Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Family Food Walkthrough

Since it doesn’t have any requirements regarding the time when it can be played, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Family Food quest should be completed the moment you enter Yusnaan for the first time.

Family Food is a short quest since it takes place in Glutton’s Quarter, the area south from the Train Station in Yusnaan.

In Glutton’s Quarter you will have to find a client who has several requests for Lightning, all of them being detailed by the following Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII walkthrough.

Quest Details

Description: “In the Glutton’s Quarter, on Hawker’s Row, Lightning meets the owner of Seedy’s restaurant. The food is top-notch but the owner’s business sense isn’t, and his restaurant teeters on the edge of collapse. Even his own son has given up on the business. The only person who can save the restaurant now is the renowned epicurean known as Gordon Gourmet.”

Location: Yusnaan

Difficulty: 2/3

Requirements: None

Failable: No

Rewards: 1500 Gil, Maximum HP + 120, Strength +8, Magic + 3, Chef’s Hat Adornment

Quest Walkthrough

As you enter Yusnaan, the first area you have to cross towards the center of the city is known as Glutton’s Quarter.

Here, if you open your map, you should see several restaurants. As a side-note, Glutton’s Quarter features 7 restaurants, and all of them are connected to the current quest. But the first thing you have to do is to find the client and discover the Family Food side-quest.

Open your map and go to the south-westernmost point in Glutton’s Quarter, south from the Hawker’s Row (the western passage that connects Glutton’s Quarter and The Champion’s Quarter).

Here you will find Seedy’s Restaurant, in a corner. Seedy’s Owner can be identified by the chef’s hat he is wearing. Talk to him so he can tell you his story.

At some point he will ask you if you wish to try his Deep-Fried Niblet Hairball. Make sure you accept, and while eating, continue to listen to his story.

It seems that Seedy’s Owner is a great cook, but unappreciated, who knows how to cook, but has no idea how to run a business. At the end of his story, Seedy’s Owner will ask you to find Gordon Gourmet, the only person who can help him with his restaurant.

Open your map again and in the Glutton’s Quarter head towards the easternmost restaurant, which is The Banquet of The Lord.

In The Banquet Of The Lord you will find Gordon Gourmet, sitting at a table. Gordon Gourmet wears a pink jacket, has brown hair, and a yellow belt.

Talk to him and tell him all about Seedy’s Owner. Gordon Gourmet thinks that in order to know the difference between good food and bad food, you need to have a Culinary Experience, by visiting and eating at the most famous six restaurants in Glutton’s Quarter.

The restaurants you have to visit are: Terrace Café, Fishy Flavors, The Meat Grill, The Veggie Parlor, the Stand ’n’ Sip, and the Banquet Of The Lord.

Note: Activate the Chronostasis ability to save some time while visiting all establishments. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what you order; therefore, pick the cheapest products to save money.

When you are ready to begin your Culinary Experience, open your map, and head across the street to find the Stand ’n’ Sip Restaurant next to the General Store.

Order a Green Cherry for 170 Gil. Once consumed, open your map and move south-east from your current location to find The Meat Grill Restaurant. Order a Beheburger for 170 Gil and consume it to master the way of the rotiseur.

Open your map again and close to The Meat Grill, you will find the Fishy Flavors. Order Starfish & Chips and pay 170 Gil to master the way of the poissonnier.

For the fourth restaurant open the map and move south, close to Seedy’s, to find the Veggie Parlor. Again, spend 170 Gil for a Pea Soup, to master the way of the entremetier. The next restaurant you need to visit is Terrace Café.

Head east towards The Banquet of The Lord, but before reaching the stairs look around and you should see another restaurant, just under the said stairs.

Pay 170 Gil for the Fluffy Flan and master the way of the pattisier. Now, head back to The Banquet of The Lord and talk to the Banquet Maitre D’. Order a Snow Special, pay 170 Gil, and master the way of the garcon.

Inform Gordon Gourmet nearby that your Culinary Experience ended and you will receive a new objective. You will be sent to find the secret ingredient known as Civet Musk, which is dropped by a beast know as Schrodinger. To find the Schrodinger, leave The Banquet of The Lord, head south, and then east.

When near the Inn south from The Banquet of The Lord, look around the corner and you will see a cat inside a pot, also known as the Schrodinger. Stagger it using a fire-based magic attack, and then kill it to get the Civet Musk.

With the ingredient in your pocket, return to Gordon Gourmet and show it to him, to receive Gordon Gourmet’s Recipe. Cross the street, give Gordon Gourmet’s Recipe to Seedy’s Owner and wait for him to prepare a Steak a la Civet.

After you try the delicious dish, make sure you return to Gordon Gourmet so he can try it too. Now watch the final cutscene which reveals who is in fact Gordon Gourmet.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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