Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Great Break-In Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Great Break-In is the first main-quest in Yusnaan and it is triggered after you talk to Vanille and after you complete Hunter In Light And Shadow, the last quest in Luxerion.

The Great Break-In is a straightforward quest and your objective is to gain access to the Augur’s Quarter, where the carnival in Yusnaan takes place.

Once inside, you will start the second main-quest named The Legend of The Savior.

Even if The Great Break-In is relatively an accessible main quest, to complete it you will need to obtain a key item by talking to a specific character.

Furthermore during this quest you will encounter the Cyclops therefore, the following walkthrough explains how to beat the Cyclops, and how to find the ID Card in order to open the Augur’s Quarter gates.

Quest Details

Description: “Lightning returns to Yusnaan, determined to find out what is happening with snow. But he is holed up in his palace, which has been locked down tight in the aftermath of Lightning’s previous visit. She might be able to sneak into the palace through the delivery entrance, but first she has to get into the exclusive Augur’s Quarter.”

Location: Yusnaan

Difficulty: N/A

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 1-5: Hunter In Light And Shadow. Travel To Yusnaan.

Failable: No

Rewards: N/A

Quest Walkthrough

The Great Break-In is triggered as soon as you arrive in Yusnaan using the train that leaves from Luxerion’s North Station. After the trip you will find yourself inside the train station on Yusnaan and you will get a new ability named Teleport.

Note: The Teleport ability costs 2 EP but it will help you warp from one main area to another. In other words, you can move through areas without wasting time to get to the train stations. Make sure you use it wisely and only when needed.

Once you unlock the Teleport ability, move forward and you will trigger a cutscene showing two tourists talking about the upcoming festivities that will take place in Augur’s Quarter.

Your goal is to reach the same area; therefore open your map to locate it. South from your current location, you should see a large round area, which requires you to cross the city.

Here the festivities take place, and that’s where you have to go; however, while facing the large plaza in Glutton’s Quarter, on your left side you should see some stairs that will lead you to a restaurant named The Banquet of The Lord.

The Banquet of The Lord is a very important location you must visit if you want to complete two side-quest triggered in Luxerion: Get the Girl and Avid Reader.

But for now, head to The Augur’s Quarter crossing the following areas: The Glutton’s Quarter, Central Ave, and Fountain Square.

Note: While in Yusnaan you the guards will constantly attack you, and they always come in groups. A guard is usually helped by two Flanitors. The Flanitors should be addressed first, because they can heal the guards.

As you arrive close to the Augur’s Quarter, you should see some stairs that allow you to reach the main gate.

Follow the stairs up, and investigate the device near the gate, then talk to a nearby visitor (Knowledgeable Tourist). As you can see in order to access the Augur’s Quarter, you need a specific item, which in this case is an ID Card.

So, the next step is to find the ID Card in Yusnaan. Turn around and descend the stairs in front of Augur’s Quarter, then head right to enter the Pleasure Alley.

Continue to move East, follow the stairs down and on your right side is a new NPC, wearing a pink suit, a pink hat and a drum. Talk to the Tour Guide and buy the Sneak-In Special Ticket.

The tour guide informs you that you can use the ticket to enter the Industrial Area, but his tour starts at 6 PM sharp.

Note: Make sure you go to the Industrial Area (where the exclamation mark is located) exactly at 6 PM. Don’t be late, or you will waste a day.

The Industrial Area can be reached by crossing the Central Ave. (E from the Banquet of the Lord), and moving north. At this point, if you have time to spare, it is a good idea to start and eventually complete as many side-quests as you can. If you don’t have time, head straight to the gates in Industrial Area and talk to the Suspicious Gatekeeper to start your tour.

From this point forward you will have to cross the Industrial Area by moving from one exclamation mark to another. It is a straight path and most enemies you will encounter are common (Niblet, Hoplite, Desdemona).

The moment you reach the final exclamation mark, Lumina will appear, but she is not alone and the battle against Cyclops starts. Cyclops is a powerful melee unit and most vulnerabilities are set to normal, which means that you can use any spell you want; however to increase Lightning’s damage against the creature, try to stagger it by timing your guards. Once staggered, activate the Overclock ability and defeat the Cyclops.

After the next cutscene-you will be sent to the Warehouse area, automatically. As you can see this area also looks like a maze; therefore, follow the exclamation mark and when you get close to it, look down and on the ground you will find two skeletons.

Once you get the card, follow the next exclamation mark and you will reach a gate. Use the card to open it, and then cross the Underground Route, which is a tunnel, and use the ID Card again to open the next gate. Notice that you have returned to Pleasure Alley.

Head back to the Augur’s Quarter, and use the same ID Card to open the main gate, thus unlocking the area where the next quest begins: The Legend Of The Savior.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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