Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Murals Of the Gods Walkthrough

Murals of the Gods, is the fourth Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII main-quest in Dead Dunes, and it is automatically triggered after Fang and Lightning discover the location of the Clavis.

At the end of the previous quest, named Where the Clavis Lies, Lightning and her friend, Fang, reached the Chamber of Floods (Sacred Gate), and have been informed by Hope that the Clavis is behind a door that can be opened only by those who find and examine three paintings located in three different galleries.

The galleries; however, must be unlocked using three tablets, which are also locked. The tablets can be retrieved from three different shrines in the Dead Dunes, but to enter the shrines, you will need three Pilgrim’s Cruxes.

The following walkthrough shows how to find the Pilgrim’s Cruxes and how to get the tablets that unlock the galleries in the Temple Ruins. Furthermore, the strategy guide also explains how to navigate through the Temple Ruins.

Quest Details

Description: “Three murals depicting events of the crystal legends are the key to unsealing the door to the clavis chamber. Only those who have seen the three murals and know the deeds of the gods may pass through the Sacred Gate and into the presence of the holy treasure. Each mural is displayed in its own gallery, located in different parts of the ruins. Lightning must visit each on in turn.”

Location: Dead Dunes

Difficulty: N/A

Requirements: Complete main-quest 4-3: Where the Clavis Lies

Failable: No

Rewards: N/A

Quest Walkthrough

If you have followed our walkthrough for Where the Clavis Lies, when you start Murals of the Gods you should be in Chamber of Floods (Sacred Gate), and close to you is a Red Cactuar Statue.

The statue will serve as a warp point after you get all three tablets, but first, you have to find the Pilgrim’s Cruxes. Each Pilgrim’s Crux opens a gallery, and since there are three galleries, you will need three Cruxes. Even if many Pilgrims’ Cruxes can be found within the Temple Ruins, we will assume that you don’t have any, and you need them.

Using the Cactuar Statue in Chamber of Floods (Sacred Gate), teleport to the Dead Dunes Station. Open your map, and head east (right) through the large pass that will get you close to the beach. You will find a Pilgrim’s Crux below the large pipe on the shore, very close to a sustaining pillar.

Go back to the Dead Dunes Station, and use the Cactuar Statue tor warp to Temple Ruins North Gate. From your location, head north-east towards the Grave of the Colossi. When you enter the pass, look on the left side to see a Pilgrim’s Crux on an elevated platform. Jump and retrieve it, then cross the Grave of the Colossi and move north-west.

In the pass that connects the Grave of the Colossi and Atomos’s Sands (not the one between Atomos’s Sands and Ruffian), look for another Pilgrim’s Crux inside a bush. You will see it the moment you enter the said pass.

Now, that you have three Pilgrim’s Cruxes, it is time to get the tablets by visiting three different shrines. Practically, all you have to do is to enter the shrines and open the doors at the end of the tunnels using the cruxes you have. You can’t get lost inside these shrines because they are linear structures.

Each shrine has a single corridor. The shrines you have to find are, Shrine of the Tablet: Atomos’s Sands, Shrine of the Tablet: Grave of the Colossi and Shrine of the Tablet: Dry Floodlands.

Note: The shrines are easy to discover by visiting Atomos’s Sands, Grave of the Colossi and Dry Floodlands. Each shrine has a Red Cactuar Warp Point nearby, so make sure you activate them. When you enter a shrine, fight your way to the other side, open the door, and retrieve the tablet. Repeat this step inside all three shrines.

After you get the tablets, use the closest warp point to get back to the Sacred Gate. When you arrive, it is time to find the murals. From your current location (Chamber of Floods: Sacred Gate), head back south and cross Sentry Row.

When you enter Chamber of Flame, go south and continue to follow the tunnel named Serpent Way, which will eventually take you to Sacred Grove. Pick up the Pilgrim’s Crux nearby and open the gate on the other side of the chamber to create a shortcut to the surface, then head west and south, to enter a large hall with multiple statues on the left side. Head west and then north, towards the exclamation mark.

Cross the Banishment Pass and on the other side you will find a door. Behind it is the first mural. Use the first tablet to examine the painting in Twilight Gallery and pick up Crux Body. Now, retrace your steps and go south (Banishment Pass), and the moment you enter Sacred Grove, activate the red device on the left side of the passage. Next, head west through the gate you have unlocked and you will enter Walk of Peace.

Follow the long tunnel, and when you enter the next chamber, turn right (west on the map) and you will see a Gurangatch protecting a door. Use wind-attacks to stagger the beast and kill it, then follow the tunnel behind it to enter Golden Chamber: Upper Level. Without going down through the hole below, cross the room, get the Pilgrim’s Crux and follow the ladder up.

Follow the tunnel and remain on the second floor (balcony) moving east, south and west. At the end of the balcony, use the ladder to descend and move south across the first room, then west and north. Jump down through the next hole to enter Golden Chamber: Lower Level, and move south. At the end of the first passage, head east and you will find another red device. Activate it, and continue to move east until you will reach a chamber with several crates near the right wall. Jump over the crates and get the Pilgrim’s Crux.

Jump down, follow the eastern passage (Walk of Abyss) and it will lead you to Scorched Earth: Upper Level. Take the Crux nearby and open the door in front of you so you can activate another Cactuar warp point (Temple Ruins South Gate).

Now, go back and move left (around the fenced area), heading east. As you enter Path of the Dead, continue to move east, and cross Confinement Pass. At the end of the said pass is the second gallery where you will see the second mural.

Use another tablet and collect Crux Tip. Next, retrace your steps back to the last Cactuar Statue (Scorched Earth: Upper Level). Use the statue to teleport to the starting point (Sacred Gate) and go through the gate that opened. It is on the left side, very close to the chamber where the Clavis is located.

Follow the Headless Pass and on the other side you will find the Gallery of Forgetfulness. Use the final tablet to see the third mural and then retrieve the Crux Base. Now, that you have all three pieces, you can go back to the large door in Chamber of Floods.

Note: Murals of the Gods ends at this point, and the final quest in Dead Dunes (The Holy Clavis) begins; however, be advised that the moment you enter the door, you will start a boss fight. If you win, and complete the quest, Fang will leave. Since she can help you defeat your enemies, you should postpone the boss fight, and complete other side quests and Dead Dunes Canvas of Prayers quests, while having her in your party.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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