Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Born From Chaos Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Born From Chaos is a short, yet difficult side-quest you can complete in Luxerion, after you finish In The Shadow Of The Heretics.

The difficulty; however, depends on the time when you start the quest, because to complete it you will have to defeat a feral large-scale enemy known as Zomok.

The creature, on the other hand is a common monster, but if you try to complete Born From Chaos early in the game, the Zomok is a powerful enemy.

Nevertheless, you must kill the Zomok, because the side-quest has a large payout that will help you boost Lightning’s abilities in battle.

The following strategy guide provides useful information on how to defeat the Zomok, and how to complete Born From Chaos.

Quest Details

Description: “In the North-South Corridor that extends south from the warehouse district, a mighty Zomok from the Chaos is terrorizing local residents. Thirteen hardened bounty hunters tried to slay the menace, but only a fighter called Solandra survived to tell the tale. Can Lightning defeat the Zomok on her behalf?”

Location: Luxerion

Difficulty: 3/3

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 1-2: In The Shadow Of The Heretics.

Failable: No

Rewards: 0 Gil, Maximum HP + 120, Strength + 12, Magic + 10, Pendragon shield, Brigand’s Tricorne

Quest Walkthrough

To start Born From Chaos, first you will have to find the quest-giver, or, according to the quest’s description, a fighter named Solandra.

The same description mentions that she is located in The North-South Corridor. If you don’t know where the North-South Corridor is located, open your map and from the North Station, navigate west, or left, to find The Residences.

South from The Residences is a large hall with six pillars, also known as the Arcade, which is the area where you have found Baird (Soul Seeds side-quest).

East (right) from the Arcade you should see a long alley. Notice that the alley is parallel with the Arcade. The said alley is also known as the North-South Corridor. Now that you know Solandra’s location, it’s time to talk to the quest giver.

Once you reach the North-South Corridor, look for a female NPC wearing a green hat. Talk to her and she will tell you the story of a powerful beast named Zomok.

The monster is behind her; therefore, after the dialogue ends, you will have to defeat it. If you play Born From Chaos early in the game, you might find that the Zomok is a redoubtable adversary, but in fact it is a common monster, and you will encounter many others when you open the Sinner’s Corner area during the Rites For A Goddess main-quest.

The tactics; however, will be the same each time you fight a Zomok. Assuming that the first Zomok you fight is the one featured in the Born From Chaos side-quest; make sure that you equip at least one lightning-based attack on each Schemata.

You should have three by now, so equip the following spells: Sparkstrike, Thundara and Thunder. These spells must be used to stagger the Zomok, since the creature is vulnerable to lightning.

Make sure that you switch from one Schemata to another if you run out of ATB, and don’t forget to guard Zomok’s attacks, especially the tail attack.

Once staggered, activate the Overclock ability and kill the Zomok to get the Cursed Dragon Claw. With the item in hand, return to Solandra to complete the quest.

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