Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Global Canvas of Prayers Quests Guide

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII also includes 13 Global Canvas of Prayers Quests, which can be activated from any Canvas of Prayers board; but one of them must be unlocked by starting the fifth main-quest.

The main difference between the Global Canvas of Prayers side-quests and those you can trigger in Luxerion, Yusnaan, Wildlands or Dead Dunes, is that the global quests have better payouts, but your clients require specific items. In other words, for theses quests, you have to find key items, most of them being hidden or lost.

Without knowing the exact locations of these items, the Global Canvas of Prayers quests can be difficult to complete; therefore, the following Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 game guide explains where to find them, in order to help you finish all quests and receive all associated rewards.

Quest 1: What’s Left Behind


“Oh, dear, oh dear. What to do? I’ve lost my violet amulet! If only I could remember where I had it last. I think it was…yes, yes! Near Luxerion’s South Station. I had it then. I sat down at one of the tables on the terrace….and then I didn’t have it anymore. That must be where I left it!”

Client: Lesia

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Violet Amulet X 1

Available: After you complete main-quest 1, in Luxerion

Reward:  800 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Purple Flower

Guide: To complete What’s Left Behind you have to find the Violet Amulet. The Violet Amulet is located inside a sphere, in Pilgrim’s Passage, near the reading area where you find Ranulph (The Avid Reader side-quest).

Quest 2: A Girl’s Challenge


“I heard some girl claiming that she’s the savior, but I don’t believe her for one minute. Lumina told me that the true savior has a way to hear my silent prayers. Which means you can hear this. What I want is for the savior to come to the Cathedral Plaza in the holy district and collect the Proof of Courage. If you get this message, you must be the real deal – which means you shouldn’t be afraid of the dark, right?”

Client: Righteous Liv

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Proof of Courage X 1

Available: After you complete main-quest 1, in Luxerion

Reward:  600 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Silver Medal Guide:  A Girl’s Challenge can be completed in Luxerion but only after midnight and before 6 AM, when you can find the Proof of Courage.

Open your map and east from South Station you should see the Holy District.

Go to the gates where you have met Aremiah (The Saint’s Stone side-quest) and enter the small courtyard. In the right corner of the courtyard, you will see a glowing spot. Examine it to get the Proof of Courage.

Quest 3: Seeing The Dawn


“Up for  a game? There’s this hotel in the Revealer’s Quarter of Yusnaan. You should know which one. Anyway, every night at seven o’clock, I leave my lapis lazuli there, but only until four in the morning when I take it back again. I’m going to keep doing that until someone claims it. As for why-well, there’s part of the game. You’ll have to collect the lapis first if you want to know.”

Client: Young Padd

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Lapis Lazuli X 1

Available: After you complete Adoring Adornments, in Yusnaan

Reward:  700 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Urban Shades

Guide: Seeing The Dawn is an accessible global Canvas of Payers quest but to complete it you have to finish Adoring Adornments in Yusnaan, and you have to find Lapis Lazuli, which is a hidden item.

If you finished Adoring Adornments, go to the stairs that lead to the Augur’s Quarter between 7 PM and 4 AM.

In front of the Inn you will see several bushes. Jump over them and examine the sphere to collect Lapis Lazuli and finish the quest.

Quest 4: Fading Prayer


“Where am I? What is this place? It’s so dark here. Am I in the Chaos? If so, then I must already be dead. Who was I? What did I look like? If only I could see a photograph of how I once was, perhaps I would remember that I am. I was a scientist, I’m sure. Perhaps in the Research Camp, someone will have known me…”

Client: A.Z.

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Old-Fashioned Photo Frame X 1

Available: After you complete side-quest: Saving An Angel

Reward:  800 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Crystal Star Adornment

Guide: For the Fading Prayer quest you have to find an Old-Fashioned Photo Frame.

Travel to the Research Camp in eastern Eremite Plains sub-area of the Wildlands, and locate Tilda (Matchmaker side-quest).

Close to her, you will see the Forge. Go around Tilda and look for a sphere in the bushes behind her, very close to the fence. Inside is the Old-Fashioned Photo Frame.

Quest 5: Shoot for the Sky


“I dream of rebuilding an old airship and taking to the sky one more time. A foolish fancy it may be, but I’ve been collecting airship parts for centuries now. I just heard about a downed airship in the north of the Wildlands that’s in pretty good shape-but I can’t get there by foot. Too bad, because I’d love to salvage the gyroscope from the wreck, broken or otherwise.”

