Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Death Game Walkthrough

Death Game is a side-quest featured in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that can be completed in the second area known as Yusnaan.

Unlike other side-quests in Yusnaan, Death Game can be played without having to complete a main-quest; however, you need a key item named Death Ticket.

The Death Ticket can be acquired by finishing the side-quest named Death Safari, during which you will have to finish an event in the Industrial Area.

Similar to Death Safari, the Death Game side-quest is also focused on an event you must finish, but this time you will fight demons that are more powerful and inside a Chaos Zone.

Nevertheless, you should attempt this quest when you feel ready because the payout is high and you will unlock the Dragoon Garb offered as a reward.

Quest Details

Description: “Lightning has a ticket to enter a special event run by Wedge’s friend, Biggs.  It is called the Death Gam, and it promises to live up to its billing.”

Location: Yusnaan

Difficulty: 3/3

Requirements: Complete Side Quest: Death Safari. Start after 6 AM, and end it before 2 AM.

Failable: No

Rewards: 3800 Gil, Maximum HP + 120, Strength +12, Magic + 6, Emergency Beacon Adornment, Dragoon Garb

Quest Walkthrough

While in Death Safari you were asked to acquire 30 Niblet Defeater Emblems by killing Niblets, in Death Game you will need 30 Death Game Points.

But before you can enter the event, you have to find your client or the quest giver, a NPC named Biggs. Assuming that you already have the Death Game Ticket in your inventory, and that you are located close to the Industrial Area: Gate, check the clock and make sure that it is after 6 AM.

Next, on your map, south-west from the Gate where you have found Wedge is a blocked entrance to the Warehouse District. Look for it very close to the passage that connects the Industrial Area: Gate and the Central Avenue.

If you look on the map you can notice that the Warehouse District and the area north of it, are actually connected in a point south-east from the said passage.

That’s where you will find Biggs. Talk to him and you will be asked if you want to enter the Death Game competition.

Note: Before accepting the invitation restock on potions, because there are several rules you have to respect.

Unlike Death Safari, the Death Game event takes place inside a Chaos Zone which is a good place to harvest materials and Soul Seeds. As informed by Biggs, you will have to respect several rules in order to complete the quest:

-You are not allowed to replenish any items you use when the event starts (including potions).

-You have to finish the event within four hours.

-You need 30 Death Game Points.

If you restocked on potions and you are ready to enter the competition, head through the gate behind Biggs and you will find yourself inside the Warehouse District.

Since you have completed Death Safari, you should know that the tactics you have used to kill the Niblets, also work on the creatures that spawn inside the Warehouse District.

The EP they drop will give you the chance to constantly trigger Overclock and Chronostasis (useful to save time). You will encounter Niblets, Anubys and Gremlins; therefore, Thundara is one of the spells you should use.

You don’t have to explore the whole area, unless you wish to collect Soul Seeds, because the creatures will come to you. For each enemy you defeat, you will get a Death Game Point, and when you collect 30 the event ends.

Now, talk to Biggs to complete the Death Game side-quest.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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