet hurt! I can’t leave the house not even to pick a flower for my dear brother, who has been taking care of me. Can someone please bring me a dayring blossom or two? They bloom during the day, out on the open plains.”

Client: Ellerith

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Dayring Blossom X 3

Available: Instantly

Reward:  250 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Crimson Flower Adornment

Guide: Sun Flower is an accessible quest, available immediately, and similar to Moon Flower, but you need 3 Dayring Blossom instead of Moonsoul Blooms.

Dayring Blossoms grow between 6 AM and 6 PM in most areas. Frequently they can be found in Grasslands.

Quest 17: A Secret Wish


“I heard about a potion that can make you forget the dead – wipe them from your mind as if they never existed. All the sadness, all the pain, gone for good. Well, I want some of that. Unfortunately, the recipe requires large amounts of vibrant ooze and wonder gel. Where am I supposed to find such things?”

Client: May of Aryas

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Vibrant Ooze X 20, Wonder Gel X 10

Available: Complete Forget Me Not quest and A Word of Thanks

Reward: 700 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Magic + 1, Summery Parasol Adornment, Pink Tattoo Adornment

Guide: After you unlock the quest by completing Forget Me Not quest and A Word of Thanks, continue to hunt Miniflans in the Grasslands until you get 20 Vibrant Ooze.

Additionally, continue to kill Ectopuddings in Eremite Plains and they will drop Wonder Gel.

Quest 18: Emergency Treatment


“A hunter’s Chocobo has been brought to Dr. Gysahl for treatment, but we’re short of the medicine we need. We put in a special order, but with everything that’s been going on, supplies are hard to come by. Chocobull and animal potions are what we need – I only hope the people in Jagd Village and the research Camp have extras they can spare.”

Client: Seven

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Chocobull X 1, Animal Potion X 11

Available: Complete Healing An Angel

Reward: 1000 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Magic + 1, Afro & Black Chick Adornment, Afro & Purple Chick Adornment

Guide: For this quest you can get the Chocobull by completing the side-quest named A Final Cure and the Animal Potion by finishing Dog, Doctor, and Assistant.

Both Tilda and Cardesia will brew more potions if you provide the required materials.

Quest 19: Moogle Gourmand


“So I heard about this amazingly delicious dish they eat over in Aryas Village. The mystical meal they call it, kupo. Oooh, just the name of it makes my mouth water, kupo! What I wouldn’t give to have a nibble or two of the mystical meal, kupo! One teensy, tiny bite, that’s all I ask.”

Client: Mogcha

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Mystical Meal X 1

Available: Complete Peace and Quiet, Kupo

Reward: 850 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 1, Magic + 2, Pink Rucksack Adornment, Afro & White Chick Adornment

Guide: Similar to the previous Canvas of Prayers quest, you can get the Mystical Meal if you finish the side-quest named A Taste of the Past in Aryas Village.

Chef Aryas can also cook more meals as long as he has all ingredients.

Quest 20: Digging Mole


“I found a cutting the other day with a very unusual recipe. I’d love to try and make it, but I haven’t even heard of half the ingredients. I mean rocky crag mole? Chocoborels? Luminous mushrooms? Where on God’s earth am I going to find those?”

Client: Savanah

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Rocky Crag Mole X 1, Chocoborel X 3, Luminous Mushroom X 2

Available: Immediately

Reward: 800 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 2, Youthful Parasol Adornment, Unicorn Mart Logo Adornment

Guide:  To complete Digging Moe you need to find three different ingredients. The Chocoborel is the orange mushroom that grows in the Jagd Woods during the day.

The Luminous Mushroom also grows in the Jagd Woods but during the night (after 6 PM), replacing the Chocoborel.

The final ingredient is the Rocky Crag Mole which can be found only in Rocky Crag. There are only 5 Rocky Crag Moles in the game, and they have specific locations.

Assuming you have followed our full walkthrough, you already found 4 of them which are required for other quests. For the last Rocky Crag Mole you have to enter Rocky Crag sub-area following the southern path, then head east around Poltae.

You need to glide and then head north. East from Poltae is a larger area in the pass connecting Rocky Crag and Eremite Plains.

Look for the Crag Mole on an elevated platform very close to some green leaves on the ground. Once you get it, you will complete the quest.

Quest 21: Secret of the Chocoborel


“I have heard tell of a mushroom called the Chocoborel, which grows in the forest of Jagd. The puzzling thing is Chocoborel refuse to eat it. So, why is it called a Chocobo-rel? Maybe because it is shaped like a Chocobo? Now, wouldn’t that be the most amazing thing if it were true?”