Client: An Engineer

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Broken Gyroscope X 1

Available: Starting Day 2

Reward:  1300 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Magic + 1, Gold Windup Key Adornment, Afro Adornment

Guide: While visiting the Eremite Plains in northern Wildlands, make sure you discover the Crash Site. It is located in the northernmost right corner of Eremite Plains, but you need a Chocobo that can glide to get close to the ship wreck.

Assuming you managed to heal the Angel of Valhalla, get close to the ship, dismount, and open the sphere on the left side of the ladder you can climb to get inside the wreck.

The sphere contains the Broken Gyroscope you are asked to find for quest named Shoot for the Sky.

Quest 6: Where Moogles Be


“I’m in Shock. Shock, I tell you! I overheard my father whispering that somewhere in the Jagd Woods stand a small village inhabited by – wait for it – Moogles! Can you believe it? If I was a bit older, I’d go to the Wildlands right now and look for proof of the moogles’ existence. Not that I’s expect to find any!”

Client: Dreaming Nonnoh

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Moogle Dust X 1

Available: After you complete side-quest: Saving An Angel

Reward:  1000 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Magic + 1, Nymph Wings Adornment

Guide: The Moogle Dust you have to find in order to complete Where Moogles Be is quite easy to locate. Travel to Moogle Village, north from Jagd Village in Wildlands and look for it in the central area where moogles gather.

As you will notice most moogles are located on an elevated hill. Go around it (right side) and you will see an entrance to the left.

Behind three large mushrooms is a sphere and inside it the Moogle Dust.

Quest 7: Forbidden Tome


“In the Wildlands lies a secluded village called Poltae, inhabited by worshippers of the goddess Etro who devote themselves to live a pious contemplation. Somewhere in that village, I have been told, can be found Etro’s Forbidden Tome, a book that records a prophecy that has been kept secret for many long centuries.”

Client: Alchemist Matheux

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Etro’s Forbidden Tome X 1

Available: After you complete main quest 3-3: Where Chaos Sleeps

Reward:  1200 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 1, Magic + 2, Silver Chocobo Chick Adornment

Guide: As the description indicates, Etro’s Forbidden Tome is located in Poltae. After you accept the quest, visit the settlement NE of Rocky Crag and find the General Store.

While staying close to the vendor, move north towards the end of the street and remain on the right side. Etro’s Forbidden Tome is on the ground in front of a door.

Quest 8: Staying Sharp


“Some scoundrel has nicked my power booster, when I need it to hone the sacred swords in the Order’s collection! I bet the culprit was one of the Yusnaan workmen, but Bhunivelze only knows where they dropped. The booster comes on automatically at 11 AM, and the indicator light stays lit until 4 PM. That should make it easier to find…”

Client: Blacksmith Dray

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Power Booster X 1

Available: After you complete main quest 2-1: The Great Break-In

Reward:  800 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Silver Windup Key Adornment

Guide: The Power Booster required to complete Staying Sharp is located in Yusnaan in the Industrial Area, but you have to go there between 11 AM and 4 PM.

Once you enter the Industrial Area, follow the stairs down and you will reach the central area. The Power Booster in on the left side of a large red crate near the stairs on the other side. It glows on the ground.

Quest 9: Digging Mysteries


“Bandits are not the only ones drawn to the ruins of the Dead Dunes; archaeologists and historians are too. I have heard that one such scholar has managed to get into the Temple Ruins via the south entrance. He reports that there are archaeological relics there that have not yet been plundered by the bandits. Oh, how I would love to examine them – even one would be enough!”

Client: Archaeologist Davia

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Golden Scarab X 1

Available: After you complete main quest 4-4: Murals of the Gods

Reward:  1400 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 1, Magic + 2, Gold Anchor Adornment, Adamantoise Shell Adornment

Guide: If you know where to look, the Golden Scarab you have to find for Digging Mysteries is easy to obtain. As most key items, it is located in a sphere, inside Temple Ruins.

When you explore the ruins, you will enter a sub-area named Scorched Earth: Upper Level. Here you should see a smaller zone surrounded by a fence.

Enter using the ladder on the upper level, and you will find a quest-giver named Nolan. If you talk to him, you will start What Rough Beast Slouches side-quest.

Next to Nolan and a torch, on the ground, is the sphere you are looking for, and the Golden Scarab.

Quest 10: Roadworks I


“The main road connecting Luxerion and the Wildlands has long been closed, but we just got permission to travel it, you can do the honors, if you want. I’ll give you the key for the gates on either end, in Luxerion and the Wildlands. All you need to do is unlock them and bring me back the “proofs of unlocking” so I can raise the shutters.”

