Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Girl Who Cried Wolf Walkthrough

The Girl Who Cried Wolf is a one of the Luxerion side-quests that can be failed while playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, because it is a timed quest with specific requirements. Failing the quest will result in losing all associated rewards.

The following video game guide; however, explains what you have to do in order to finish The Girl Who Cried Wolf in FF 13 Lightning Returns.

It offers useful information on when you have to start the quest, the locations you have to visit, and the characters you must find, so you can successfully complete all objectives.

Quest Details

Description: “Lightning answers a phone and hears a plea for help. A Young Woman called Louise is being chased by a mob armed with weapons. She said something about the north side of town, near the graveyard. That could be none other than the Forsaken Graveyard. Lightning will have to hurry if she want to save the girl.”

Location: Luxerion

Difficulty: 1/3

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 1-5: Hunter In Light And Shadow. Start the quest next day.

Failable: Yes

Rewards: 500 Gil, Maximum HP + 40, Magic + 4, Strength + 2, Leather Rucksack

Quest Walkthrough

Since The Girl Who Cried Wolf can be failed, make sure you meet all requirements above, in order to be able to play it.

First, you have to finish the Hunter In Light And Shadow main-quest, and then you have to visit the North Station Plaza, one day later. If these requirements have been met, assuming that you are in front of the North Station, you should hear a phone ringing.

If you can find it, place Lightning on front of the large monument where the client in Whither Faith was located, and turn left to see a phone-booth. Hurry up and answer the phone to hear your client Louise, asking for help.

After you talk to Louise and Hope, you will have to find another phone booth in order to advance the quest. From your current location, head NW to the Forsaken Graveyard.

The phone booth is the same as the one you have used to open the gates of the graveyard while playing Find the Code.

Answer the phone again, to talk to Louise. Hear what she has to say, and get ready to find the third phone booth. This time you will have to reach the South Station. While facing the Canvas of Prayers in South Station, turn right and you will see the third booth.

You can also hear the phone. Answer the phone again, and then talk to the Fretting Man wearing the pink costume. After the dialogue, you will have to find a specific resident in Old Town. Follow the path east from your current location (Pilgrim’s Causeway) and you will reach the Old Theater.

Very close to the Inn is a NPC wearing a black jacket. He has white hair and stands close to a wall and a white phone booth. Make sure you talk to him to receive additional information on Louise.

The final step in The Girl Who Cried Wolf is to find Louise; however, she is in the area known as Wall of Joy, which, can’t be accessed until midnight; therefore, you will have to postpone the quest until the clock shows 00:00.

When the time comes, go through the gate NE from Old Town and enter The Warren. To find Louise faster, look for her in the area where you have found the final number for the Find The Code quest, and you will see her surrounded by fanatics.

Talk to her and she will explain why she pulled all pranks on you and on other residents.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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