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L.A Noire Game Guide: Vice Cases Walkthrough

After his third promotion, Cole Phelps, the main character in the L.A Noire video game; is moved to a new department, also known in the game as the Vice Department.

His new partner is Roy Earle, while the commanding officer is Lieutenant Archie Colmyer.

The LAPD Vice Department from L.A Noire is focused on solving cases which involve drugs, prostitute, obscenity, etc…

The L.A Noire video game guide below reveals all cases that will require Cole’s presence, and will eventually help him to get his next promotion as a detective in the LAPD Homicide Department.

The guide includes additional tricks, tips and information about the suspects and the victims in the Vice cases from L.A Noire.

The Set-Up

One of the Vice cases that must be solved by Detective Cole Phelps is called The Set-Up. The victim is a professional boxer named Albert Hammond who mysteriously disappears after he wins a match.

Players will have to interrogate his manager, Carlo Ancelotti (not to be confused with the former Italian soccer player), as well as Albert’s girlfriend, Candy Edwards.

The clues found by Cole indicate that the boxing match was arranged and some important people lost their betting money.

During the investigation, the player is asked to tail Candy Edwards; and if he successfully remains incognito he will unlock The Moose achievement. The guide below explains how to complete The Set-Up case in L.A Noire.

After you reach the boxer’s dressing room, check all the tables because one of them has a newspaper on it.

Check Albert’s locker and you will find a note. Examine it.

Use the phone and go to Hotel El Mar.

After you arrive, check the ledger. Go to room 207.

Enter the room and search for a telegram.

Go to the dresser and open it to find a box of chocolates and a ticket.

Search the table and you will find a coupon signed by Candy Edwards.

Search both bedside stands. You will find a cigarette and a note.

Go to Aleve Motel and talk to the receptionist.

You will find a body. Search his pockets, for a notebook and a knife.

Examine the suitcase, in the same room.

Search the dresser and you will find a ticket and a postcard.

Find Candy Edwards and talk to her.

Candy Edwards Interrogation

First question – Whereabouts of Hammond – Lie

Evidence – Magazine Coupon

Second question – List of odds recovered – Lie

Evidence – Bookmaker’s Odds

Third question – Plans to leave town – Doubt

After the interrogation, follow Candy Edwards but remain incognito all the time!

When you reach Thrifty’s Liquor use the pencil near the phone.

When you arrive at Examiner Drugstore, make sure you examine the cab card near the phone, and then use the phone. Talk to the bookie.

Follow the cab and when you arrive at the bus depot, follow Candy.

Enter the bathroom after her and search her purse.

The Black Caesar

The Black Caesar is a Vice case with two victims: Cornell Eustace Tyree and Tyrone Anthony Lamont. Both victims are found dead in an apartment located at 6358 Yucca St.

This case becomes interesting after the first investigation when Cole finds several morphine doses near the dead bodies. Players will have to look for additional evidences to find out how Cornell and Tyrone died.

The guide below shows you how to solve The Black Caesar vice case.

At the crime scene look on the floor and you will see a wallet and popcorn cup, marked the Black Caesar.

Check the body in the chair, and then look to its right, on the floor. You will find another popcorn cup and the Morphine Syrettes.

Go to the kitchen and you will find the third popcorn cup, but this one should be examined,especially its bottom.

Go to the dining room and look on the table. You will find a doodle and a music sheet.

Go back to the dead bodies and search the victim on the floor. Near the left arm you will see some tracks and inside his shirt pocket, is a wallet.

Inside the wallet is a drivers license and a note.

You can leave now, and go to the Black Caesar, across the street.

Catch the cook.

Look for a cardboard box and open it.

Search the floor until you find a briefcase. Inside you will find a pass for a club and number slips.

Find Fleetwood Morgan and talk to him.

Fleetwood Morgan Interrogation

First question – Morphine overdose victims – Lie

Evidence – Morphine for distribution

Second question – Numbers slips recovered – Doubt

After you finish this interrogation look for a slot machine. Approach it and use this combination: Cherry, Bell, Win. The slot machine will open and you will find more Syrettes, Numbers Slips and a sticker marked Ramez Removals.

