Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII A Solitary Patron Walkthrough

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII A Solitary Patron is the final main-quest in Yusnaan and it is triggered the moment you complete The Legend Of The Savior, thus gaining access inside the Patron’s Palace.

A Solitary Patron is more difficult than the previous main quest, because it features a boss fight against Snow Villiers. Furthermore, to get close to Snow, you will have to explore his palace which features multiple chambers, most of them being Chaos Zones.

The first part of the quest is similar to the one featured in A Different Snow, since you will be inside the same chambers, but the second part becomes more difficult being an uncharted territory.

The following walkthrough was created in order to guide you through the Patron’s Palace, so you can find Snow. It also includes details on how to defeat him and how you should equip Lightning.

Quest Details

Description: “It was an elaborate plan, but Lightning has finally reached the grounds of Snow’s palace, which are infested with thick clouds of Chaos. It could be just a natural outbreak – or something much more sinister. Snow is the last remaining l’Cie, cursed with tremendous powers and an evil destiny. When a l’Cie reaches the end of his strength and falls into despair, he is transformed into a grim creature known as a Cie’th. 

Location: Yusnaan

Difficulty: N/A

Requirements: Complete Main Quest 2-2: The Legend Of The Savior. 

Failable: No

Rewards: Maximum EP +1, Maximum HP +300, Maximum ATB +10, Strength + 112, Magic + 28

Quest Walkthrough

Note: Before entering Patron’s Palace, you have to be aware that at the end of the quest, you will have to defeat Snow Villiers, which is not an easy task without the proper preparations. Try to equip fire-based attacks for Snow, and lightning-based attacks for the creatures inside the Patron’s Palace. The Midnight Mauve garb from The Fighting Actress side-quest also plays an important role.

When you are ready to begin the final main-quest in Yusnaan, enter the Patron’s Palace following the marked location on your map.

During the first stage of the quest, you will have to repeat the same steps you took while playing A Different Snow main-quest, because it is the same area.

While exploring the lower levels of the Patron’s Palace you will encounter Niblets, Skata’ne, Zaltys, Anubys, Schrodinger and other common creatures. On them you will use your lightning attacks for stagger, and then any physical-based attacks for damage.

As you follow the same path as the one in the first main-quest, you will reach a locked door. In the same area, the first main-quest in the game ended. Open it, using the ID Card you have obtained while playing The Great Break-In, then follow the corridor until you reach a closed grate. Tap the red button near the crates, then head through the gate.

Continue to follow the main corridor and you will end-up in a larger area. Move east, then south and then west, all around the said area because you need to get to the top floor of the palace.

Jump over a small pile of crates, and you will eventually reach another large chamber where you should see a closed gate. Notice that the switch is above your position. Look around for more crates and jump on them, then head east through a new tunnel. Next, move south and then west following the upper corridor, to reach the area above the gate.

Go around the chamber where the gate is located (it should be below you), and you will reach the red switch. Activate it, then jump down and heat through the gate. Move east, then south, and then east again, to enter another larger area with multiple red crates and vertical structures. Jump down, then hop over the red crates, then follow the tunnel to reach a dead end. Smash the boxes on the left side and climb the ladder behind them to get to the switch and a sphere containing Frostbane Chocker.

Push the switch.

Follow the tunnel behind the grate, jump over more crates and you will find a supplier. Buy all necessary items such as health potions. Now, follow the main corridor to reach a frozen door. To open the frozen door in Patron’s Palace, head left (west) and continue to stick to the main passage because it will lead you to a ladder. Climb it to enter Snow’s Room where you will see Serah’s Pendant.

Follow the corridor North, then east and another chamber is discovered. The switch you need to activate is on the right side, while in front of you, right in the middle of the chamber is a ladder. Climb it, head left and kill the Anubys guards. Without jumping down, head north, then east (right) and continue along the suspended grates. Activate the switch.

Go through the gate you have opened, and then follow the only tunnel available to enter a large room with two Anubis guards. Kill them then continue along the corridor they were protecting. Get Serah’s Pendant from the bed, and then jump through the hole to get on the lower level of the palace. Again move south, east (right) and north over the crates to get to the exclamation mark and to the frozen door.

Open it using the pendant and you will enter the Patron’s Chamber, where Snow awaits. As said in the beginning, the fire spells play an important role during Snow Villiers boss fight, because of his vulnerability to these spells. One of the equipment pieces that provides such a spell is the Midnight Mauve garb which gives access to Fira.

The Frostbane Chocker you have found earlier is also an important item because the ice spells help you reduce the damage you receive from Snow. Fira along with any other fire-based attack will help you stagger Snow. Once staggered cast Deshell and Deprotect on him and activate the Overclock ability.

Repeat the same step once he recovers. Guard his Sanctify and all of his physical attacks because they are extremely powerful. If he casts Riposte, use magic attacks, while if Snow Villiers casts Recast, switch to a physical attack to stagger him faster.

After you defeat Snow, pick-up the Ghostly Hood from the ground (red), and exit the Palace following the holes nearby and the same path you have used to get inside.

Once you complete the third main quest in Yusnaan, try to finish as many side-quests and Canvas of Prayers quests, before moving to the next area, where you will start The Angel Of Valhalla.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough
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