Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Old Man and the Field Walkthrough

The Old Man and the Field is an accessible quest that should be completed in the Wildlands, if you wish to finish all Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII quests available in the video game.

Unlike other side-quests, The Old Man and the Field, requires patience, and even if the payout is small, without finishing it, you won’t be able to play Land of our Forebears side-quest.

Furthermore, if you skip it, you can’t grow Tantal Greens, one of the ingredients required in the Sylkis Secrets Canvas of Prayers Quest.

To save as much time as possible while playing The Old Man and the Field, there are several steps you should follow, and also several materials you need, all of them being revealed by the following walkthrough.

Quest Details

Description: “An old man’s tantal greens or the gysahl greens of Canopus Farms – which are better? Lightning should collect some gysahl greens from Sarala in Canopus Farms and help the old man settle this burning question. If she does, he promises he will let Lightning use his field as she pleases.”

Location: The Wildlands

Difficulty: 1/3

Requirements: Complete A Father’s Request side-quest

Failable: No

Rewards: 500 Gil, Maximum HP + 40, Strength + 6, Yellow-rimmed Glasses Adornment

Quest Walkthrough

First, you should make all necessary preparations, so you can have all materials required for the side quest.

One of the requirements for The Old Man and the Field is to complete A Father’s Request side-quest at Canopus Farms.

If you completed the quest, buy several vegetable seeds (at least 6) from any Adventure Essentials merchant, and ask Sarala to let you plant them at her farm. If you get the fertilizer in Jagd Woods, you can plant 4 patches.

Now, wait for six hours until you can harvest Gysahl Greens, and make sure you don’t sell them. With the Gysahl Greens in your inventory, go to the Research Camp in eastern Eremite Plains, where you will find the Stubborn Old Man wearing a black jacket, and a yellow short.

Talk to him, and he will ask you to leave him alone but notice that there are two patches in front of him. Using the vegetable seeds, plant those patches, and wait twelve hours for the Tantal Greens to grow.

Return to the Stubborn Old Man after 12 hours, and harvest the Tantal Greens, then talk to him to activate the side-quest. At this point, your client will ask you to give him a Gysahl Green so he can compare it with the Tantal Greens you harvested.

Since you already have the Gysahl Green in your inventory, all you have to do is to talk to him again to finish the side quest. Above, is a video walkthrough that shows all steps required to finish The Old Man and the Field.

Additionally, the video also shows how to find the Forest Fertilizer in the video game.

Note: Once you finish The Old Man and the Field you will be able to play Land of Our Forebears side-quest. Don’t forget to continue to plant Gysahl Greens and Tantal Greens because you will need them for several Canvas of Prayers quests.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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