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L.A Noire Game Guide: Rifles and Sub-Machine Guns List

Besides fistshandguns and shotguns, Cole Phelps, the main character in L.A Noire the video game, can also attack his opponents with rifles and sub-machine guns (SMGs).

The L.A Noire video game guide below presents 4 different weapons: two rifles and two sub-machine guns, offering additional information about each of them, as well as tips and tricks that can be used by any L.A. Noire player.

Some weapons are exclusive, and can only be accessed by those players who pre-ordered L.A Noire; but in the future, players may be able to download them as part of the game’s DLCs.

L.A Noire Rifles

Browning Automatic Rifle

One of the rifles available in L.A Noire is the M1918A1 Browning Automatic Rifle (M1918A1 BAR) that was produced and used between 1918 and 1960. A variation of this weapon was also used by Clyde Barrow, which indicates that this weapon was favored by robbers and other criminals.

In L.A Noire, the automatic rifle features a magazine which can hold up to 20 rounds, and appeared in several pictures featuring Cole Phelps.

L.A Noire M1 Garand

he M1 Garand is another rifle that can be accessed by the main character of L.A Noire. This weapon was used between 1936 and 1957, serving as the standard service rifle. It is a semi-automatic weapon, equipped with a fixed magazine which can carry up to 8 rounds.

In the standard U.S service, the M1 Garand (also known as United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1 or Rifle, Caliber .30, M1) took the place of the M1903 Springfield, but in 1957, was replaced by the M14.

L.A Noire Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs)

L.A Noire Thompson M1

The production of Thompson M1 sub-machine gun started in 1921 and still continues these days. Equipped with a round stick or with a standard box magazine, the Thompson M1 can fire 20 to 30 rounds without reloading.

In L.A NoireThompson M1 is one of the sub-machine guns that can be can be equipped by Cole Phelps, who gains extra accuracy when he wears the Chicago Lightning suit.

L.A Noire Chicago Piano Gun

Players who pre-ordered L.A Noire from GameStop, are able to access an exclusive weapon named the Chicago Piano Gun. Some of the weapon’s details were revealed by the game’s official website:

“The Chicago Piano, used by both law enforcement officers and criminals, was favoured for its reliability, ergonomics, compact size, large 45-round cartridge, and high rate of automatic fire.

This bonus weapon will be stored in the trunk of Detective Cole Phelps’ car throughout L.A. Noire, ensuring that extra firepower is always close at hand.”

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