Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Faster Than Lightning Walkthrough

One of the most accessible side-quests available in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, is the side-quest named Faster Than Lightning, which can be played once you complete In The Shadow Of The Heretics main-quest.

Similar to the latter, Faster Than Lightning is triggered in Luxerion, but to start it you have to find Lamont, a young boy who likes to race.

Using the following text guide or the video walkthrough above, you will be able to locate Lamont and also beat him and earn new rewards to boost Lightning’s abilities

Quest Details

Description: “In the Saint’s Hill area of Residences, Lightning encounters a would-be challenger by the name of Lamont. Lightning, never one to turn down a summons to a contest, agrees to the race. Now she has to make sure she keeps up with the fleet-footed kid and beat him to the goal. But with a name like Lightning, how can she lose?”

Location: Luxerion

Difficulty: 1/3

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 1-2: In The Shadow Of The Heretics. Start the quest after 10 AM and before 3 PM

Failable: No

Rewards: 200 Gil, HP + 10, Strength + 4, Gold Medal

Quest Walkthrough

To access the quest named Faster Than Lightning, first complete In the Shadow Of The Heretics.

Next, make sure that the clock shows 10 AM, because even if the day is not important, you won’t be able to find Lamont playing on the streets during the night.

Now you will have to find Lamont’s location in Luxerion; therefore, open your map and starting from the North Station, travel south-west to the Commercial District. Open you map again and cross the Commercial District, maintaining the same direction (SW), towards The Residences.

When you enter The Residences, continue to moves south-east to reach Luxerion Hills. In this area, look for a small boy, wearing a white shirt and carrying a flag on his back. The flag is white and on it you should see several blue rhombs.

Talk to Lamont to start the side-quest, and he will challenge you to race him to the North Station, or to the Forsaken Graveyard. While the North Station is a well-known location, the Forsaken Graveyard is located NW from the station (where you have found the phone-booth at the end of the quest named In The Shadow Of The Heretics).

After you talk to Lamont, he will tell you where the finish line is located. Since Lamont is only a little boy you won’t have any problems in winning the race; but you should stay close to him otherwise you will lose him.

Start sprinting only when you are near the finish line and if you are attacked deal with all monsters. You have plenty of time to catch-up with Lamont.  After you cross the finish line, talk to him again to receive your rewards.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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