Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Grail of Valhalla Walkthrough

The Grail of Valhalla side-quest featured in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, is an important quest, because it allows you to unlock a new garb for Lightning, and also has a high payout; which means that it requires your immediate attention.

The Grail of Valhalla can be activated in Poltae and it doesn’t have specific requirements; thus it can be triggered and completed as soon as Lightning’s Chocobo can glide; however, since the items you need to find for the quest are inside the Temple of the Goddess, you should start it before entering the temple to fight Caius (Where Chaos Sleeps main-quest).

After you finish Where Chaos Sleeps you can return to your client and continue the quest, hence you will avoid two trips to the same area.

The Grail of Valhalla walkthrough below explains where to find the items you need to complete the side-quest, and the steps you should follow to finish it faster.

Quest Details

Description: “In the village of Poltae, Lightning encounters Professor Lathom, a scholar who is searching for something called the grail of Valhalla. If Lightning truly is the chosen one, then she and the angel may be the only ones who can find it for him. Hint: Lightning must find the two sets of glyphs inside the temple to decode the legend of the grail.”

Location: The Wildlands

Difficulty: 3/3

Requirements: N/A

Failable: No

Rewards: 3800 Gil, Maximum HP + 150, Strength + 10, Magic + 16, Sacred Knight Garb, Crest of Etro Adornment

Quest Walkthrough

The quest-giver and the client you have to find in order to start The Grail of Valhalla, is Professor Lathom, who lives in Poltae.

Poltae is a sub-area in the Wildlands, located NE from Rocky Crag. When you are ready to begin the third main-quest in the Wildlands, you will have to get to Poltae and seek Professor Lathom first.

He is located close to the path that allows you to enter the camp, on the left side, between two buildings.

Talk to him and you will be asked to find two glyphs: Chaos Glyph and Goddess Glyph.

Note: Because both Chaos Glyphs and Goddess Glyphs are inside the Temple of The Goddess, now is the time to start Where Chaos Sleeps main-quest.

Therefore, focus on it up to the point where you enter the temple. Inside the temple you will have to move from the lower level to the top floor, if you wish to find Caius; thus you will cross several floors. Each floor has a different name.

Assuming you followed our walkthrough for Where Chaos Sleeps, the moment you cross the corridor leading to Hall of Avarice, you will see a large chamber with a fence in the middle. Yeul should be on your left side, and after you talk to her she will spawn three platforms that will help you reach the balcony on the right side of the chamber.

Jump on them, and turn left to see Yeul on the other side of the same balcony. Before talking to her, drop one level on the other side of the same chamber and on a wall is a glowing inscription. Once examined, take the Goddess Glyphs and use the rubble nearby to get back to Yeul.

Continue to advance through the temple and stop when you enter War’s Cage: Highest Level. As you exit the only tunnel leading to War’s Cage: Highest Level, you will see a large hall in front of you. Immediately turn left and under the rubble you have to climb, on the wall, is another glowing inscription which contains the Chaos Glyphs.

Now, continue to focus on the main quest and defeat Caius. After you return to Poltae, look for Professor Lathom and show him the glyphs. Notice that Professor Lathom sends you to find 4 lithographs.

These lithographs are easy to find and probably you already spotted them while playing Killing Time side-quest.

The first lithograph is at the base of the platform where you have found the Waiting Main. Go around the buildings and look for a path leading to the top of the hill, then search for the inscription. For the second lithograph glide to the elevated platform on the right side of the main street.

You will find the inscription on the wall of a large structure and if you examine it you will get a Plate Metal Fragment.

Now, glide again on the rooftop of the building across the same street and check the wall on the left to get the Silvered Metal Fragment. For the final fragment, head to the temple’s gate and use the same ladder you have used while playing Where Chaos Sleep, but instead of moving towards the bridge, turn tight to find the inscription and retrieve the Golden Metal Fragment.

With all fragments recovered, return to Professor Lathom, but make sure you look for him near the platform where you have found the first inscription (on top of the hill).

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