Client: Midsworth the Poet

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Chocoborel X 10

Available: Starting Day 3

Reward: 600 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Magic + 2, Red Chocobo Figurine Adornment, Blue Chocobo Figurine Adornment

Guide: For the Secret of the Chocoborel quest you should start gathering the orange mushrooms the moment you enter Wildlands, because they are the ingredients required by most side-quests in this area.

You can’t find Chocoborel during the night; therefore, look for these mushrooms between 6 AM and 6 PM in the Jagd Woods area.

Quest 22: Two Together


“In Aryas there are a brother and a sister who are very close. Sadly, the sister has hurt her leg, and that means they’re both stuck inside most of the day. I’d love to give them a gift of flowers to brighten their home. The dayring blossom flowers during the day and the moonsoul blossom only at night. People say that if you put them together in the same vase, neither will wither for an entire year.”

Client: Innkeeper

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Dayring Blossom X 8; Moonsoul Blossom X 6

Available: After finishing Quest 1: Moon Flower and Quest 16: Sun Flower

Reward: 750 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 2, White Flower Adornment, Pink Flower Adornment

Guide: After you finish Moon Flower and Sun Flower Canvas of Prayers quests in the Wildlands, you will unlock Two Together, a side-quest for which you have to gather more Dayring Blossom and more Moonsoul Blossom.

Both of them grow in the Wildlands. Moonsoul Blossom between 6 PM and 6 AM, while Dayring Blossom can be found between 6 AM and 6 PM.

Quest 23: Fresh Fertilizer


“So I’ve heard rumors that some of the best natural fertilizer comes from Triffids. A bit goopy goo on the soil and the crops just burst out of the ground. I’d like to try some out but before recommending it to Sarala of Canopus Farms, but I don’t have any. Perhaps some kind soul could bring me a gloopy handful or two…”

Client: Tally

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Goopy Goo X 5

Available: After finishing Land of our Forebears side-quest

Reward: 200 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 2, Tropical Tree Adornment, Scholar’s Beard Adornment

Guide: Fresh Fertilizer is a hidden quest that can be activated in Wildlands after you complete Land of our Forebears.

For this quest you have to kill at least five Triffids to get the required Goopy Goo. Triffids inhabit most areas in Wildlands, and they are weak against fire attacks.

Quest 24: What’s in a Brew?


“The brewery is gearing up to introduce another batch of its famous Bacchus’s Brew, and I’ve been tasked with securing the ingredients – arboreal spores from Dryads, goopy goo from Triffids, and slug sweets from Rafflessia. But damn me if I can’t find enough!”

Client: Brewery Broker

Difficulty: 3/3

Quest Item: Goopy Goo X 20, Arboreal Spore X 10, Slug Sweet X 50

Available: After finishing Quest 7: Moghan’s Plea, Quest 17: A Secret Wish and Quest 23: Fresh Fertilizer

Reward: 1500 Gil, Maximum HP + 30, Magic + 5, Strength + 3, Purple Chocobo Chick Adornment, Black Chocobo Chick Adornment, Ether

Guide: What’s in a Brew? is a difficult quest which requires a large number of materials. First, you need to finish all Canvas Of Prayers quests listed above and then you need to hunt 20 Triffids for the Goopy Goo, 10 Dryads for Arboreal Spores, and 50 Rafflesia for Slug Sweet.

You should find all of them in Jagd Woods as well as the Grasslands sub-area surrounding Canopus Farms.

Quest 25: Sylkis Secrets


“Hey, did you know that the moogles grow sylkis greens in their village? Apparently, if you leave a gift in the woods together with a note saying how many you want, they’ll give you some of their crop. Sounds far-fetched to me – but boy, I’m in the mood for something crispy and leafy! I want to make a salad with nothing but gysahl greens, tantal greens and sylkis greens. I think it would taste divine. If only someone would bring me the ingredients.”

Client: Miss Warbler

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Gysahl Greens X 3, Tantal Greens X 2, Sylkis Greens X 1

Available: Starting Day 3, and after you complete Quest 11: Chocobo Chow

Reward: 900 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic +2, Dusk Feather Pin Adornment, Dragon Hide Backpack Adornment

Guide:  All required materials for Sylkis Secrets must be cultivated.

The Gysahl Greens grow at Canopus Farms, but you have to wait 6 hours and complete A Father’s Request side-quest, so Sarala can let you plant the vegetable seeds.

The Tantal Greens grow in Research Camp, but they need 12 hours and you have to finish the side-quest named The Old Man and the Field, in order to plant them.

The Sylkis Greens can be planted in Moogle Village and they need 18 hours before you can harvest them.

The vegetable seeds can be purchased from Adventure Essentials merchants.

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