Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Hunter’s Challenge Walkthrough

The Hunter’s Challenge Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII side-quest available in the Wildlands should be completed if you wish to get a better garb for Lightning, which allows you to unlock a special attack named Artemis’s Arrows.

Artemis’s Arrows becomes available if you find the Soldier of Peace garb, offered as a reward for The Hunter’s Challenge.

Additionally the Soldier of Peace garb also unlocks the Shadowbind Lv. 3 attack, which means that it is an important piece of equipment you can use in future battles.

Since the Soldier of Peace garb can be acquired only by completing The Hunter’s Challenge, the following walkthrough explains how to finish the side-quest and get the corresponding rewards.

Quest Details

Description: “Lightning meets the chief of the Jagd hunters in their settlement in the woods, who asks her to slay certain monsters. By performing the deed, he hopes that Lightning will become a role model for the young hunters in his village.”

Location: The Wildlands

Difficulty: 2/3

Requirements: Complete main quest 3-2: Healing an Angel. Complete side quests: The Right Stuff and Chocobo Cheer. Start at 8 PM, and finish before 8 AM

Failable: No

Rewards: 1200 Gil, Maximum HP+80, Strength + 8, Magic + 4, Golden Insignia Adornment, Soldier of Peace Garb

Quest Walkthrough

The Hunter’s Challenge is a side-quest that has specific requirements. First you need to complete Healing An Angel main-quest, because Lightning’s Chocobo is required.

Second, you have to finish the Chocobo Cheer side-quest because the Chocobo must glide.

The final request is to complete The Right Stuff side-quest which practically unlocks The Hunter’s Challenge side-quest.

Last but not least, you must go to Jagd Village between 8 PM and 8 AM, to find your client, the Hunter Chief. When all these requirements have been met, head west from Canopus Farms and you will find the Hunter Chief inside Jagd Village, very close to the Forge.

He has blond hair and a large tattoo on his right arm. Once you talk to him, you will be asked to bring him three units of Monster Mince, by hunting Valis and Hanumans.

These creatures spawn almost everywhere, but if you want to complete the quest faster, head to the passage leading to Rocky Crag, west from Canopus Farm. To reach it, your Chocobo must glide. Defeat at least three Valis or Hanumans to get the materials required, and return to the Hunter Chief.

For the second phase of the side-quest you must defeat one Aster Protoflorian and get an AMP Chip. You can find an Aster Protoflorian in the same area where you have found the Valis (passage to Rocky Crag). The Aster Protoflorian is a powerful enemy that changes its vulnerabilities all the time.

Pay close attention to your opponent and react accordingly. Notice that from time to time the flower switches its attacks. For example, when you see Exoproofing Fire you have to cast wind-based attacks such as Aero.

On the other hand, when the Aster Protoflorian casts Exoproofing Ice, it becomes vulnerable to fire-based attacks (Fira, Fire, etc…). Furthermore, always block your enemy’s physical attacks, especially Efflorescence, which deals massive damage.

After you get the AMP Chip, you must go back to Jagd Village to complete The Hunter’s Challenge and claim the Soldier of Peace garb and all associated rewards.

Note: When you wear the Soldier of Peace garb, make sure you assign a Heavy Slash attack, in order to transform it into Artemis’s Arrows. Even if your ATB is set to 0, and the recharge rate is slow, Artemis’s Arrows is a very powerful attack you can use after you stagger your opponents.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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