Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Soul Seeds Walkthrough

Unlike other side-quests in Luxerion, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Soul Seeds is a side-quest that must be discovered, by talking to a specific character named Baird.

Lightning Returns:  FF XIII Soul Seeds quest can be triggered only after you beat the main quest named In The Shadow Of The Heretics, and it requires your presence in the North-South Corridor.

Nevertheless, the Soul Seeds quest in Lightning Returns: FF XIII must be completed in order to improve Lightning’s abilities, and to unlock new merchants in the video game.

The following Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII walkthrough refers strictly to the Soul Seeds quest you can complete in Luxerion, and explains how to trigger it and how to find the items required by the merchant.

Quest Details

Description: “In the North-South Corridor, in the Arcade, Lightning encounters Baird, a merchant of sorts. He tells her that he will pay handsomely for any soul seeds she can find.”

Location: Luxerion

Difficulty: 1/3

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 1-2: In The Shadow Of The Heretics, 2000 Gil

Failable: No

Rewards: 400 Gil, HP + 40, Magic + 4, Strength + 2, Black Tattoo

Quest Walkthrough

The first step in completing Soul Seeds is to find the quest-giver, or the client, a character named Baird.

Baird can be found anytime, but he spawns only after main-quest 1-2. As shown in the video walkthrough above, open your map and assuming you are located in North Station Plaza, head SW towards the Commercial District.

As you cross the Commercial District, open your map again and locate the Arcade (south) or the South Station.

Notice that in order to reach the South Station you can follow two paths. The first one is a corridor, while the second one requires you to reach the Arcade. On your map the Arcade is a rectangle with 6 black dots inside it, signifying 6 pillars. Near one of these pillars you will find Baird.

Once you reach his location, get ready to loose 2000 Gil; however, don’t worry because you will recover them shortly. After you talk to Baird, purchase the Seedhunter Membership Card for 2000 Gil, and he will tell you all about his job.

Pay close attention to the dialogue, and you will find that more similar merchants can be found in all areas. For the current quest, Baird will ask you to bring him a Soul Seed. Be advised that these special items are quite expensive and they grow only in specific areas known as Chaos Zones.

The more Soul Seeds you collect, the more Gil you will have. One of these zones is in the same area where you have found your client. Cross the hall and enter it. While inside a Chaos Zone you will be attacked all the time, but in this case you can escape the fight. The moment you enter, on your left side you will see a small garden.

Jump over the wall and look on the ground to notice some glowing purple lights. Pick one or more, then quickly exit the Chaos Zone, and return to Baird. Hand him the seeds and he will pay 400 Gil for one.

If you have three you will receive 1200 Gil. Regardless of the number of seeds you give to Baird, you will complete the quest and get all associated rewards. Make sure that each time you cross a Chaos Zone you look for Soul Seeds.

You can return them to specific merchants who will reward you with Gil and Elixirs (if you bring 100). You can identify these merchants by the hats made of straws.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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