Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Legend Of The Savior Walkthrough

After you successfully complete The Great Break-In in Yusnaan and enter Augur’s Quarter, you can start the second main-quest named The Legend of the Savior.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Legend Of The Savior involves a lot of exploring, multiple NPCs and it is also a timed quest.

It can be divided in two parts.

The first part must be finished before 12:30 AM and the second one before 3 AM; otherwise you will have to wait one day. Furthermore, while working on The Legend Of The Savior you also have to complete two side-quests, or they will be lost, since they are failable.

The following walkthrough explains how to complete The Legend Of The Savior so you don’t miss any side-quests, and also reveals the fastest way to get the Fireworks for the show in which Lightning will appear.

Quest Details

Description: “Hope cones up with a plan B. He thinks that if Lightning can somehow topple the giant statue that forms the main set of the theater show, she will be able to use it as a bridge to get over the palace walls. In order for Lightning to be in position when the statue is brought down, she must talk to the director of the show no later than 12:30 AM”

Location: Yusnaan

Difficulty: N/A

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 2-1: The Great Break-In. Start the quest after 7 PM.

Failable: No

Rewards: Femme Fatale

Quest Walkthrough

The Legend Of The Savior is shorter than the previous main-quest; however it is also a timed quest which involves a series of side-quests.

Note: Before starting The Legend Of The Savior you have to make sure that you have enough time on your clock to end it, or another day will be wasted. In other words, try to start the quest at 7 PM, because it features two parts. Additionally, make sure you follow the guide below, or you will miss two side-quests. Furthermore try to keep the Chronostasis ability activated as much as you can.

Assuming that you have entered the Augur’s Quarter, it is now time to get on stage, so you can eventually infiltrate Snow’s citadel.

But getting on the stage is not an easy job, because the show can’t start without the proper arrangements; therefore you need additional details. The first thing you have to do is to look for a podium near the General Store.

Follow the stairs up and you will meet a new NPC, Director Sharzak, who is in charge with the preparations. Talk to him, and he will ask you to visit the Fireworks Boss.

Follow the stairs down, and while facing the main stage (notice the two large NPCs dressed as Chocobos), head left and in front of you should be a cart similar to a tower. On its right side near several yellow fireworks launchers is the Fireworks Boss.

Talk to him and he will tell you that he needs more Fireworks. Acquiring the 10 Fireworks for the Fireworks Boss in Yusnaan is your primary objective as of right now.

After the dialogue, the Fireworks Boss will give you the Boss’s Note and ask you to visit 4 locations which have been marked on your map.

Note: You can visit the locations as the Fireworks Boss asks you, but be advised that while working on the current objective, two side-quests are available and both of them are failable. Make sure you address and complete them first, following the corresponding walkthroughs for Fireworks In A Bottle and Fireworks For A Steal. If you complete these two side-quests you will end up with 11 fireworks (which is more than you need), and you will also save time.

If you don’t want to play the side-quests, you can visit the locations marked on the map, following the order below, because you have to return to the boss before 12:30, or wait for the next day.

First go to the technician next to the Cactuar Statue to get 3 fireworks, but make sure you reach him before 10:30 PM. Next, visit the technician on Central Avenue to get 4 fireworks by completing Fireworks In A Bottle before 11 PM.

Near the Coliseum is the next technician you have to visit (before 11:30 PM) to get  3 fireworks. Now, head north towards the train station to get 2 additional fireworks from the fourth technician, who will disappear at midnight. After you get the fireworks (preferably by completing the side-quests mentioned above); head back to the Augur’s Quarter and talk to the Fireworks Boss again.

The next step is to talk to Director Sharzak who will tell you that you need a costume if you wish to appear on stage, and you also have to get it before 3 AM. Open your map, and on the left side you will see a round area, known as the Slautgerehouse.

Activate the Chronostasis because it is a long trip and travel to the arena. On the right side is a kiosk and inside is Zoe. Talk to her to start the side-quest named The Fighting Actress.

Once you complete it you will get the Midnight Mauve Garb. Now, all you have to do is to wait until 3 AM, and equip the Midnight Mauve Garb, then talk to Director Sharzak to get Lightning on stage. If you have time to spare, you can work on other side-quests, because Director Sharzak won’t talk to you before 3 AM.

If not, you can ask him to fast-forward the time. Regardless of your choice, after the final discussion with Director Sharzak, you will complete the quest, get the Femme Fatale weapon, and you will also see Lightning on stage.

Watch the cutscene and as soon as it ends you will start A Solitary Patron main-quest, which is the last main-quest in Yusnaan.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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