Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Free Will Walkthrough

Free Will is a Yusnaan side-quest that can’t be completed immediately, since it has specific requirements that must be met; however, it features a high payout and it can be failed, meaning that you should activate it the moment you enter the second city in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Once you begin Free Will you will have to complete several phases, the first one being the most important because if you don’t pay close attention it will lead to an imminent failure.

Since one of the rewards offered by Lightning’s clients is the Blue Mage Garb, it is a good idea to finish Free Will if you intend to improve Lightning’s abilities, stats and equipment.

The following walkthrough explains what you have to do so you can complete Free Will side-quest as fast as possible.

Quest Details

Description: “Fountain Square, the Reveler’s Quarter. Lightning encounters a mysterious diviner who tells her that his colleague has used alchemic arts to acquire an eye that can see the future. If the two diviners are telling the truth, it might be worth Lightning’s while to do as they bid her and follow her “true path as the savior.”

Location: Yusnaan

Difficulty: 3/3

Requirements: N/A

Failable: Yes

Rewards: 4500 Gil, Maximum HP + 140, Strength + 8, Magic + 12, Summoner’s Mask Adornment, Blue Mage Garb

Quest Walkthrough

When you enter Yusnaan, first you will have to find the quest-giver, named simply Diviner I. Open your map and from the train Station, head south, cross the Glutton’s Quarter, then move east towards the Cactuar Statue.

Follow the main road, go south, and eventually you will enter the Fountain Square. As you move west (left) on the map, on the left side of the street look for a small stand, partially hidden in the dark. Close to the stand you should see a hooded man, named Diviner I.

He is wearing a stripped robe. Talk to him and hear his story. Once you accept the quest, Diviner I, and the second diviner (the one behind the table), will ask you to return the following day, at noon.

Note: The first phase of the side-quest is now active. Be aware that if you don’t talk to them the next day at 12, you will fail the quest, and you won’t be able to complete it, unless you start a new game.

Assuming that you return, talk to Diviner II (behind the table), and you will be asked to find three Desert Flames. A Desert Flame is a key-item and there are many Desert Flames that can be found in Yusnaan.

You can look for them while playing other quests, or, if you have enough money (6000 Gil) you can buy them. The latter option is also the fastest, so, if you want to save time, go to the train station in Yusnaan and on top of the stairs leading to the station you will find a Gem Merchant. Notice the three question marks above her head.

Pay the girl 6000 Gil, and go back to your clients. Talk to Diviner II again and he will ask you to return after you kill the Omega Niblet; therefore, you will have to find it.

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the Omega Niblet, or the Niblet Omega, is a variation of the common Niblet, more powerful than the normal beasts. It is also the last Niblet in the game and after you kill it, the entire species will be extinct. In other words, the Omega Niblet is the last Niblet individual in the game.

What makes this side-quest difficult is the fact that Omega Niblet doesn’t have a specific spawning point within the cities, and it appears only after you kill a large number of common Niblets (around 100).

The amount of Niblets that must be killed is related to the side-quests you have to complete, because most of them require materials dropped only by these creatures. Practically, after you kill the last Niblet, you won’t be able to find other Niblets in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which means that those side-quests can’t be completed.

To avoid this issue, the game’s developers added a large number of Niblets that must be defeated before the Omega variation can spawn, thus insuring that you can finish all side-quests involving these creatures. On the other hand, if you don’t want to kill 100 Niblets, you can still find the Last One by visiting the Ultimate Lair.

The Ultimate Lair is a large dungeon where all Omega variations reside. It is divided in floors and on each floor you will find an Omega creature. The Ultimate Lair has 33 floors, and the Omega Niblet is located on floor 2.

Regarding the Free Will side-quest, for the last phase, you have to decide which option helps you save time, depending on how many days you have until the world’s end. If you don’t want to complete all side-quests in the game but you want to get the Blue Mage Garb offered as reward by the two Diviners, then you should wait until you can enter the Ultimate Lair.

If you focus on finishing as many side-quests as possible, then you will be able to kill the required amount of Niblets to make the Omega Niblet spawn. The Omega Niblet is easy to identify because it is pink. As a side note, you have to be aware that the Ultimate Lair can’t be accessed unless you finish 40 side-quests and all five main-quests in the game.

Furthermore, most beasts have Omega variations, and some of them will be required in other quests.

In Dead Dunes for example, you will have to kill the Skeleton Omega for Skeletons in the Closet side-quest; while for Last One Standing side-quest you must kill all Omegas in the game.

At this point, a good idea is to take the second option and start hunting common Niblets until the Omega spawns. After you kill the Omega Niblet, return to Fountain Square in Yusnaan and talk to Diviner II to complete the quest.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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