Client: Works Manager Dent

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Proof of Unlocking the Light Gate X 1, Proof of Unlocking the Green Gate X 1

Available: Starting Day 9

Reward:  800 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Strength + 1, Ul’Dahn Blade, Ul’Dahn Crest

Guide: Starting Day 9, if you check the Canvas of Prayers in any area, you will be able to start Roadworks I quest. After you accept it, you will receive Key for the Gates, which allows you to unlock the path between Luxerion and Wildlands.

First travel to Wildlands, and south-east from Aryas Village you should see a road on your map. Climb the red ladder to get on the road, then head right and inspect the blue device on the other side.

After you get Proof of Unlocking the Green Gate, travel to the North Station in Luxerion.

From there, move north-east, cross the Forsake Graveyard and Sinner’s Corner, to reach another road. Again, check the blue device to get the Proof of Unlocking the Light Gate and complete the quest.

Quest 11: Roadworks II


“The main road connecting the Wildlands and the Dead Dunes has been closed a while, but we just got permission to open it again. If you’re that anxious to use it, you can help me out. I need the keys to open the gates at each end. One key is by the massive ruin atop Aryas Hill, the other one near the Oasis Lighthouse. Bring them here once you’ve found them.”

Client: Works Manager Ford

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Key to the Green Gate X 1, Key to the Sand Gate X 1

Available: Starting Day 9

Reward:  1200 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 2, Magic + 1, Gridanian Sword, Gridanian Shield

Guide: Similar to the previous quest, for Roadworks II you will need two key items. For Key to the Sand Gate you have to go to the dead end named Oasis Lighthouse, north-east from Shrine of the Tablet: Dry Floodlands, in Dead Dunes.

The key is in the sphere on the left side of the small area. After you get it, travel to the Wildlands and to Aryas Village.

Check the massive structure on the hill close to the village, and in front of it you should see another sphere. Examine it to get the Key to the Green Gate.

Quest 12: Roadworks III


“The higher-ups have ordered the road connecting Yusnaan and Dead Dunes to be reopened. The Yusnaan Merchants Guild and the desert bandits have signed oaths swearing not to smuggle prohibited goods, so help them God. Find the Oath of the Merchant Guild and the Bandit’s Bloodseal and bring them to me.”

Client: Works Manager Zaphod

Difficulty: 2/3

Quest Item: Oath of the Merchants Guild X 1, Bandit’s Bloodseal X 1

Available: Starting Day 9

Reward:  1200 Gil, Maximum HP + 20, Strength + 1, Magic + 2, Lominsan Cutlass, Lominsan Escutcheon

Guide: After you start Roadworks III head to the Grave of the Colossi in Dead Dunes and enter Shrine of the Tablet: Grave of the Colossi.

After you descend the stairs, turn right to see a sphere and inside it you will find the Bandit’s Bloodseal. Now, teleport to Yusnaan and go south towards the Augur’s Quarter.

When you enter Pleasure Alley look for an underground entrance and you will get inside the Underground Route.

There is only one sphere inside the tunnel and it contains the Oath of the Merchants Guild.

Quest 13: Key to her Heart


“If you want the soul fragment that’s inside me, you need to find the key – a precious coin that was a gift from my beloved. Well, I say it was precious but wouldn’t you know it, I dropped it somewhere! Silly me. I’m pretty sure that “somewhere” is at one end of the main road that connects the Wildlands and the Dead Dunes. I’ve searched and searched, but haven’t been able to find it.”

Client: Chocolina

Difficulty: 1/3

Quest Item: Beloved’s Gift X 1

Available: After you activate 5: Father and Son

Reward:  1000 Gil, Maximum HP + 10, Magic + 1, Fragment of Smiles, Chocobo Girl’s Cap

Guide: Key to Her Heart is a side-quest that can be unlocked only after you activate the fifth main-quest in the game, named Father and Son.

For the said main-quest you have to find 5 different fragments, one of them being the Fragment of Smiles. The fragment is received from Chocolina as a reward for helping her find the Beloved’s Gift.

After you start Father and Son, talk to Chocolina inside the Wildlands Station, and then check the Canvas of Prayers board. Accept Key to her Heart, and then travel to Aryas Village.

Ascend the hill behind the village, and when you reach the large structure, head right to find the elevated road that leads to Dead Dunes.

Using the ladder, go up and turn right to see a floating sphere near the blue device that allows you to unlock the road to Dead Dunes. Get the Beloved’s Gift inside and return to Chocolina.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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