Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Bandits Of The Desert Walkthrough

After you finish all main-quests in the Wildlands, including Where Chaos Sleeps, you will have to travel to the fourth area in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, an area known as the Dead Dunes. Dead Dunes is a vast zone, and unfortunately, Lightning’s Chocobo won’t accompany her; therefore, you will have to spend quite some time exploring the desert. The moment you enter Dead Dunes, as you try to leave the Train Station, you will be approached by a Lazy Station Worker. After you talk to him, the first main-quest in Dead Dunes, named Bandits of the Desert is activated.

Quest Details

Description: “Somewhere in the Dead Dunes lies the holy clavis, a treasure with the power to draw the souls of the dead and open the doors to the otherworld. The Order is anxious to find it – perhaps Lightning should search too. Bandits operate in the desert making a living from plundering the ruins. They might have information about the clavis. Lightning should seek them out.” Location: Dead Dunes Difficulty: N/A Requirements: Complete main-quest 3-3: Where Chaos Sleeps and travel to Dead Dunes. Failable: No Rewards: N/A

Quest Walkthrough

If you enter the Dead Dunes for the first time, you have to know that throughout the desert there are several Cactuar Statues that serve as warp points. These statues allow you to teleport from one sub-area to another, but they must be activated. If you don’t know how a Cactuar Statues looks like, head outside the train station and you should see one very close to your location. Approach it, and activate the statue by examining it. As a rule, all sub-areas (even the underground ruins) have warp points, so make sure that you look for them to be able to move faster from one zone to another. After you activate the Cactuar Statue near the train station, open your map and you will see the exclamation mark located in a smaller area, north from the Giant’s Sandbox. As you can see there are three passages that lead to the exclamation mark, and to the Den of Thieves, or Ruffian. If you don’t want to waste time, head north to the center of Giant’s Sandbox where you will find the Temple Ruins North Gate and a Cactuar Statue. If you continue to move north trying to cross the passage nearby you will be stopped by a sandstorm, so instead, head east to enter the Grave of The Colossi. Activate the warp point near Shrine of the Tablet: Grave of the Colossi, then open your map and head west (left) through the small passage that allows you to reach Ruffian. After you discover the Den of Thieves, you will have to locate a specific character named Adonis. Inside the building, you will find him patrolling in the corridor north from the central room. He wears a red jacket and a he has white hair. Talk to him to complete Bandits of the Desert and to start the second main quest named Aspiring Bandit. Additionally, accept his trial to begin Adonis’s Audition side-quest.

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