Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII The Fighting Actress Walkthrough

The Fighting Actress is a story-related side quest available in Yusnaan area featured in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13.

It is connected to the main quest The Legend Of The Savior, meaning that it can’t be missed or failed.

The Fighting Actress can be played between 7 PM and 3 AM, after Director Sharzak asks Lightning to find a proper dress if she wants to appear in his show.

The dress is in fact the Midnight Mauve Garb, offered by Zoe as a reward for wining an event in The Slaughterhouse.

Quest Details

Description: “In The Champion’s Quarter stands the Slaughterhouse battle arena. Zoe, the owner, has given Lightning the go-ahead to fight in tonight’s special match. The grand prize will be a gown that Zoe herself once wore on stage. But it isn’t enough for Lightning to just win the battles – she has to do it with style and grace. In other words she must put on a show.”

Location: Yusnaan

Difficulty: 2/3

Requirements: Start at 7 PM, end it before 3 AM, during Main Quest 2-2: The Legend Of The Savior. F

ailable: No

Rewards: 1500 Gil, Maximum HP + 80, Strength +6, Magic + 6, Crown of Splendor Adornment, Midnight Mauve Garb

Quest Walkthrough

Since The Fighting Actress side quest is part of The Legend Of The Savior main-quest, Zoe is easy to locate. When Director Sharzak tells Lightning to get a different outfit, open your map and notice the exclamation mark near the entrance to The Slaughterhouse.

Travel to the western side of Yusnaan, and find Zoe inside her cabin, selling tickets for the upcoming show. After you agree to enter the competition, you have to complete a series of three fights.

The first fight is against Gremlins.

Cast Thundara on them to deal massive AoE damage. The second round begins after you talk to Zoe again, and you will fight Anubys of the Abyss.

Again, Thundara and other lightning-based attacks should be used to stagger the demon, then physical attacks to kill it. Talk to Zoe at the end of the second round, and Lighting will be sent again to the arena where she must deal with the Zaltys Brimstone.

Even if the name of the demon is different, its vulnerabilities remain the same, meaning that you should use the same strategy you have used at the end of A Different Snow main-quest.

Sparkstrike, Thundara, and Thunder are the spells you should cast to stagger Zaltys Brimstone, followed by Overclock, and a series of powerful physical attacks. When you exit the arena victorious, Zoe will hand you the Midnight Mauve Garb and the associated rewards.

Note: Don’t forget to equip the Midnight Mauve Garb when talking to Director Sharzak at 3 AM, to continue the main-quest.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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