Go to Jones’ Booking Agency and look for suite 238.

Inside the suite search for a piano and the radio next to it.

Turn the radio to 275 FM and it will open, revealing a large amount of money, a number slip, a beg of weed, more Syrettes and another sticker marked Ramez Removals.

Find Jermaine Jones and talk to him.

Jermaine Jones Interrogation

First question – Involvement of Ottie – Lie

Evidence – Fleetwood Morgan’s distributor ID

Second question – Army surplus Morphine – Doubt

Third question – Link to Ramez Removals – Doubt

Merlon Ottie Interrogation

First question – Army surplus Morphine – Lie

Evidence – Turned in by JJ.

Second question – IOU Note from Jose Ramez – Truth

Manifest Destiny

The last vice case that must be solved by Cole Phelps, in order to be promoted to the Arson desk, is called Manifest Destiny.

There are 13 clues in this case, and the crime scene is 111 Club. Below is a case guide, explaining how to solve the Manifest Destiny case.

When you reach the crime scene, investigate the victim’s body.

Go to evidence marker B, which is a suitcase. Examine it carefully and you will find a hidden compartment. Inside it, is a ticket marked Blue Room Jazz Club, and a syringe containing morphine.

Go to evidence marker C and check the jacket, especially its left pocket.

Go to the back room of the bar and check the crates. Also look behind them.

Find the hostess and talk to her.

Hostess Interrogation

First question: – Club shooting incident – Doubt

Second question: – Knowledge of McGoldrick – Truth

After this interrogation go to the Blue Room and talk to Elsa Lichtmann.

Elsa Lichtmann Interrogation

First question: – Army surplus Morphine – Doubt

Second question: – Morphine Overdose victims – Doubt

At the Mocambo Club you will have to find Meyer Harris Cohen and interrogate him.

Meyer Harris Cohenn Interrogation

First question: – Finkelstein drug operation – Doubt

Second question: – Morphine overdose victims – Doubt

Go back to the police station and examine all evidences you found.

When you are called to assist the police forces in the bus shooting, go behind the building and climb on the roof.

Kill the shooter, but don’t forget to examine his body and his weapon.

Find and interrogate Felix Alvarro.

Felix Alvarro Interrogation

First question: – Informed of Coolridge heist – Doubt

Second question: – Morphine overdose victims – Lie

Evidence – Shooter’s notebook

Use the phoneto find Kelso’s address.

Go to Kelso’s apartment and take him to the police station.

Jack Kelso Interrogation

First question: – Army surplus Morphine – Doubt

Second question: – Ex-Marine McGoldrick – Truth

Third question: – Arms Stolen From Coolridge – Truth

Fourth question: – Coolridge robbery – Doubt

When you reach Robert’s Diner, make sure you catch the suspects.

The next step is to investigate a new crime scene.

Inspect the first body and his right jacket pocket.

You will find a note mentioning Courtney Sheldon and a manifest.

Search he gun near the first victim, and look around for an additional newspaper.

You will also have to chase some shooters when you reach the Chinese Theater and the Post Office.

At the Hollywood Post Office examine Beckett’s body and you will find a business card.

Another body is down the hall. Inspect it and you will find a note with an address.

Go to that address and kill all shooters.

Find and arrest Courtney Sheldon.

Return to the Police Station for the interrogation.

Courtney Sheldon Interrogation

First question: – Marines being targeted – Lie

Evidence – The note you found

Second question: – Coolridge robbery – Lie

Evidence – Beckett’s statement

After you finish this case, you will be promoted to the Arson Department.

The Naked City

The Naked Citycase is available only if L.A Noire was pre-ordered from GameStop, and the victim is a fashion model named Julia Randall.

Julia Randall is found dead in her bathtub by Virginia Reynoldson, her housemaid. Virginia is one of the witnesses in this case, and the information she provides to Cole Phelps, indicates that Julia’s death wasn’t the result of a suicidal act.

The Naked City is case based on a noir film, of the same name, but the difference is that in the movie, the action takes place in New York, not Los Angeles.

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