Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII His Wife’s Dream Walkthrough

His Wife’s Dream is the Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns side-quest you have to complete in order to finish another quest available in the Dead Dunes area, and known as Old Rivals.

Without finishing His Wife’s Dream, you won’t be able to complete Old Rivals; therefore, the side-quest explained by the following walkthrough is mandatory.

For His Wife’s Dream Dead Dunes side-quest, the only requirement that must be met is to start Old Rivals by talking to Tobias, the General Store owner in Ruffian.

When Old Rivals is triggered, you have to travel to the Giant’s Sandbox and find Ramon, who was also a shop owner in the past.

Quest Details

Description: “Ramon was once a hardworking man, but he abandoned his shop and now spends his days lounging near the north entrance of the Temple Ruins. The only reason he hasn’t left the Dead Dunes is because he is still hoping to find the arithmometer that belonged to his departed wife, Monica. Perhaps Lightning can help.”

Location: Dead Dunes

Difficulty: 2/3

Requirements: After you start Old Rivals side quest

Failable: No

Rewards: 1300 Gil, Maximum HP + 100, Magic + 2, Strength + 6, Gold Padlock Adornment

Quest Walkthrough

If you have followed our Old Rivals walkthrough, and started the quest, examine the red Cactuar statue in Ruffian, and teleport to Ruins North Gate.

On the other hand, if you didn’t activate the Ruins North Gate Warp Point, you will have to walk south from Ruffian. Close to the Temple Ruins North Gate, in Giant’s Sandbox you will find Ramon and after you talk to him you will start His Wife’s Dream.

To finish His Wife’s Dream you need to find the arithmometer for Ramon, your client, but the area where the item is located is blocked by a sandstorm, which must be stopped using a Pilgrim’s Crux. Open your map again, and from Ramon’s stand head north where you should see an arched structure.

Once you get past the structure, turn left and notice the dead end to the west in the area known as Dry Floodlands. Remain on the upper side of the area and when you reach the other side of the dead end, you will find the Pilgrim’s Crux.

Now, open your map again and go the Grave of the Colossi, east from Ruffian, using the Cactuar Statues. West (left on the map) from the Cactuar Stone in Grave of The Colossi, is another dead end.

Use the Pilgrim’s Crux on the monument located on the left side of the pass, and the sandstorm will stop, allowing you to enter the dead end. Inside, look for a group of Goblots, and attack them.

They are accessible opponents vulnerable to all attacks except lightning. After you kill the Goblots, they will drop Ramon’s arithmometer.

Take it back to the client to complete the quest, then head back to Ruffian and talk to Tobias.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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