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L.A. Noire Game Guide: Melee Weapons and Shotguns List

The L.A. Noire weapons guide below reveals some of the melee weapons and shotguns that can be accessed by gamers who decide to purchase and play, the video game developed by Rockstar Games and Team Bondi.

Our guide includes additional information about these types of weapons, as well as tips and tricks that will eventually help players decide what weapons they should use.

Besides the weapons presented below, Cole Phelps, the main character in the game, can also equip handguns, or rifles and sub-machine guns.

During the game, players should keep in mind, that sometimes it is better to keep the target alive than to kill it. In this case, the best weapons Cole can use are his fists.

L.A. Noire Melee Weapons

In L.A. Noire, Cole’s melee weapons play an important role during his investigations, especially his fists which can be used to neutralize an enemy without killing him.

The melee weapons are used in hand to hand combat; therefore, the main character must approach his enemy before attacking.

The list of melee weapons available in L.A. Noire includes Cole’s fists and switchblades.


As an LAPD Detective, Cole Phelps was trained to master the skills of a hand to hand fighter. These skills allows him to attack his enemies with his fists. It is important to know that if an enemy is downed in a non-lethal fight, it can be interrogated later.

If Cole manages to win a fist fight with his hat on, the player will automatically unlock the Keep a Lid Ontrophy/achievement.


Another melee weapon that can be used by L.A. Noire players is the switchblade.

A switchblade is a short knife, regularly used by street thugs. It features a small blade with two sharp edges. Attacking an enemy with the switchblade in L.A. Noire is usually lethal.

L.A. Noire Shotguns

One of the shotguns players can access in L.A. Noire is the 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun, also known as the Featherlight.

This manually operated pump-action weapon features a barrel with a length that can vary between 13 and 30 inches.

The Featherlight is a standard LAPD weapon, and is used only in deadly situations, which makes it a lethal weapon. In the game,the 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun is a close to medium range weapon, capable to inflict massive damage.

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