Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Saint’s Stone Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Saint’s Stone is a story related side-quest available in Luxerion, and it becomes available after you complete Hunter In Light And Shadow main-quest and after you defeat Noel Kreiss.

The Saint’s Stone is triggered by Hope, the moment you deal with Noel. At this point, Hope will ask Lightning to seek Aremiah at the gates of the Holy District.

With the help of Aremiah, Lightning will be able to find her old friend Vanille; however, to enter the Cathedral and see Vanille, Lightning needs the Service Entrance Key from Aremiah.

The member of the Order is willing to give the Service Entrance Key only if Lightning brings her back a Crystal Shard belonging to Vanille.

The following FF 13 Lightning Returns guide reveals the location of the Crystal Shard and provides useful information that will help you complete The Saint’s Stone side-quest featured in the video game. At the end of the quest, as a reward you will receive the Paladin Garb for Lightning.

Quest Details

Description: “In the Cathedral Plaza of the holy district, Lightning encounters Aremiah, a member of the Order, who gives Lightning some news about her old ally Vanille. Apparently, Vanille is being kept under close watch by the Order elders, who have designated her a “saint”. Unfortunately, a stone that she treasured has been stolen and this has plunged her into despondency. There are few leads, but it might be worth questioning the warehouse employees down in the warehouse district first.”

Location: Luxerion

Difficulty: 1/3

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 1-5: Hunter In Light And Shadow. Start the quest at 10 PM and finish it before 6 AM.

Failable: No

Rewards: 500 Gil, Maximum HP + 40, Magic + 6, Fragment Crystal, Paladin Garb

Quest Walkthrough

Because The Saint’s Stone is a story-related side-quest, it is easier to locate the client named Aremiah, because her location is marked on the main map.

If you have completed Hunter in Light and Shadow, Hope will give you more information on Vanille, and he will ask you to find Aremiah.

Open your map and notice the exclamation mark close to the Holy District. Aremiah; however, spawns only after 10 PM, and you will find her near the front gates; which means that there is no need to travel to her location if he clock doesn’t show the required hour.

The moment the clock hits 10 PM, head to the exclamation mark and look for a female NPC with white hair.

She wears a black jacket with white sleeves, and a black beret. Talk to Aremiah and she will tell you more about Vanille and the item you will have to find. In this case is a Crystal Shard, which was lost by Lightning’s old friend. To complete The Saint’s Stone you have to find the Crystal Shard and give it to Aremiah in exchange for multiple rewards and a Service Entrance Key you can use to enter the Cathedral.

Open your map and from your location you have to go to the Avenue in the Commercial District. Follow the shortest path and if needed activate the Chronostasis ability to save some time because it is a long distance.

While in The Avenue, behind the Chocobo Emporium is an entrance that leads to the Back Alley, south from the Commercial District. Follow the stairs up and when you reach the top you will see a blond man wearing a white suit.

Talk to him first for additional details, and then notice the red boxes around him. Inside one of the boxes you will find the Crystal Shard for Aremiah and Vanille. All you have to do is to smash them by pressing RB on Xbox 360, and then pick up the shard.

The final step is to go back to Aremiah and get the Service Entrance Key. Using the Service Entrance Key head east and look for a door that allows you to enter the Cathedral where Vanille is waiting.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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