Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Healing An Angel Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Healing An Angel, or the second main-quest in The Wildlands, continues the events of the previous main quest, named The Angel of Valhalla, and it is also a short quest, but it requires several side-quests.

The objective of the second main-quest is to find additional details about the white Chocobo; however, these details are offered by Dr. Gysahl while you try to heal the bird, thus working on completing the side-quest named Saving An Angel.

Practically, Healing An Angel and Saving An Angel are connected, being activated together and also finished together.

The following walkthrough refers to the Healing An Angel quest, and explain all steps you have to follow up to the point when you are able to start the third main-quest in The Wildlands.

Quest Details

Description: “Thanks to Dr. Gysahl’s emergency surgery, the Angel of Valhalla is out of immediate danger. Lightning is strangely concerned for the animal – she still cannot shake the feeling that they knew each other. She decides to find out more from Dr. Gysahl about the Chocobo’s prognosis.”

Location: The Wildlands

Difficulty: N/A

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 3-1: The Angel of Valhalla

Failable: No

Rewards: N/A

Quest Walkthrough

At the end of the previous quest, after you beat the Chocobo Eater, Dr. Gysahl will transport the injured bird back to Canopus Farms and you will have to get there as well.

If you talk to Dr. Gysahl you will start the second main quest and you will receive Gysahl Greens, activating the side-quest named Saving An Angel.

In order to continue Healing An Angel you have to feed the white Chocobo and complete Saving An Angel.

Fuzzy Search side-quest should also be played as part of the side-quest. After the side-quest ends, you will learn how to ride, level-up, and feed your new companion. It is imperative to restore the bird’s full strength, because it will fight along Lightning.

The next step you have to take, after the bird is back on his feet, is to remove the bandages. Even if the second quest ends, you won’t be able to start the third one, as long as the bandages are around your bird’s wings.

Open your map and notice the Jagd Woods, west from Canopus Farms. In the middle of the area is the Jagd Village, and you have to get there on your Chocobo, to find a NPC named Nadia and start the side-quest named Chocobo Cheer.

During this side-quest you will be asked to find several special flowers that will heal your bird; therefore, all bandages will be removed.

If you complete the Chocobo Cheer side-quest, the third main-quest in Wildlands is unlocked, and you must head to Poltae following the exclamation mark.

Note: After your Chocobo fully recovers, complete as many side-quests you can in this area, before starting the third main-quest named Where Chaos Sleeps.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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