Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Adonis’s Audition Walkthrough

Adonis’s Audition is the first Dead Dunes side-quest you have to complete when you enter the fourth area in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, if you follow the main story of the video game.

Unlike other side-quests, Adonis’s Audition is part of the second main quest, named Aspiring Bandit, which means that in order to finish the said main-quest; you have to complete the current side-quest.

Without finishing Adonis’s Audition, you won’t be able to meet Fang, the leader of the bandits in Ruffian; therefore, after you finish Bandits of the Desert and talk to Adonis, focus on completing Adonis’s Audition because the side-quest will lead you to the third main-quest.

The following walkthrough explains how to finish Adonis’s Audition starting from the moment you agree to complete the task for Adonis, and up to the point you turn in the quest.

Quest Details

Description: “In the outlaw settlement of Ruffian, Lightning encounters a character called Adonis, who appears to be an important figure in the bandit gang known as Monoculus. He tells her that they have information about the holy clavis, but they will only share it if she joins the gang.”

Location: Dead Dunes

Difficulty: 2/3

Requirements: After you start main-quest 4-2: Aspiring Bandit

Failable: No

Rewards: 1500 Gil, Maximum HP + 100, Magic + 8, Strength + 4, Monoculus Mask Adornment

Quest Walkthrough

Assuming that you completed Bandits of the Desert and arrived in Ruffian, you already met Adonis, a bandit with white hair, wearing a red jacket.

After you talk to him, you will start Aspiring Bandit and he will ask you if you want to accept a trial. For the trial Adonis wants you to stop the sandstorm that blocks the path connecting Ruffian and the southern areas of the Dead Dunes.

The location is marked on the map, and it is easy to find, but if you go straight to the passage south, you will notice that you can’t approach the sandstorm. Instead you will have to go all the way around, moving east, crossing  the Grave of the Colossi, then heading south until you reach Giant’s Sandbox, and finally north towards the pass.

If you activated the Cactuar Statue near the Temple Ruins North Gate, warp from Ruffian, then simply move north and approach the exclamation mark.

Get ready because the moment you are close to the exclamation mark you will trigger a fight which is imminent. Your opponent is a Gurangatch, a beast that has a powerful carapace which stops you from inflicting damage.

When fighting it, the first thing you have to do is to get rid of the carapace, by casting wind spells such as Aeroga. Once you stagger the beast, notice that the carapace disappears. Now it is the time to deploy a series of physical attacks that will eventually lead to victory.

As a reward for defeating the Gurangatch you will receive a Pilgrim’s Crux that can be used on the shrine located very close to your current location.

Once inserted in the shrine, the Pilgrim’s Crux will stop the storm, opening a new path for you. Return to Ruffian, and talk to Adonis to complete the side quest, and gain an audition with Fang.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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